The BIGGEST & SCARIEST Waves Of My Life 

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The Waves are HUGE! Easily the biggest waves of the year for Mexico and the BIGGEST Swell I have EVER seen in my entire life!
Part 1 : Rescued A Family : uslift.info/one/rJSnm9hjuWapm34/video.html
Part 2 : I Made A Scary Mistake : uslift.info/one/mYGotL5mlnSq2oY/video.html
Part 3 : Biggest Waves EVER : uslift.info/one/e32ptcmrs3yXzII/video.html
Part 4 : Ladies Almost Die : uslift.info/one/f62ez8erupl6vpI/video.html
Part 5 : Don't Do This : uslift.info/one/f62ez8erupl6vpI/video.html
Part 6 : Mutant Slab : uslift.info/one/aZyvntOdxZWXyoI/video.html


Thanks for all the love & support!

JoogSquad PPJT

About JoogSquad PPJT:
My name is Jack Tenney, AKA "10E" I'm an Entertainer, Filmmaker, Director, Editor, & Producer. WELCOME TO MY CRAZY LIFE! Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them if they are legitimate! We have a lot more to come so stay tuned & keep checking back every week for more crazy stunts and pranks!

Thanks for all the love & support!

KUURO feat. Tylor Maurer - Bad Habits

The BIGGEST & SCARIEST Waves I've Ever Seen... (Cabo Mexico)

JoogSquad PPJT




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Comments 723   
Kathy Long Jura
Love it! Where is that?
Vanessa Ives
Vanessa Ives Day ago
people are like a big ass deadly wave, I will run towards it and get smoked
its me
its me 2 days ago
Does anyone know where in Mexico the little town at the end is?
Gilad Cohen
Gilad Cohen 2 days ago
The video was crazy and zef techno Die Antwoord style
Greggzilla 3 days ago
Jurik Kähler
Jurik Kähler 3 days ago
This is what my five years old boy does with smaller scaled waves ... no I can imagine how he feels when there comes a 4 to 6 footer comes in.
Wessley 4 days ago
Why didnt he surf the big waves? I thought thats what surfers did? Or was these some kind of unsurfable waves?
Vedat 5 days ago
The ozean saw the camera and showed itself immediately.😀
Vedat 5 days ago
Don't mess with the ozean bro
Toxic Bush
Toxic Bush 10 days ago
Do another prank
Hannibal Lector MD
Hannibal Lector MD 10 days ago
Hell yeah I can't wait to go night skim this spot (Joking lmfao)
Naboulsi Noamane
Naboulsi Noamane 12 days ago
where's Andre Botha
Home Recorded Sound Effects
BIGGEST AND SCA- *Jumps in the water*
Steven Anthony
Steven Anthony 18 days ago
What beach is this 🤔
daniel brown
daniel brown 18 days ago
If you've ever been to Cabo, then you know....
Jerry Whaanga
Jerry Whaanga 18 days ago
Apocalyptic shorey😮
Debra Denslow
Debra Denslow 19 days ago
Jack is a Warrior. He don't need tools. He is the Tool.
Debra Denslow
Debra Denslow 19 days ago
Oh My. That's worse than Sharks!
SKAR 5.56
SKAR 5.56 21 day ago
Yall need to ride sum waves in Tecoman Colima check it out..its a hometown where i know surfers from states that enjoy colima's beaches
Jo Broom
Jo Broom 25 days ago
The Wild is biggest
secretAZNman 27 days ago
love the vlogs dude
woody woodstock
woody woodstock 28 days ago
Question is, would Jamie o Brian drop into one of those monsters 😂😂
Cynthia Garret
Cynthia Garret Month ago
She beautiful gives them all they can handle Stay safe enjoy life
David B
David B Month ago
Dónde estás?
Lets Vlog It Out!
Since when r u a rapper at the start of videos
JayCarl Month ago
A life everybody dreams of but only a few get to experience, I absolutely envy you man
Ed Horton
Ed Horton Month ago
Is this where tourists go to die in the surf?
Non Sacrvm
Non Sacrvm Month ago
Pónganse truchas v3r94s. Esas playas no son para jugar
Ben Baker
Ben Baker Month ago
Don't fuck with mother nature! Some raw ass power right there.. great footage
Joe Jon
Joe Jon Month ago
Dude, Impressive !!!
Bradley Davis1413
Where is Merrick and Edwin
Elisa Isaksen
Elisa Isaksen Month ago
I love your spirit, but you mo fo Kra Kra lol
El Nay Gul
El Nay Gul Month ago
I can't imagine what the waves would be like when the sea is angry
El Nay Gul
El Nay Gul Month ago
XF Scoots
XF Scoots Month ago
4:49 0kay i laughed
Jayamali Samarakoon
Aqua man is jack o thinkk
Jayamali Samarakoon
Aua man
Jayamali Samarakoon
This waves are about 100ft fun
el junior0629
el junior0629 Month ago
Cooo but it ain’t as hard to do what he does if u go under the wave like he does when the wave comes and hold on to the ground u can do what he does did this shit all the time but I ain’t caught super big waves like him prolly half the size
andre Chaves
andre Chaves Month ago
O my God, explosion of waves. Scary
vaskylark Month ago
That hotel is on a bad beach. Those waves would ruin a vacation. I love big waves, but not right on the shore.
polonaise20 Month ago
maruata Michoacan has some of the craziest waves in mx
Bernardo@ Gmail. Com Gonsalez
México is so beautiful Everywhere
KOALITA Month ago
Where????… HERE IN CABO????
Shallow Blox
Shallow Blox Month ago
Rad intro nearly pisses my pants haha
Michael Confer
Michael Confer Month ago
Thanks for the ride!
Patricia James
Patricia James Month ago
Skummy JOB needs you
Hannadi Habbal
Hannadi Habbal Month ago
That Looks Like SO much fun! :D Thank you for your videos Keep it up I actually Came here Coz Of a Karen video but your Other Videos are really kl and Fun to Watch
Valdas Dr
Valdas Dr Month ago
I don't know why but I imagine myself doing LSD and just watching those waves the whole trip. I don't even do LSD anymore for years but that would be soooooooooooo dope.
Kennetha Month ago
Expertly reading the waves like a cheap romance novel. The Boss's Boss!
Elsa Weill
Elsa Weill Month ago
Milo Mcguire
Milo Mcguire Month ago
you have to give away 15 carbon fiber skimboard to whoever liked this comment
Milo Mcguire
Milo Mcguire Month ago
make it the top comment
nikstar 177
nikstar 177 Month ago
Trampoline videos get more views give us what we want 😉
BlazeGamer Month ago
swells are the best to skim and surf on
Mikie Ande
Mikie Ande Month ago
Your sick bro
Lič clan
Lič clan Month ago
Take a zorb out there
Nacho Cota
Nacho Cota Month ago
Taco’s all day!!!!
RaisedByWolves Month ago
Esa playa no es para nadar.
Agerardo Month ago
Jamie O’Brien watching this video like.. “looks fun hold my Red Bull”
Dylan Maghan
Dylan Maghan Month ago
Narly dude
Gromie SeekingKnowledge
Damn Jack you rip at Skim boarding!
GlobDabber Month ago
Remember guys, white water is extremely dangerous because it is airated and nearly impossible to swim in
Zeezy Month ago
Normally I would just duck under waves this big in north shore, but the back wash is insane!
Parker Lileikis
Parker Lileikis Month ago
Paul thought he was JOB out there 😂 legend
Js Fishing
Js Fishing Month ago
This man is insane and no one can say he isn’t insane. Idk how you are able to swim and keep your breath that long
Joone Maple
Joone Maple Month ago
Nothing can kill this man.
Ronan Rinaldo
Ronan Rinaldo Month ago
U weren’t lieing when you were at my aunts house about the waves there huge
Will Schwiebert
Will Schwiebert Month ago
You guys should go at a golf Cours and skim on the ponds and fuck with people
Hayden Laborde
Hayden Laborde Month ago
Oh look at all the cweammmm
APART From The Rest
prank texsas
Brittany Hinckley
Man what a great beat 💯
CRP Month ago
That shit can't be surfed. There are bigger waves out there BTW.
Braden Bushnell
Braden Bushnell Month ago
Just gotta add a comment so we’re not at 666 comments!!!
Tammy Munk
Tammy Munk Month ago
I get absolutely immersed in your videos Jack. Every. Damn. Time. 🤙
Champion of the Hub
joog u have to check out this crazy sketchy shorebreak in ocean beach san diego it can get to 10 to 15 in winter and 8 ft during summer its super fun and its a beach at the end of santa cruz street the locals will tell u.
Reece Henkes
Reece Henkes Month ago
Why yt censor my password ******** ?
Tyler Lease
Tyler Lease Month ago
Run around as assassins creed for 69k likes
Grant A
Grant A Month ago
Those are a solid 6 to 8 feet, hawaiian that is. Looks like a fun day.
Skyerzen Month ago
Question to everyone here. I'm an adept surfer that wants to dabble in skimboarding. I was thinking about getting a beginner board to start getting my chops up. I found a few Victoria and Zap wooden boards. Would they be good for someone like me?
atamagashock Month ago
That looked so fucking epic! I remember 21 years ago when I was 20, lived at the shore in LBI( New Jersey) and early September we had a hurrican ripping up the coast and it was just me and my buddy( rest of our crew was back in college already) but we had crazy beach break. Nothing insane like that shit, but still gnarly stuff. Played in that shit for hours get rocked over and over. But honestly it was one of the most epic days ever
Garrett Harris
Garrett Harris Month ago
WE WANT THESE VIDEOS IN 4K !!! Like the shit out of this ya'll
Perry Myers
Perry Myers Month ago
Biggest Comment right here. Bring your homeboy from Kansas to Florida.
Patrick Dennis
Patrick Dennis Month ago
You done got womped!
Sultan Shiine
Sultan Shiine Month ago
You’ve introduced me surfing again 😂🙌
Sky Month ago
cool man!
Gilles Zweekhorst
i want to surf to😡
Spencer Howard
Spencer Howard Month ago
Taco dream
Clay Tay
Clay Tay Month ago
If this does get 69k you should do the craziest thing ever like the savage you guys are
Elkhorn basketball
I was just by your house stareing at 50 trampolines yesterday
Ezra Rothschild
Ezra Rothschild Month ago
Kayak in these waves
Valentin Month ago
I've never had somuch fun watching wave footage! dope edit
sculter8 Month ago
Wow!, those waves would be so much fun to ride in a Zorb ball!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fishy chihuahua
Fishy chihuahua Month ago
What is that song called at the four minute mark ??
Shred Boiardee
Shred Boiardee Month ago
Wet Taco Dreamin’!
Noah Banman
Noah Banman Month ago
man gets absolutely railed and says "that was fun"
Blade Insane
Blade Insane Month ago
That’s huge bro those wave can kill someone Fs 😂😂💪
jonny moka
jonny moka Month ago
Been smoked all day. 0hya
Sergey Month ago
Is this at the sheraton in cabo?
Kittywizard Month ago
Hey JOOGSquad how would you think about doing a video at Daytona Beach bodybording with me? I just started USlift and love watersports so I'm down
telling you the truth.