Biggest Hurricane Of The Year Heads For Florida | Hurricane Elsa Update 

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Hurricane Season is here, lets start with Elsa since it looks like Florida will be directly effected


Thanks for all the love & support!

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Thanks for all the love & support!

Here We Go Again (Biggest Hurricane of 2021) Hurricane Elsa Update

JoogSquad PPJT

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Jul 6, 2021




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Comments 637   
ghash 7 days ago
What setting do you use for windy on seeing hurricanes
The Space Coast Life
Hurricane what?
Coolio Julio
Coolio Julio 9 days ago
i was sailing down in miami and some parts of it came down... it was super rough
Marty McSuperFly!
Marty McSuperFly! 10 days ago
They NEVER mention Fukushima, et.al. They NEVER mention Weather Geoengineering. They NEVER mention that they are paid for that. They NEVER mention that they are Godless cretins less deserving of oxygen than the lowly but mighty crab!
Tasso LP
Tasso LP 14 days ago
Joog Squad Songs >> uslift.info/one/q6rNts-KlqdxzqA/video.html
Joshua Trujillo
Joshua Trujillo 16 days ago
Elsa was a joke to Miami 🐡
r u Salty? on YT
r u Salty? on YT 16 days ago
I was in that but it was a tropical storm in mass
JaronDW 17 days ago
I was just in Key West. I'm looking at that photo.......fuck
KwK 18 days ago
It wasn't that bad
1k 20 days ago
my guy it wasn’t a big hurricane
T Benton
T Benton 20 days ago
Off to the Panhandle with it, Ya knOw WHy theY cALl IT tHE safe harBOR? CaUse its SAFE. Me chillin in Pensacola like: 😀
Larry Landry
Larry Landry 20 days ago
This title is clickbaity, this storm wasn’t even big
Tvold 20 days ago
this was not bad that pic is a picture of hurricane laura in the gulf as a 140mph sustained wind cat 4 photoshopped near florida
Theodosius The Great
this guy is brave lol
Jacob Tomaselli
Jacob Tomaselli 20 days ago
I from Sebring and it didn’t hit us bad
forrest billman
forrest billman 20 days ago
91 thousand views. youtube freaking hates these guys :(
AdzPoxu 21 day ago
But it wasn't a hurricane it was a tropical storm
Elsa wasn’t shit lmao
the Executioner20
Karen idea: dirt bike karen
Brycen Montgomery
Got this in sc it was still bad
Street Crew Skateboarding
This pass whole week it has rained on and off in Florida
Lester Partin
Lester Partin 21 day ago
Can you do a video on the cheapest safest places of Florida
sSScunty 21 day ago
Well duh it's the biggest hurricane of the year, it's the only hurricane of the year so far
Alexis Serrano
Alexis Serrano 21 day ago
I paused it at 3:34
Dhunter daily
Dhunter daily 21 day ago
The reason i dont like living in florida is this bad weather
U G 21 day ago
When he's talking about being in a "bubble" he's referring to the eye of the storm right ?
the Executioner20
999lilDraco24 21 day ago
Amber alert?
K H 21 day ago
hope you aint dead bruh, was looking for the update video but nothing for 4 days :(
Chicago galaxy
Chicago galaxy 21 day ago
I guess we need Anna to stop her
Bluedude0720 22 days ago
I love how the hurricane was nothing but a normal weather day with some winds a little stronger than usual but still. A week before Elsa hit I had a normal thunderstorm with 60mph winds and it did more damage than Elsa.
Colin Brophy
Colin Brophy 22 days ago
what abot 4th of july vid
SkateboardP12 22 days ago
Ima Katrina victim. Don’t play w storms.
Game on
Game on 22 days ago
The power went out where you are do you have an uploaded a video and I’m smart
Sinco_recroom 22 days ago
im uneducated but like he said it heads twords warm water and its in the mexico golf would it be going there before of the oil leak and the fire!
c north
c north 22 days ago
I guess he died
Sizzle 22 days ago
Same bro I feel you I am in Madeira beach and all I heard was beeping all day
SerioKilla 22 days ago
Over in south padre Texas we’ve had 12-15 foot waves. Idk if it’s cause by the hurricane but it’s been crazy with rain and waves.
Young n dumb
Young n dumb 22 days ago
Keep up the good work and the VIDS ARE ONLY GETTING BETTER SON
Maka Maka
Maka Maka 22 days ago
GenToEngine 22 days ago
Good luck coming from Kansas!
Steven Labahn
Steven Labahn 22 days ago
Was literally there yesterday and it was downgraded to a tropical storm
Aris 22 days ago
Where's anna
She’s long dead bro
Loretta Taylor
Loretta Taylor 22 days ago
Who wants spend 10min watching you swim around with crusty the cursing cowboy
Kane Hoskins
Kane Hoskins 22 days ago
I was on a plain when this hit!!! It was crazy turbulence
LyrikTV 23 days ago
Why’s he want it to come to Louisiana lol it’s better for florida to take the hit
Heri Suryadi
Heri Suryadi 23 days ago
That satellite footage is not elsa infact its Michael
Team_temperfn on ig
It might just let it go
ColdShin 23 days ago
Thats same Hurricane is coming over here nyc
Alxyn 23 days ago
nobody: literally not a single youtuber: joogsquad every july: BiGeSt HuRriCaNe oF tHe YeAr!!!
Chenzaloon 23 days ago
my phone kept sayin life threating for about 4 hours. . I had to fly out Tuesday and somehow it was smooth sailing
Bozz Agga
Bozz Agga 23 days ago
I predict…. I just learned more here than 3 years of earth science
PrestonRussell YT
PrestonRussell YT 23 days ago
I was in Jacksonville for vacation and we heard emergency alerts 24/7 and we had to leave early because of it
Mika Yuri
Mika Yuri 23 days ago
Bruh what this hurricane was the weakest ever
Jeremy 23 days ago
Next video should be that Austin powers looking dude waxing his chest 🤙🏻
Pbjelly 180
Pbjelly 180 23 days ago
You guys where so high 😂 I think…
Chris Pelc
Chris Pelc 23 days ago
I live outside of sarasota, the “hurricane” was a joke. A glorified storm, made panic by the media 😂
Cabfishing 23 days ago
Literally category 1.
CallMe Kdon
CallMe Kdon 23 days ago
Is he still alive
美学 23 days ago
the hurricane hit us ( north carolina ), yesturday the winds got up to like 50m and i went skim boarding in the ocean and like it was scary
David King Dex
David King Dex 23 days ago
Else “let it go”
Leviathan Visser
Leviathan Visser 23 days ago
Yo jack what’s a decent skimboard to start out on been watching you I’m keen as to get into it
tj _
tj _ 23 days ago
This was laughable at best
roger bower
roger bower 23 days ago
u could litteraly stay any storm in flordia and have tfue or a rando youtube bail you out with a heli or private jet
Dalton D.
Dalton D. 24 days ago
Red Tide isnt by you right now???
Makaio H.
Makaio H. 24 days ago
amazing vid i luv the dedication
Justin Abaya
Justin Abaya 24 days ago
The booties on your girls is definitely worth a like. Golf lap 👏 👏 👏
Chickennugget #2
Chickennugget #2 24 days ago
I am going to Florida in 2 days😳😳😳😳😳😳
Elliott 24 days ago
Haven’t seen any videos at the compound lately!
Moofy 24 days ago
Rudi Deim
Rudi Deim 24 days ago
Hey duuuuuddddde. Whts ut online shop again??? Im from South Africa really apprcicite ur way of living life...wana get some signed merch. Pllleeeeeaaassseee
South Florida Lunkers
That was the smallest hurricane of the year buddy boy
Lúcio 24 days ago
I'm from Bradenton and I've heard this story a lot... There are Native American burial grounds here that have protected the Tampa Bay area from hurricanes and such.
JK Reviews
JK Reviews 24 days ago
I had my flight canceled to tamp because if this but it rlly wasn’t nothing really
Derek Davis
Derek Davis 24 days ago
Wish u luck and dont forget..touch butts
AlteredGAMES 24 days ago
man i hope you will be okay but no storm is gonna kill the king of Florida
Ellen Wells
Ellen Wells 24 days ago
you should make a joogsquad hammock
jin lim
jin lim 24 days ago
you delete my comment I delete you!
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones 24 days ago
It was only a cat 1 lol
fishing with blobby
@Dylan Jones fr
Dylan Jones
Dylan Jones 24 days ago
@fishing with blobby it was a hurricane for a day and that is like an average afternoon storm in Florida
fishing with blobby
it was not even a hurricane lol. tropical storm
Hunter Boone
Hunter Boone 24 days ago
Nah Louisiana don’t need anymore hurricanes
WhiteOwl 8 5 0
WhiteOwl 8 5 0 24 days ago
Ain't even a hurricane 😂 I thought you was a Florida boy , shieet we ain't worried bout no dam tropical storm.😂 Lmao
WhiteOwl 8 5 0
WhiteOwl 8 5 0 24 days ago
@JoeYT Gaming! ik
JoeYT Gaming!
JoeYT Gaming! 24 days ago
I googled it and it’s past Florida now and I live in Florida. Didn’t even feel a thing, prob was sleeping all during it. No dmg done
fishing with blobby
bruh ikr
Mccauley Mccranie
Mccauley Mccranie 24 days ago
Vro I'm west coast Florida I've been watching your videos for ever it seems....27 with 4 kids....beautiful wife...what the chance we can come meet and greet.. .ever????
Mccauley Mccranie
Mccauley Mccranie 24 days ago
That shit was weak
Nicholas Gaudioso
Nicholas Gaudioso 24 days ago
Hey I’m not trying to criticize you but it’s not called A Amber alert amber alerts only one a child 14 or someone has gone missing those sounds incurred were emergency alerts not amber alerts big difference when is localized one is state wise
yunginnine 24 days ago
Bro that was a weak ass hurricane
Wesman 24 days ago
In tybee island 3 tornados tried to form
OrZO_14 24 days ago
Coming for me in Canada!
harold hahn
harold hahn 24 days ago
It must be hell, living on a beach, but some one has to do it! Know, Jack, that all the rest of us Americans are grateful for your sacrifice. Keep us informed on the situation. If that storm heads up the Hudson river, I will need at least fourty minutes warning to lay in some chips and beer!
michael duke
michael duke 24 days ago
I was waiting for this to come sadly I didn’t get ur notification. Always look forward to ur hurricane videos oddly enough
Austin Gudmunson
Austin Gudmunson 24 days ago
You know what this means…street skim behind car
Distortion FX
Distortion FX 25 days ago
I live where the impact was...this was no hurricane xD
Mr. Waffles
Mr. Waffles 18 days ago
How so?
Wills weird vids
Wills weird vids 25 days ago
What's with the random letters at the bottom
Kanyon Graham
Kanyon Graham 25 days ago
Were u in a small green limo
Big_hunter 5671
Big_hunter 5671 25 days ago
I’m in Tampa Rn and the waves were crazy af hella fun
bryan mcelmurray
bryan mcelmurray 25 days ago
This video is trash and I love it. Yew!
Easton Blomfield
Easton Blomfield 25 days ago
Good luck 💪
Master Boy
Master Boy 25 days ago
It’s Tfue with a Wig!
Chris Schmidt
Chris Schmidt 25 days ago
It was literally a little wind and rain dude calm down. Wasn't anything big or bad at all
Chris Schmidt
Chris Schmidt 25 days ago
Certainly will not be the biggest of the year either
DAVID GONG 25 days ago
We've been in Hudson all week. Went a mile inland dealing with some minor flooding but all ok as of now.
ARQF 8977
ARQF 8977 25 days ago
Where is the 4th of July video
Angela Burger
Angela Burger 25 days ago
bruh it was all over internet xD
Catfish #shorts
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