Tourists Made A Huge Mistake In A Lightning Storm 

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Today we introduce a new series featuring weather!
Florida has some of the craziest weather on the planet, & it can make for some pretty exciting vlogs!


Thanks for all the love & support!

JoogSquad PPJT

About JoogSquad PPJT:
My name is Jack Tenney, AKA "10E" I'm an Entertainer, Filmmaker, Director, Editor, & Producer. WELCOME TO MY CRAZY LIFE! Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them if they are legitimate! We have a lot more to come so stay tuned & keep checking back every week for more crazy stunts and pranks!

Thanks for all the love & support!


JoogSquad PPJT




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Comments 450   
Adrian Day ago
what camera do you have? it's so perfect the quality and everything.
Give us more or Bigfoot himself will indeed kiss all the motherrrrs
AeroCurt234 2 days ago
Weather like this is really a beautiful thing to watch, I've always loved it ever since I was a kid.
Grey man
Grey man 2 days ago
Wasn't he running around in a lightning storm a few videos ago and in the past .
Chris Thongsonthae
Absolutely more storm timelapse footage and lighting
Connie Whitaker
Connie Whitaker 3 days ago
This is some of the best footage ive ever seen
Daran 3 days ago
enjoyed tf out of this video definitely make more
Zachary H. Morgan
Great video. Might be in Florida sometime soon 🤙
Zachary H. Morgan
Check this sunset time-lapse..Tucson Arizona Feel free to use any footage 🍆🇺🇸🤙 uslift.info/one/hnqYm8mOtI1puqQ/video.html
Zachary H. Morgan
Zachary H. Morgan
marc pawlak
marc pawlak 5 days ago
Who is that beautiful blonde lady on the roof ? Anyone got her ig ?
Sidney Coleman J.r
That was cool and more vids like this would be cool
Marshall Ritter
Marshall Ritter 5 days ago
This series is going to be awesome. I LOVE lightning and it always gives me a good adrenaline rush. I recently had a positive lighting strike hit close enough to where I felt it and it was one of the most thrilling moments I'd had in years.
Pneu Michelin
Pneu Michelin 5 days ago
When you send your girl frend to te top of the roof of your house ? OK its cheapest than divorcing
MOLLY 6 days ago
That's cool..news man...❤
MOLLY 6 days ago
MOLLY 6 days ago
Jason Lambek
Jason Lambek 6 days ago
Sanibel loathes big sugar and fukn with our H2O. Apropos of nothing. I thought I’d just mention that. Great vid as usual, top-shelf.
12king21 6 days ago
When I think of Florida I think of palm trees, and then the Miami heat in that order lol. (I've been to a heat game every time I've been to Florida)
Steph L
Steph L 6 days ago
I grew up there years ago..and you are right, the weather in Fla., is awesome. I miss it. Thanks for the upload.
Old Guy Posts Random Shiznit
Dude, find a way to have the shutter open. Leaving a long exposure. This way you can catch the WHOLE strike in one photo. Its the best and most clearest of quality you can get when doing lightning photos. I do it this way, do 10 second exposures in the hope you catch a strike. When you get one. Its amazing!
Cody Dody
Cody Dody 6 days ago
I live for your timelapse footage. Keep-um coming please
kendrak2009 6 days ago
The lightning + beats was sick!!
Nielson Memories
Nielson Memories 6 days ago
I appreciate the cinematic shots and the effort you've put into making them. I didn't start watching your content for it but as a photographer I definitely don't mind seeing it more😁💕
peregrinfalcon1 6 days ago
Fox News story...... "Florida man in bubble-like vessel washes up on beach, sheriff says" I thought for sure it was the Joogsquad!
BRUTUS 6 days ago
Sick Video Man!! Thanks for sharing your Journey!!
Cosmic Perspective
You and Ryan Celsius should pair your timelapses with his music, on a whole new channel.
`rabauKe oNe
`rabauKe oNe 7 days ago
30000 FPS?!?!??! HOLY COW!!! Can't wait to see what that thing will do in your hands!!!
Dillon Harper
Dillon Harper 7 days ago
Bro yall don't even knowwwwww..... I actually live on this beach and the weather is MENTAL. Also Jack bro i love seeing your stickers on Mandalay Ave 💕 it helps me remember that you're actually right here with us. Hope to meet you out on the beach sometime!
Hooligan Squad
Hooligan Squad 7 days ago
Teach us everything you know Jack👌🏻
ls1tome36 7 days ago
Time lapses are sick
Raul Martinez
Raul Martinez 7 days ago
JOOGSQUAD? Fox News: Florida man in bubble-like vessel washes up on beach, sheriff says. www.foxnews.com/us/florida-man-bubble-vessel-washes-ashore-beach?cmpid=prn_newsstand
Super Crazy Peanut Butter Dave
I left that POS state 30 years ago and never looked back, the worst state by far, gl Floridiots
Sebastian 7 days ago
I think this project is very nice, I know this is asked very much but with a phantom it would be even greater. Anyways love your videos:)
ttvvanny 8 days ago
In the Bible it says there’s a War going on within the spiritual realm around us… Imagine if lightning is some sort of reaction to a major battle within that realm.
clone commando 8290
i guess everything that is 10 years old in specs of high technology is a dinosaur.....and i remember when i had to go to a facility to talk to someone from 200 miles away with a live action video feed when i was in elementary school
Ben B
Ben B 8 days ago
I’d love to see more abt the water crisis. Super important that we spread the word abt these issues like u said. Keep up the great work :)
Stian Martinsen
Stian Martinsen 8 days ago
f0t0b0y 8 days ago
Florida is home base of Republican party and anti-regulation. Good luck on the fight.
tylr 8 days ago
I’m visiting Tampa and St. Petersburg this week are their any fun things to do around here
Lena Gehlen
Lena Gehlen 8 days ago
Iam also obsessed with the crazy weather and thunder and lightning Pls make more about this Videos 😍
Lena Gehlen
Lena Gehlen 8 days ago
I love your timelapses and the music with it😍
FEAT WIZZLE 9 days ago
Striker Dobes
Striker Dobes 9 days ago
Talk about why it hits water. I'm born and raised in Sarasota and it has always been something I think about. Why does it hit water???????
dave does things
dave does things 9 days ago
What the fuck mistake did tourists make? Didn't see one in the video. Are you trying to say people in the water with lightning 30 or more miles away is a mistake? Think you clickbaited my guy
Nicolas Pinnick
Nicolas Pinnick 9 days ago
Just a heads up the slow mo on the newest iPhones capture lightning really well
Karen Ketchie
Karen Ketchie 9 days ago
Love it!
BrewsterR 9 days ago
What is your go to camera for time lapses
Ultz Undefiend
Ultz Undefiend 9 days ago
So awesome man! Keep up the weather timelapses!
Ole Cole
Ole Cole 9 days ago
Man i need some pointers on best video editing software on a budget, i have some great stuff but get frustrated trying to edit on shit software
Ole Cole
Ole Cole 9 days ago
Diminisher 9 days ago
tf is up with thumbnail and title? bruh moment
Nathaniel Merrill
I fucking love lightning
Dylan Ray
Dylan Ray 9 days ago
Crazy guy
Idk Memes
Idk Memes 9 days ago
Yes I love lighting
Tate Harrison
Tate Harrison 9 days ago
Wait why’d he move out of the house that is legit on the beach
Generic X
Generic X 9 days ago
Hey man are you going to send your drone down that sinkhole at the phosphate Hill?????
Buddy G
Buddy G 9 days ago
Shoot your lighting with your Mirrorless... Put your A7SIII in intervalometer. Shoot your lightning with a long exposure. shoot it at 2-30 seconds. During the day its very hard to shoot lightning with long exposures, but you can try using a ND filter to help out. I have shot lightning and the best way honestly is to shoot it at a long exposure with intervalometer.
La Chocalatitoo
La Chocalatitoo 9 days ago
I could watch those time lapses for hours
lil lex
lil lex 9 days ago
Dont swim in thunder storm * surf in a hurricane* lol
LudaTaz !
LudaTaz ! 9 days ago
love it about time :)
Stephen C
Stephen C 9 days ago
Do more weather vids!!
DoughBoyDonyae 9 days ago
Had to pause the vid like 5 times to take some screenshots of tha nice time lapse
Andrew Purvis
Andrew Purvis 9 days ago
Can’t wait for the 30,000 FPS camera to be used. These videos will be awesome. ❤️🌩⛈
Dave 9 days ago
Contrary to what a lot of people believe water does not conduct electricity. However there are elements that can be in water that do conduct the electricity. Such as iron, magnesium, and zinc. Salt actually separates ions And in turn dampens the conductivity of electricity. For anybody that might want to know. Lol
Nicholas Northrup
Love your videos
Ghost Girl
Ghost Girl 9 days ago
I know it was like a few years ago but good job in the mr. beast circle challenge
NS6-NovaRB1 10 days ago
Can you please put out one video each month of just like 10-15 mins of time lapses that were the best of that month
Boring Doering’s
Boring Doering’s 10 days ago
Hey guys, you need to get a hold of Al Gore ex Vice President. That man is huge into climate, global warming and death to wildlife. There are many people on USlift that are big deals and are very passionate about everything I mentioned. Good luck at your meeting I hope you get somewhere? Also, there are many documentaries about the ocean, warming of the ocean, sea life dying and all the oil and poison that get dumped in the oceans. It’s fucking sad. I hope you can get shit going. On sea life, and global warming. If you look at the news every continent, has mass devastation, every country has some catastrophic ordeal going on. In the west it’s all on fire while New York was flooded out…it’s all fucked.
Quentin Cook
Quentin Cook 10 days ago
I like these nature videos bro but I miss ur old vids bro
j 10 days ago
Could do without the gay ass rap
Buck Carothers
Buck Carothers 10 days ago
Keep up the hard work. Never seen lightning like that 🤘💯
Marcia smith
Marcia smith 10 days ago
Love your time lapses! Amazing shots of the lightning too! Can’t wait to see what else you capture!👍😊
winlars 10 days ago
I love the weather footage! The power of nature is incredible
EVAN ADRIEN 10 days ago
Ok..news man..💪
Podh Music
Podh Music 10 days ago
You make amazing videos. Even if it’s just timelapse.
Early Evo Pum
Early Evo Pum 10 days ago
Don't go swimming in a lighting Storm.. Then goes swimming 💪
Jennifer Mitchell
Jennifer Mitchell 10 days ago
The beach is a heartbreaking situation today. See yall on Sunday!
Sean D.
Sean D. 10 days ago
“I’m will to do some real field research” *proceeds to carry skimboard*
ed nesbit
ed nesbit 10 days ago
I live in the desert southwest and we get monsoons that come through with the biggest lightning storms you will ever see it's took my telephone pole out 3timrs now I get it man!!!¡!
Brian Garcia
Brian Garcia 10 days ago
That was amazing!!
Hunter Jordan
Hunter Jordan 10 days ago
Wish we could go back to 2016 to the tramp vids😔
einsmaxim 10 days ago
nice video Jack! This viedo deserves more likes
Peter Myers
Peter Myers 10 days ago
Cool idea Jack. Looking forward to seeing more.
Tayytayy Dogg
Tayytayy Dogg 10 days ago
Is it legal to open carry a 5 to 6in karambit knife in Florida???
Chemical State
Chemical State 10 days ago
I want to see more of the madness joogsquad are known for but enjoy all Ur vids anyway keep up the good fight🤙
Kevin Waterman
Kevin Waterman 10 days ago
Instead of swimming in a lightning storm just stand on top of a building making yourself a human lightning rod just to take pictures of lightning ⚡️ 🤦🏼‍♂️ Even the best video is not worth risking your life for it!
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones 10 days ago
I’m doing a speech on red tides and I used your experience as one of my examples!
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones 10 days ago
I’m doing a speech on red tides and I used your experience as one of my examples!
William Walters
William Walters 10 days ago
A good tip for slo mo lightning video. Set your shutter speed to your frame rate. 960 fps so 1/960 second shutter or closest (probably 1/1000?) Less flickering and less split exposure frames.
TheToastPeople 10 days ago
Love a good storm!! so jealous of your footage!
rmoore7 10 days ago
As a local who lives just over the bridge, and a guy who's frequented IRB since the 60's (obviously old AF) I love seeing this footage and totally embrace the new series. Also, I completely identify with the concept of being a Floridian and a weather geek...kinda go hand in hand IMHO. Appreciate your efforts to raise awareness regarding human responsibility with respect to the current red tide crisis. So much bad stuff happening to our oceans worldwide, but nearby in the Gulf www.noaa.gov/news-release/noaa-forecasts-average-sized-dead-zone-for-gulf-of-mexico Don't know how interested you might be but ICYMI, this is cool weatherflow.com/tempest-weather-system/ Thanks, I'll be watching
Bobcat 10 days ago
this is cool and all but where are the 24hr challenges.. where tf are Edwin and Merrick
Dubspore 10 days ago
Why not upload in 4k?
Radvision80 10 days ago
JACK YOU NEED TO DO THIS Make a panoramic shot and I’ve seen videos on yt where we can move the panoramic view around from our phones that would be a great way to use those time laps
Added Lives
Added Lives 10 days ago
who else remembers when he got on a battle bus with mrbeast
Maks Perme
Maks Perme 10 days ago
The most amazing vidros
Elliot Fassero
Elliot Fassero 10 days ago
those time lapses really do hit different
Brady Nickols
Brady Nickols 10 days ago
You have got to come up to the plains and experience a real lightning storm! I’ll admit the ones in Florida are pretty cool but man the ones in the plains are just another level. You’d have a ball.
Catfish #shorts
Views 855K
Catfish #shorts
Views 855K