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My name is Jack Tenney, AKA "10E" I'm an Entertainer, Filmmaker, Director, Editor, & Producer.
Welcome to my crazy life!


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MVP Joey
MVP Joey 2 hours ago
I lived in Florida IRB my entire life and never knew this 😂😂😂 thanks for the life hack
The Trip
The Trip 2 hours ago
Ci han
Ci han 2 hours ago
I was hella scared of the ocean before. Ocean + caves = worst shit ive ever seen
Sylvan Despres
Sylvan Despres 2 hours ago
man..i'm watching all your vids,rarely comment...butwatching this one,i've freaked out no jokes.this guy is a dolphine,and over anything,he's cold blooded when most of us wouldn't have survived.what a king of the sea he really is. BTW, you JOOGSQUAD,you are impressive.you've built yourself a dream life ,carried your dream at arms lenght without flinching. you are now free to live the life you really want,and you share life around the sea with us all. i'm a sea lover,quite good swimmer,and when i watch your vids i'm transported into your world,what a delight.
Taz Fish
Taz Fish 2 hours ago
Little sheep come on what camera lasts 2 hours
ReCoil Gamers
ReCoil Gamers 2 hours ago
Fight the good fight, bro. Keep up the informative videos about wrong doing in FL. (All the way from Australia here)
My Grandma
My Grandma 2 hours ago
Thanks for the tip dear, I hope I can use it someday later.
Amber Dyal
Amber Dyal 2 hours ago
My phone went down 20% watching this vid
Ralf 2 hours ago
Wow what a video, thx for sharing. Thx to Poseidon that he saved his soul in the cave. And what a comeback 😳
Ninqa TGT
Ninqa TGT 2 hours ago
if he was me i would've speed boated my legs back to my home
Tina Pursley
Tina Pursley 2 hours ago
Frosty 3047
Frosty 3047 2 hours ago
I'm so fucking terrified of alligators also craziest Florida man story I ever heard was the guy that smoked bath salts and ate a homeless man nose
aron lomner
aron lomner 3 hours ago
I'm I the only one wondering why he cares more about his camera than his life... Like drop that camera!!!!
RJMamba 3 hours ago
What’s USlift channel
FSM9K 3 hours ago
That dude was hitting those waves like the Zohan :D
Joseph Oliveri
Joseph Oliveri 3 hours ago
This channel kinda of dead now rip 🪦
Michael Luciano
Michael Luciano 3 hours ago
The Karen cameltoe, that should be illegal as F#ck!
Icy Mothership
Icy Mothership 3 hours ago
Zidy 3 hours ago
im so glad that guy is ok amen
Privatejose B32
Privatejose B32 3 hours ago
That's the risks you take going into caves
Nico Psilos
Nico Psilos 3 hours ago
Florida man j.o.b
max shivers
max shivers 3 hours ago
Hyping the man up yet doesn’t give him any recognition whatsoever
Dyl Yat
Dyl Yat 3 hours ago
I have jigged Cobia and Tarpon before under bridges near that area and they’re some of the funnest fish to drag in and it’s so sad seeing all those captains who help people do that go out of business because of these uncaring people. 😕
J G 4 hours ago
He got his clip 😆
Major Music
Major Music 4 hours ago
That piano music is horrible
Erik Christiansen
Erik Christiansen 4 hours ago
Nice Falkin shirt, bro
barnsley magneteers
Wow I would shit my sen
Brandon Davidson
Brandon Davidson 4 hours ago
Where’s the original video and channel?
ChiefJustice Middleton
Super endurance to Muster that
Rasta Koots
Rasta Koots 4 hours ago
Next do a Cholla removal vid lol
MrWood 4 hours ago
My anxiety about this video 📈
Alpha.G 4 hours ago
U mean the sticker
MikiF07 MikiF07
MikiF07 MikiF07 4 hours ago
The scariest moment in my life was me cuting my hand wide open due to a zipline in new mexico.Very scary
Tate Snaadt
Tate Snaadt 4 hours ago
I got crushed bye a four wheeler and had a broken leg and neck and concusion
Rob Cook
Rob Cook 4 hours ago
That guy is a king ,I'd be dead after trying to swim home
Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns 4 hours ago
Easy shove it with motion. My 7 yo landed all these. Bring up you’re game pro. Number 5 was you’re best
Gerardo Sanchez
Gerardo Sanchez 4 hours ago
Chances are low but never 0
Amadeo Quilici
Amadeo Quilici 4 hours ago
Dam! I thought you were gonna dank your dillion!
joghaws1 5 hours ago
That’s crazy! 10 yrs being a Atlantic City lifeguard, I’m not sure I would have made that
Stefano Chiodi
Stefano Chiodi 5 hours ago
i get flashbacks of when i almost drowned on the jersey shore wakeboarding. wakeboarding isnt smart for me because i cant swim
Connor 5 hours ago
the guys channel is uslift.info/home/j8PWf0cY_Ox-IsSKMBzCjA if your wondering
J 5 hours ago
Any links to original channel?
Hannah Benn
Hannah Benn 5 hours ago
these are all over my beach here in boca
Hannah Benn
Hannah Benn 5 hours ago
I hate those things so much
Stefano Chiodi
Stefano Chiodi 5 hours ago
saw it in NYC
ImaSwagPumpkin 5 hours ago
wheres the credit????
Lord of the Night Watch
I would like to know how they hauled a piano in the cave, kept it dry, played it during this tragic moment, who played it so well, and why they didn’t get any credit in this video. Feeling offended!!
Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns 5 hours ago
I’ll prank you’re face. Get a job. But you can always go to phantom there in Delaware too. I had cops come blamed on the lightning storms
Kyle Guy
Kyle Guy 5 hours ago
Who is filming him almost dieand not helping lol
Zulma de la Verga
Zulma de la Verga 5 hours ago
shantal espejo
shantal espejo 5 hours ago
Brent Wise
Brent Wise 5 hours ago
Government? Lol it’s ya state not the government
Angus Calder
Angus Calder 5 hours ago
i hate deep pools not ocean idk but yea
Jacob 5 hours ago
bro these commentary type style videos are really growing on me I love them
Nicholas Northrup
Nicholas Northrup 5 hours ago
I’ll need this one day
JK Army
JK Army 5 hours ago
Has anyone ever play tag with those or just me 😂
Jesse Hitchcock
Jesse Hitchcock 5 hours ago
Yo Jack you should do a look of the day vid
Daily driven Muscle
Crazy af
Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns 5 hours ago
Dude said I’m wearing a wig you guys are snitches. I would of punched him in the shins
Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns 5 hours ago
Bang energy is awful for you plus it’s awful
millsb001 5 hours ago
Dude, that's Hijo Del Mar, a well known big wave body surfer. uslift.info/one/p4uuzNWKpIybuKw/video.html
Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns 5 hours ago
You’re not good looking
Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns 5 hours ago
Dudes not number 1 at fortnight but is high
Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns 5 hours ago
He’s not number 1
BcK 5 hours ago
pls get 69 likes............
BcK 5 hours ago
or not : O
Matthew Leighton
Matthew Leighton 5 hours ago
Why would he not ditch his camera?
The Honey Badger
The Honey Badger 6 hours ago
Yo man can I take u up on that offer
Victor Bezard
Victor Bezard 6 hours ago
Jack says sharks aren't scary but I can assure you there is a very big difference between a 5-8 foot shark and a 15 foot 2000 pound great white. If Jack saw a great white in person I'm pretty sure his opinion would change
Ben Radcliffe
Ben Radcliffe 6 hours ago
*Thank you Jesus*
Dandan 88
Dandan 88 6 hours ago
Yeah... horrible!! especially while never once letting go of the camera. I wonder how he got in the cave in the first place, if we are to believe mother nature just threw him into a narrow cave without a scratch on him, while never letting go of his camera, or if someone was already in the cave hoping he would magically appear or perhaps the camera was already in the cave. Either way seems suspect, I have no doubt those waves were a beast tho!!!
The Tactical Banana
Bro if I see waves a foot above my head, and I’m like 5 foot.(im short haha) IM OUT IF THERE LOL
YooperFPV 6 hours ago
Nice! This guys epic!
Ross Whitley
Ross Whitley 6 hours ago
bro this guy is a whole fcking troop
Andrew H.
Andrew H. 6 hours ago
In SoCal I call ours Death Stars... Ours look a lot less dense or thick than those... but still a pain.
Brad Smith
Brad Smith 6 hours ago
Palm Beach (Jupiter/Juno) my whole life 26
Karen Mata
Karen Mata 6 hours ago
did the surfing Serenas have any comment
Big J
Big J 6 hours ago
The shot of that dude shooting straight out of that giant wave in slowmo like a tomahawk missle is amazing!. What a story.
Mike Mclaren
Mike Mclaren 6 hours ago
Jet skis are loud and obnoxious. Kook move fo sure