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Watch out Karen, theres a massive wave coming to sneak up on you.
When Touristy kooks meet dangerous ocean conditions, worlds collide, & content is acquired.


Thanks for all the love & support!

KUURO feat. Tylor Maurer - Bad Habits

MASSIVE Freak Waves Vs. MASSIVE Touristy Kooks

JoogSquad PPJT

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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 821   
Justin C
Justin C Day ago
for as much as you talk about the environment, I bet you have a humongous carbon footprint. drive a jeep, take vacations thousands of miles away to mexico to film youtube videos, buy 15 trampolines for content, etc etc
Gilad Cohen
Gilad Cohen Day ago
Wtf that last one was like a tsunami
Mason Bryant #5
Mason Bryant #5 4 days ago
As a cocoa beach area surfer we have looks but most locals aren’t kooks but I was at that incident and the plane stalled out of the sky
Mark Shirley
Mark Shirley 4 days ago
Ol skool n flawda man. Children. Y'all r cute. Bruh I taught all my babyz 2 float!!! They can sleep on the water. Hands behind your head n snooze! NEVER panic. Stay beyond the breaker and back stroke in effortlessly whenever possible. I love y'all friend
Kookii 5 days ago
im a kookii
J C 5 days ago
When you hear "Florida man does".. on the news lolol
HyzenTV 10 days ago
Florida things.
Dusty Foster
Dusty Foster 12 days ago
They had to practice shooting a drone down? They don't have that perfected yet? $ well spent military IND complex.
Richard Belcik, Jr
Richard Belcik, Jr 15 days ago
I live and surf in Cocoa Beach. We’re all Kooks down here🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅😅
Addy Needs
Addy Needs 16 days ago
I would like to know the 340 Karen’s who disliked this video and I would like to ask why….. just don’t watch if you don’t like it 😝🤪💀
Fabricio Emmanuelli
A Florida Man
A Florida Man 17 days ago
Kook surfer from Cocoa? Says the kook who has never seen a comb.
Johndeerejoey 17 days ago
I live in cocoa beach are. It's pretty chill over hear not kooks.. I mean this is where Kelly slayer is from? Your right he is a kook too..
Eye Of Venture
Eye Of Venture 19 days ago
Homie done lost his coffee 😛⚠️
sergio mayorga
sergio mayorga 20 days ago
I woulda backed up my truck and try to take this home
Gio Manguray
Gio Manguray 20 days ago
No problem, target practice or we all die!
Ayden Seeger
Ayden Seeger 20 days ago
that last clip is right down the street from me
Gabbi 69
Gabbi 69 22 days ago
Im from iceland 🙂
Angela Burger
Angela Burger 22 days ago
Sorry missed the hole vid to in love with you hat
Peter Falken
Peter Falken 23 days ago
Military have no regard for life at all. They have only one objective, to kill and destroy. And if they are allowed to continue as they have, they will destroy all eco systems on the planet, and possibly cause the destruction of the entire human race. They will try to kill everything and anything, when one target is destroyed, they will fabricate new targets. Once given power, they will never stop or give up. And they are brainwashed to belive that it`s in their right to kill anyone who speaks out and/or tries to stop them. It is the nature of the "beast".
Bryce Erickson
Bryce Erickson 25 days ago
When you have a you tube channel and your in your late 20s but you look 50.
Tyler Caram
Tyler Caram 25 days ago
Don’t put it in fwd or anything lmao. Come on!
Cn Kuik
Cn Kuik 27 days ago
it’s not weird at all that the us air force does that, naive train of thought with a huge element of oversight
Ardsley Opd
Ardsley Opd 27 days ago
Only in florida
Adam Morkan
Adam Morkan Month ago
If you live in Cocoa Beach you imagine the person is a kook? Brother , you have a stunted imagination, symptom of the times, massive crisis of the imagination, think harder you might be able to come up with a surfer or two from Brevard County Florida that surf a little better than kooks, dont be so quick to insult
Cabe Dey
Cabe Dey Month ago
That avenger pilot made the best of that situation. Could have been a lot worse, but still heartbreaking to see a plane like that crash land
Beefy’s brunch benders
Your not alone when you find watching kooks getting smashed funny. it’s like natural selection and herd mentality at work😂😂
Anne Kennedy
Anne Kennedy Month ago
florida man did every thing
YT Poler
YT Poler Month ago
i love to see little kids in pain
5cvmr Month ago
Amen! Think about the children lmao
Kota Month ago
What’s wrong with cocoa
treadmenot Month ago
uslift.info/one/l6-duLCmqaWTl2k/video.html They settings bombs of Florida coast
Kaden Jewell
Kaden Jewell Month ago
The plane was crashed during an airshow and the plane had a "malfunction" and had to crash land. My family lives there.
Damien Ford
Damien Ford Month ago
Florida Man crashes grumman tbm avenger in water
Jonathan McGuire
5:46 salty coffee
penman Month ago
Geee, Crashes plane into surfers. For one thing I didn't see any surfers dude, just swimmers. The second thing is that he didn't crash into them, he made a controlled landing near the swimmers. People putting these videos on here are a bunch of drama queens.
wheel T
wheel T Month ago
projectdelta50 Month ago
"If a plane takes your wave, thats a sign." LMAO 😂
papy channel
papy channel Month ago
5:40 This is tiny Tsunami !
jimbo gomez
jimbo gomez Month ago
Why does the news talk about bad things why do people talk about bad things bad things are going to happen no matter what you aren’t going to be able to help it it’s nature we all die you see animals die you see predators eat prays there’s no point to look at the bad look at the good and you will move forward!
johnfrank tullo
johnfrank tullo Month ago
The only thing that I want to know is if grandpa saved that cup of coffee?
Jon Burton Reesman
Last clip is from Moonstone Beach, I go there all the time! That sneaker wave happened during King Tides. All too common here. People are not smart!
Zach Lebrun
Zach Lebrun Month ago
Me sitting in my Airforce dorm room 👁👄👁
Pablo Pablo
Pablo Pablo Month ago
Yeah I don’t think it’s right to just throw valuable (taxes) military hardware in the ocean
Aloha Vision
Aloha Vision Month ago
Man u crack me up just gold and the skim is great too. Loving it hahaha ya shreadr 👌
Colton Settle
Colton Settle Month ago
The plane crashed because of an engine failure
Micah Springs
Micah Springs Month ago
I remember I was on a school trip and we went to cocoa beach right before the plane crashed in the water
Lisa Wilson
Lisa Wilson Month ago
Omg love you 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️
Dom Werk
Dom Werk Month ago
Nah there’s really no problem with the Air Force shooting drones out the sky. They tend to do it in a safe distance from land + that drone just happened to wash up onto the beach there. Something cool to see
Andrew ross
Andrew ross Month ago
that plane is a old hell cat from ww2 htf is someone in it
Conner Howard
Conner Howard Month ago
Completely understandable
Torex Month ago
some tourists in iceland are just stupid
mike James
mike James Month ago
Imagine how real your life would be without youtube.
Louie Borromeo
Louie Borromeo Month ago
Florida man strikes again
dale3ddavis Month ago
The airplane was a part of the airshow going on in Melbourne Fl. (just south of Cocoa Beach) This was expert landing in a crowded area, an no one was hurt.
Engineer gaming
Engineer gaming Month ago
That is a WW2 tif avenger which was a American bomber
Free Soul
Free Soul Month ago
hamajangz Month ago
Tourists are dumb af. They leave their brains at home when they go on vacation. Unfortunately some of them end up going home in caskets because of their foolishness. Happens way too often in Hawaii. Drowning tourists are a thing here. It's sad but totally preventable.
Mr. DyRT
Mr. DyRT Month ago
Airplane pilot lands Close to the beach so he can swim to safety
Mario Roberts
Mario Roberts Month ago
Saw you in a movie last night
Riderz_13 _
Riderz_13 _ Month ago
The ppl who disliked this video were the ppl who couldn’t handle the waves lol
Sandie Strutin
Sandie Strutin Month ago
What a bunch of idiots not realizing that the ocean has the power to knock them over and drag them out to drown. NEVER turn your back to the ocean to take a picture!
Lynzy Risingsun
Lynzy Risingsun Month ago
Your teeth are so gross and your lips...like damn can you ever put some chapstick on and maybe just maybe some moisturizer on your dry ass skin! And brush your greezy hair.
Michael Angelos
Michael Angelos Month ago
I thought Kelly Slater was from Cocoa Beach... Lol. You just called Kelly Slater a kook. Anyway you spent your whole video calling people kooks and usually the people that call everybody a kook is the real kook, you kook like you're so freaking great.
broo the atv and shit killed me 😭😭😭
Brandon Month ago
Really? That's it? A plane crashes into the ocean and that sucks. That all we got. 🤣
Patrick Draper
Patrick Draper Month ago
4:46 they're* done son 🤣 just messing don't @ me lol
Bryson Akana
Bryson Akana Month ago
@ 5:30.... THAT'S WHAT YOU GET!
Truth Teller
Truth Teller Month ago
My dude, you can't call someone an idiot and turn around and spell "Their idiots" in the captions when it's "THEY'RE idiots". Don't be THAT dude!
You should like this video, give me all your money 💀
anni50ful Month ago
At the moment our beaches are packed in Cornwall UK, the silly season has arrived with with more morons than we have ever seen before due to Covid flying restrictions ,already we've had air sea rescue out more times than usual, a tiny beach had 8000 people crammed together on it lifeguards can't cope ..I'm staying home lol ☺
Linda, H
Linda, H Month ago
A natural kook in there natural hrecentabitat
Chris Luckey
Chris Luckey Month ago
Without the Air Force training we would be speaking Russian or Chinese
Chris Luckey
Chris Luckey Month ago
The Needless Air Force ??????
Team Jones
Team Jones Month ago
Ahhh whole lot of people need to understand what mother nature can do. Mother nature is an animal and if you don't do your research you "WILL" learn the hard way! She is a B#$@CH and Mother nature has 0% feelings. DO your research.
Kies Baradan
Kies Baradan Month ago
Kook slams
Bro I get the same dip shits but in the mountains of North Carolina. They fall down waterfalls an off cliffs. Cuz they are fukissisojdjding stupid 🤦🏼‍♂️🤭
Cräyk Month ago
What the surfers want surf there? The waves from the landing Plane?
PaT G.
PaT G. Month ago
"did you get that on film" some people
cole Bruett
cole Bruett 2 months ago
This is the biggest, most idiotic lie of a title since the George Floyd fiasco. That crash landing from the plane was a huge successconsidering what could have happened.
CB501 B
CB501 B 2 months ago
If they aren't able to practice stuff as such what happens whenever it happens for real or a nuke is headed our way... Need to sight in a rifle and their rifle is a very precise one.
strueskills JUST A DOSE OF REALITY !!!
Cosmic lobster
Cosmic lobster 2 months ago
Yooooooooooo my dad was there when the plane crashed I stayed home that day should have gone, but I could hear the other planes from my house
Cristian GameZzz
Cristian GameZzz 2 months ago
I used to live on coccoa beach and i aint no kook
Chase Kowalski
Chase Kowalski 2 months ago
Look at u begging for money when u have more than most ur not making urself look good
DarkSagan 2 months ago
Did someone die in that last clip cause I only saw one guy get up.
Keeley Palmer
Keeley Palmer 2 months ago
On the last video where did they go?
William Bourdon
William Bourdon 2 months ago
That was a VERY expensive plane that emergency landed at the beach.
Noah H
Noah H 2 months ago
was that a TBF?? how did they crash a ww2 vintage?
Doobie_D 2 months ago
I was lucky to grow up by the beach shitty ass house but I was close
Dances with Cougars
Dances with Cougars 2 months ago
Florida Man Shocking.
oldslump 2 months ago
thumbnail literally happened in cocoa beach 5 mins away from my house 😂
Ninja Senku
Ninja Senku 2 months ago
Forgive me but all I can say is white people lol and I’m white too so Forgive me.
jackandi1 2 months ago
Who taught Karen to fly 🤦‍♂️ what did the surfer do ride within 100 yards of Karen
909 Fifty BG
909 Fifty BG 2 months ago
You can give me all of your money killed me 🤣😂🤣
Ashton Clarke
Ashton Clarke 2 months ago
Haha I don't live near the ocean
wilma dicfit
wilma dicfit 2 months ago
too much drag and not enough lift so he stalled and crashed
Isaiah Woodruff
Isaiah Woodruff 2 months ago
Wtf did I just see more kids than I can count murdered in this video why did nobody try to help. the adults and who was recording seemed like putting the kids that close was their plan based off of there voices and actions as well as any other variables connected in the video. And how fast to dismiss any option of saving them weird
Ireland 2K
Ireland 2K 2 months ago
Please do another 24h challenge like 24h in floating camp site
Stan Hau
Stan Hau 2 months ago
its ironic that its in florida
End for now
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End for now
Views 281K