I'm Mad & Disgusted... Florida Is In Trouble 

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I'm Mad & don't really know what to do.
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I'm Mad & Don't Know What To Do...

JoogSquad PPJT

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Jul 16, 2021




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Ryan 16 days ago
I think a lot of the people in the comments are triggered that Jack called this "capitalism gone wrong" and immediately assumed that he meant that as an anti-capitalist statement. It's not the capitalism that's the problem, its the institutions that allow this bullshit to happen that is the problem, and thats an unfortunate aspect of what happens when you have capitalism and poor government at the same time. Capitalism and good government/institutions can create a lot of innovation and be really good for the human condition overall but it NEEDS good government to prevent things like this from happening. This is 100% the fault of the notoriously bad Florida government and even Federal government for not stepping in as I'm sure the feds have some stake in the waterways. We need more people like Jack who recognize that the sea life and other parts of nature deserve a healthy environment just as much as humans do, and that as the species with the power and ability to provide that, we need to step up and take care of the life on this earth that can't fend for itself.
Dr Kekus Maximus
Dr Kekus Maximus 10 hours ago
America moved away from the heart of capitalism a long time ago and adopted corporatism in its place. Alot of people don't understand corporatism does not equate to capitalism. Free markets can't thrive under strict corporate control/complete corporate protection. Make no mistake, it's just as easy for corporatism to thrive under socialism, and communism as well because money given to the hands of any politician is king.
Rick Miller
Rick Miller 2 days ago
☝️ ❤️
Jbird 2 days ago
@Ceroew no doubt
Ceroew 2 days ago
Yeh but the current fed administration rn is more focused on startin and maintaning class wars rather than actual work, coupled w the fact that Florida a repub state, the dems dont want anythin to do w them. Even tho theyre usually pro nature, not when its not to their political advanyahe
Jbird 3 days ago
Brent Wise
Brent Wise 4 hours ago
Government? Lol it’s ya state not the government
Dr Kekus Maximus
Dr Kekus Maximus 9 hours ago
America moved away from the heart of capitalism a long time ago and adopted corporatism in its place. Alot of people don't understand corporatism does not equate to capitalism. Free markets can't thrive under strict corporate control/complete corporate protection. Make no mistake, it's just as easy for corporatism to thrive under socialism, and communism as well because money given to the hands of any politician is king.
Jeffrey Bacon
Jeffrey Bacon 10 hours ago
this is so stupid the factory owners just want money but when they run out of food they will then realize that they cannot eat the money
Wolf Locke
Wolf Locke 12 hours ago
Listen, I'm a Coloradian. Our water tastes better than any I've tasted in this country. I used to visit Florida regularly, and was born in '97. I remember always hating the tap water in Florida, and wondering why it tasted so bad. Why the showers make you feel less clean after than before you started. Why washing clothes made them smell worse than before they were washed. Now that I know, I'm sad, angry, and beyond done with corporate greed. I've read and heard too many stories about waste 'management' failing to work, and leading to huge disasters like this one. Love Canal springs to mind immediately, as well as Chernobyl; and the fact that I'm this CURRENT disaster reminds me of those is not only frightening, but disgusting as well... I hope like hell this doesn't just blow over for another cluster of years. I hope that you guys can get something changed. Support all the way.
Toxic Angel
Toxic Angel 12 hours ago
Im an expert in this field, And I conclude that you fl surfers are F*CKED!!! :p
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 13 hours ago
Florida man bribes politicians to keep quiet about this
Kill Bill
Kill Bill 18 hours ago
U build a hole to put water u gotta have a plug to release water 😑😑😑🤷🏾‍♂️ it’s was built with a hole 🕳
RJ?? 21 hour ago
I was just at mideria beach there were tons of dead fish eels there was a huge Goliath grouper dead it smelled so bad
Government never does or fixes anything
jason felan
jason felan Day ago
I wouldn't say never it is the government
Ben Miller
Ben Miller Day ago
i was just in florida for vacation and love to fish... the 4 years before this year i have caught tons of fish this year not a single bite.
Marco Dieter
Marco Dieter Day ago
Florida amendments: ban all fertilizer on non agriculture, ban all propellers in 10yrs(jet drive only), let fishermen sell fish directly to public.
PianoMan 2018
We CAN have capitalism and save the world, too.
Christine Hall
Did you see this? uslift.info/one/d2rXz9SdtH6dpag/video.html
Gary Stile
Gary Stile Day ago
All for the all mighty tax dollar your politicians let you all down
T Longsword
T Longsword Day ago
Yeah, we don't need phosphate, we can starve.
Autumn Moore
Autumn Moore 2 days ago
Respect for the information posted thank you
GONZZO's Dream Music
Just accept people in positions of power these days not all but most only care about keeping there job if they make a oopsie they place blame on someone else. there should be a committee in every community by and for every community that takes care of there area and keep the earth safe. Wait that already exist and this still happens my point exactly. But like they said it's not priority lmao that last part is sarcasm I support you 100 percent we need to step up cause we are just sitting by and letting the world get raped for money.
MuffinTopNoMo 87
MuffinTopNoMo 87 2 days ago
Feeling it down here in fort Myers. And I'm a pool guy my pools r starting to get phosphate issues
MsB 2 days ago
Dude, I was in Florida before Ron Jons was on the beach and this breaks this old Surfers heart. I left the state when it got trashed about 15 years ago and despite revisiting several times, the state just got worse with every year and every damn politician. I applaud you for initiating the protest, and as much hope I have for my former state and it's new govoner DeSantis I emplore you and as many of your friends, to gather up these thousands of dead fish and sea life and spell out as large as you can make it on the beach and say, Where are You Govoner DeSantis!!! Make it go viral! And God bless you young man as I see a lot of me in you!
Raiders of Friendship
Lol this is what you guys get
Kaos Skillz
Kaos Skillz 2 days ago
The bigger question is what the f*** is a fertilizer company doing with radioactive material
natedog796 2 days ago
All these disasters happening at once I can’t keep up anymore this world needs to meet its maker already
Major Surfer
Major Surfer 2 days ago
I live in Florida so well shit
Rick Miller
Rick Miller 2 days ago
☝️ ❤️
Jimmy Sean
Jimmy Sean 2 days ago
Just saw this your a goated for this
Warlock l
Warlock l 2 days ago
I was just in Florida we need to keep the water clean since it has the nicest water. Cali has really cold and black water. Florida beaches are the best.
печальный ниггер
Sucks for Florida
Pedro Castelo
Pedro Castelo 2 days ago
I support
Tx Pride
Tx Pride 2 days ago
Our parents and grandparents really fucked up Our world! Toxic waste? Fuck it, we don't have to worry for 40 years..
Kilo St.Croix340
Kilo St.Croix340 2 days ago
Pay my flight from the Caribbean ill go
Courtney 2 days ago
How do you fix the hole?
Daniel Strait
Daniel Strait 3 days ago
this guy is a hero! history books will remember him
Matthew Mena
Matthew Mena 3 days ago
Yo wtf is the water we drink radio active?
Jbird 3 days ago
Time to hold these jive turkeys accountable!
UltraSpank 3 days ago
lol they are fish bud there's trillions of them lol. They it will be okay. I may suggest you move to California
Tyler 3 days ago
you guys should have another class action man this is messed up
Kaleex 3 days ago
My stupid dad made it to where I can't go online🙁
Recondudies 3 days ago
The fact that people still throw trash out of the window car, throw junk in the lakes and oceans, and STILL overuse fossil fuels which I hate, disgusts me. There's too many people in this world to control. Not everyone will listen, and it breaks my heart. None of this would happen if people just opened their minds more. But the inevitability of this world going to ruins is so scary but so true. I wish that people would actually try to be better. This earth will eventually get old, but my gosh, we can at least take care of it to keep that from coming sooner :(
wraith3845 3 days ago
There is no such thing as Capitalism anymore. We now live under Corporatism....
wraith3845 3 days ago
We can blame this on uncontrolled growth in the state and massive amounts of people draining the aquifers. Sink holes are ony gonna get worse...
vadim subbotin
vadim subbotin 3 days ago
If only phosphates got u high
Adreanna Kozdras
Adreanna Kozdras 3 days ago
My dad and his Tim will be there and would love to help make this known more
Adreanna Kozdras
Adreanna Kozdras 3 days ago
Good friend
Gavin Moore
Gavin Moore 3 days ago
Man I've seen your videos for years now and I've always thought you were just some guy that enjoyed living in the moment but to see you use your platform invoice for something like this is awesome much respect man
Jay Jay Sipat
Jay Jay Sipat 4 days ago
Crazy how Florida is going through some sad times. . . 🤣😂
Angel Aguilar
Angel Aguilar 4 days ago
Are you still better then evreyone?
Johnny D.
Johnny D. 4 days ago
Respect man, people need to be put on notice about these types of matters
Mallett Adventures
It's not capitalism gone wrong It's corporatism gone wrong.. big difference and if you really want to get your point across then understand the difference...
Conchatized 4 days ago
This is so sad and depressing
Conchatized 4 days ago
Sharing !
CrossRoads 4 days ago
cat 5 over tampa bay would be a start
CrossRoads 4 days ago
i'm sure politicians were paid to sign off on this
That Guy Kiah
That Guy Kiah 4 days ago
Good man!
EliteTreats 4 days ago
Tom Brady just moved here to Tampa and won us a super bowl. You have the platform to potentially get him involved to sound off against this because this is now his backyard and Florida man will listen to Tom Brady nowadays
savage2680 4 days ago
Bidens america
Kaleb Schimke
Kaleb Schimke 4 days ago
Giving go viral juice also known as a comment
Owen Kelly
Owen Kelly 4 days ago
I went to the protest
Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz 4 days ago
So gnarly!
mikez2009 4 days ago
Props dude. Corporations love hiding their terrible actions behind capitalism. I'm all for capitalism but this behavior is unacceptable from the big corps.
NATEZPLAZE 4 days ago
All about 💵💵💵
Dono Memes
Dono Memes 4 days ago
RadReefs 4 days ago
As a reefer hearing the word phosphate and dumped millions of gallons of it my heart sank
Uzo 4 days ago
These "people" aint never gonna make it. Its just a matter of time.
cole batley
cole batley 4 days ago
This is ridiculous theres a reason i dont even want to go to florida they wildin over there
Dennis Llewellyn
Dennis Llewellyn 4 days ago
Phosphate companies run Florida, they own or lease all the best fossil grounds in the state! While we basically give them the right to print money, they allow no one access to these lands to even enjoy what has been in the ground for upward of 20, million years!
quiggle sniggle
quiggle sniggle 5 days ago
We should just grab people that are in control of this hold them down and shove money up there ass
James Booth
James Booth 5 days ago
Don't stop the good fight!
Eric Stevens
Eric Stevens 5 days ago
You have so many followers, your influence is insane man. I hope you make the right choices in the future.
josh malone
josh malone 5 days ago
I'm from Florida, and I'm USlift everyday. I've never heard of this issue and it's terrible. You can't trust trust the media, you can't trust corporation s, and you can't trust the government. It's up to people like you to bring awareness and for the rest of us to act. You've got heart bro, stay up!
mark gardner
mark gardner 5 days ago
wish i could be there . keep it up
Supadankiwi 5 days ago
Did someone really at him for saying 2 million instead of 2 hundred million? ... Either way it's a shit ton of nasty stuff going into the ocean. Why does missing 2 digits matter?
Gazza Byerun
Gazza Byerun 5 days ago
A dam shame!
Tim Hansen
Tim Hansen 5 days ago
Audio is shit bud. With 5.5m subs....
Justus Scholz
Justus Scholz 5 days ago
Im from germany so i dont live there but i think that this is so unhuman and stupid.
jonny moka
jonny moka 5 days ago
Wow what an eye opener
Chris 5 days ago
Wish I could go, please speak loud
Kevin flabouyfishing
Yup piney point horrible thing we have no control the people that should control our environment take cash to turn there heads great to see
5ith 4cech0k3
5ith 4cech0k3 5 days ago
George Cross
George Cross 5 days ago
Wait til this with that mix www.nasa.gov/feature/jpl/study-projects-a-surge-in-coastal-flooding-starting-in-2030s
Booboo Hernandez
Booboo Hernandez 5 days ago
well i’m in florida
lil MOOKIE 5 days ago
That’s wasn’t an accident world population needa go down 😂
PolishInvesta 5 days ago
Crazy what USlifts algorithm puts out and doesn’t… 😡😡😡 spread the word this is mental
Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns 5 days ago
This is rediculous this many years are you going to let this go . Piney point must go. Make it safe fill in and destroy safely .way too much contamination and radiation .
Matthew Ledbetter
Jack i thank you personally for always updating youtube with news like this...
Your Mothers Dad
Your Mothers Dad 6 days ago
Classic Florida
Tristan Rodriguez
stay mad kid
Matthew Nickolas
Matthew Nickolas 6 days ago
Mad mad respect brobman your that dude bro keep it up.
Swamp Cabbage
Swamp Cabbage 6 days ago
“Man made the plan, now the glades are going dry”
SJ Gaming
SJ Gaming 6 days ago
my disapointment is immeasurable and my day has been ruined
Jason Lambek
Jason Lambek 6 days ago
Sanibel loathes big sugar and fukn with our H2O. Apropos of nothing. I thought I’d just mention that. Great vid as usual, top-shelf.
Safety bay
Safety bay 6 days ago
Safety bay
Safety bay 6 days ago
Safety bay
Safety bay 6 days ago
12king21 6 days ago
I'm from Billings Montana and this brought tears to my eyes.
michelle isker
michelle isker 6 days ago
Why are we allowing these companies to ruin our environment. $$ that politicians are happy to take, it should be criminalized!!
Beast Mode
Beast Mode 6 days ago
I like how the 941 is really getting put on the map.
Sue crayz
Sue crayz 6 days ago
Call Erin brokovich
Saying Goodbye.
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