The BEST & SCARIEST Skimboarding Wave On Earth 

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Mexico Finale, The Scariest Skimboarding Spot On Earth!!!
Part 1 : Rescued A Family : uslift.info/one/rJSnm9hjuWapm34/video.html
Part 2 : I Made A Scary Mistake : uslift.info/one/mYGotL5mlnSq2oY/video.html
Part 3 : Biggest Waves EVER : uslift.info/one/e32ptcmrs3yXzII/video.html
Part 4 : Ladies Almost Die : uslift.info/one/f62ez8erupl6vpI/video.html
Part 5 : Don't Do This : uslift.info/one/f62ez8erupl6vpI/video.html
Part 6 : Mutant Slab : uslift.info/one/aZyvntOdxZWXyoI/video.html


Thanks for all the love & support!

JoogSquad PPJT

About JoogSquad PPJT:
My name is Jack Tenney, AKA "10E" I'm an Entertainer, Filmmaker, Director, Editor, & Producer. WELCOME TO MY CRAZY LIFE! Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them if they are legitimate! We have a lot more to come so stay tuned & keep checking back every week for more crazy stunts and pranks!

Thanks for all the love & support!

Jojo Run
Gunship tech noir
Dr fresco Obsession
Jojo Sanctuary
Don't Do What This Guys Did Or You'll Probably Die

JoogSquad PPJT




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Comments 354   
Yung2cold 11 days ago
This needs more views ngl ur underrated
jungalist 83
jungalist 83 19 days ago
What's the music at 6.44 anyone please
Koa Racer
Koa Racer 21 day ago
This is why I’ve been a fan for over 5 years
FatB00 26 days ago
Great editing! 👍😎
Louis Edwards
Louis Edwards 26 days ago
This vid was so sick bro
secretAZNman 27 days ago
you jack.. the link for vlog 5 is the same as 4.. you gotta edit that
IDK_WNTU 27 days ago
What skim board do you use?
mike finsterbush
Bad ass
Christina James
Christina James Month ago
You don't get to use Gunship... Get outta here
Eddie S
Eddie S Month ago
Watched this over a few times. Incredibly edited. It really is a fresh way of making surf vids new and interesting and really, great work Jack. Wow
Сергей Сюм
Привет! Из России! Молодец!
FlowState Month ago
your vids inspire me a lot i love your vids
Nicky Month ago
7:50 😂😂
Marcus Leno
Marcus Leno Month ago
Amazing video and great music track!
Dragon Month ago
This video was sick Jack!
Paradoxum_Idiot Month ago
Will bigfoot still kiss my motha
Carson Marquis
Carson Marquis Month ago
Sick edit! 🤙🏻
synthios Month ago
the wedge in california: "am i a joke to you"
Patrick Petrie
Patrick Petrie Month ago
Loved this trip, great videos
Scooter Kid
Scooter Kid Month ago
Bro I love your vids
Kevin Murray
Kevin Murray Month ago
You will be crapping sand for the next week
Marc Glembotzki
Marc Glembotzki Month ago
Awesome vid bro
The Wedge....
B Smith
B Smith Month ago
Nice vid edit with perfect music.
Kim Maureen Jensen
Hi Jack !! I’m getting cheeky on Instagram (oooops I did it again lol) 💝
R.D. Allen
R.D. Allen Month ago
Gunship. Nice!
Greggzilla Month ago
LOL...go skimboard the Wedge in California....its the scariest skimboard spot I know. This is nothing compared to it.
Chris Young
Chris Young Month ago
I always thought it was Newport Beach the wedge
SETH IPL G Month ago
That tech noir song was absolutely perfect with the video
Ferb • 321 years ago
No one makes me want to go to the beach more than jack
CountryBoii410 Month ago
I haven't seen you in a while man omg it's been a while
jammin2070 Month ago
Well this channel is pretty much dead
uoid Month ago
Its so sad because this is one of the best channels on youtube
TT UZI Month ago
Jack if u see this I need to tell u this story So I was on a boat and my friend pushed me in the water and I pulled him in and his shark tooth bracelet cut my arm open causing me to get 9 stitches. Do u think I can sue the company and I can send u pics if U wanna see
۱۷ Month ago
Where did you get your skimboard or did you make it yourself, great video btw 👏🏻🔥
Anderson Lanca
Anderson Lanca Month ago
stephen schonknecht
Why do you constantly have to cut the clips at the critically most interesting part? Spoils the whole damn thing!
Fortnite and Funko pops
Great job 👏
Danny Danny
Danny Danny Month ago
Pump me up Jack!
SECRET_moeY Month ago
On point
clarkewi Month ago
Cutting edge.
Mckenna Ruggles
Mckenna Ruggles Month ago
Love the music what's the name of some of the songs?
Mary Iavarone
Mary Iavarone Month ago
New level
Will Mortensen
Will Mortensen Month ago
These Mexico vids keep getting better
SnkrheadArt Month ago
Whats sad is that hes been a youtuber since 2007
akiva Month ago
What's the red thing you all have in your mouths when you surf? (3:33, 6:50)
Vibes Month ago
insane video :O
CharlietheCutt Month ago
i just thought about something and how tf do u get back onto the shore lmao
Nick T
Nick T Month ago
You guys should skim the Wedge!!
Rad man
Rad man Month ago
Too bad they dropped cabo from ust Tacos gus uses horsemeat i heard
Gabriel Month ago
Joogsquad, I wish I was in Florida, because I would come do some pranks with you guys. Been watching you guys for years, and I love your channel!
Phyxicx Month ago
good shit dude. thumbs up emoji
Mehdi Idir
Mehdi Idir Month ago
amazing ||
Rhys Jones
Rhys Jones Month ago
you know how you pull into barrels on ur backside, you should get ur shaper to add little fins, so you could drop your back knee
Kruise Sayre
Kruise Sayre Month ago
Hey joog I’ve been trying to get better at skim boarding, what do you think are best skim boarding places in Florida for beginners
Ma Ur
Ma Ur Month ago
I had to watch that last minute over and over. Such beauty.
Josh Noteman
Josh Noteman Month ago
Great video. Felt like I was in it !
Janice Scott
Janice Scott Month ago
I dond understand skim boarding, seems like just flying straight into a closeout, what would the equivalent of a full ride / kicking out be in skimboarding
Deddy ATR
Deddy ATR Month ago
niceee, iam form Indonesia ❤
PD editz
PD editz Month ago
I love the channel soo much man! just keep up all the amazing amazing work!❤️
mad1s Month ago
killer edit dude...the waves this trip were insane
INTUVENOM 1234 Month ago
The music is fucking amazing more of this please mate 👍🏻
BALAKE Month ago
this guy has the worlds shittest merch
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee Month ago
This is one of the most positive comment sections I’ve ever seen. 100% deserved
Ido Berg
Ido Berg Month ago
loved the music hell ye
Jaz fili
Jaz fili Month ago
So I'm a lady, who doesn't do allot of beach things, how do you know if the wave is good or not? Please don't judge y'all just give advice
Loc Month ago
I don’t understand your question? Are you asking in relation to skimboarding? As in YOUR wave or the waves in this video?
21 idiots
21 idiots Month ago
These are some sick videos but is it possible we can start to see some pranks here and there again.
Mr Michael Andrews
I enjoyed every one of them. Great job Jack...
CAM BONE Month ago
Weird that I go to the beach with my girl all the time and idk where else to go but your house basically
dsrtflwr Month ago
Thumbs up great vid. Didn’t like the 80s tune.
Matthew Skroopka
Totally need the sound tracks!
Jack O’Brien
Jack O’Brien Month ago
Joogsquad is like the chill brother of USlift, he’s so caught up in the law of USlift, he knows old to new creators and is generally loved... the laid back style with a twist of pure love for your viewers will never get old❤️
Lou Sassle
Lou Sassle Month ago
dope vid
Sharon Cunningham
I 💕 loved it! You did a awesome job! That was some craziness, beautiful but craziness. So glad y'all didn't get any major pains. I love you Jack and all u guys! Thank you so much! I enjoyed it! 😍🤩👏👏🔥🔥
Dan M.G
Dan M.G Month ago
What's the name of the last song?
Henk de Boer
Henk de Boer Month ago
That where some long days of editing... Nicely done👍
FaZe Roblox
FaZe Roblox Month ago
this aint a youtube video, its a fuckin documentary.
Seeon Beyond
Seeon Beyond Month ago
Best edits and cuts I've seen on any of your videos yet, imho. Funk Yeah!!!
Bling Month ago
Jack all your videos are awesome to watch
Olive InPeace
Olive InPeace Month ago
Jack this is one of the best edited/produced videos you have ever done. EVER!
Eddie S
Eddie S Month ago
Sallie Brittain
Sallie Brittain Month ago
Absolutely💞the best video!🤗👑 🌊🏄🏼‍♂️🥇well done ✅ my son lol👸🏻 👍🏻YES! Indeed 🙏🏻🥰😉
David S
David S Month ago
insane footage. much love from germany.
cjthebomb551 Month ago
Love the channel it's always exciting to watch
pc m
pc m Month ago
How rough did it look? Just add detergent.
Paterson Month ago
Any forza fans see what I saw at like 3:13
Dem0lisher Month ago
What's that thing in thier mouths
Jevan Daniels
Jevan Daniels Month ago
Okay we understand this place is big lets move on my man
johnfrank tullo
johnfrank tullo Month ago
Make a playlist with the music I can’t find them
D3CAY Month ago
Beautiful memories
Slight mistake
Slight mistake Month ago
Noah Brownrigg
Noah Brownrigg Month ago
Netflix hire this man for real 😳
BoogaDown Month ago
Personally i like the music used in previous videos but this is pretty good too
Donald Stephensen
That was a great video bro. Best ever for sure
Laura Inglez
Laura Inglez Month ago
Shannon77785 Month ago
Hey Jack ! I love watching your videos ! Good job on doing videos ! Love watching you guys surf ! ~ Love & God Bless 8^)
simo Month ago
He really murdered the pink guy's name
AW UNKN0WN Month ago
you guys are starting to get under-rated
Ken Harty
Ken Harty Month ago
Nice work Jack. Killer vid
Cameron S
Cameron S Month ago
Gibram Saucedo
Gibram Saucedo Month ago
This is my last night in Cabo where are ya skimming rn ?? I wanna see this in person
DistantEyez Month ago
Incredible footage man!! Really enjoyed the highlights of your trip! 🌊
Catfish #shorts
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