I Built The Worlds Biggest Skimboard (4 Player) 

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We built the worlds biggest Skimboard and broke world records!!


Thanks for all the love & support!

JoogSquad PPJT

About JoogSquad PPJT:
My name is Jack Tenney, AKA "10E" I'm an Entertainer, Filmmaker, Director, Editor, & Producer. WELCOME TO MY CRAZY LIFE! Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them if they are legitimate! We have a lot more to come so stay tuned & keep checking back every week for more crazy stunts and pranks!

Thanks for all the love & support!

I Built The Worlds Biggest Skimboard (4 Player)

JoogSquad PPJT

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May 20, 2021




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Comments 726   
Gudi 2 months ago
1:05 using youtube to do ridiculous things which would never otherwise be done is a noble mission. stand proud
Hustlepuff 420
Hustlepuff 420 Month ago
Trey Hack
Trey Hack 2 months ago
What’s he use for his background sound
Bruce A
Bruce A 2 months ago
What up
Tristan King
Tristan King 2 months ago
fancy seeing you here! LMAO
Zulma de la Verga
Zulma de la Verga 4 hours ago
Moments in Time Films
We made a six foot Domke board a year ago he rode it at trestles and did a shiv it on it . On his Instagram Sick board you made
BombHaze and TrippyDays
the OSRS beats though lmao
- W E A S E L
- W E A S E L 9 days ago
Kwyxr games
Kwyxr games 9 days ago
I want to learn how to skim it looks fun
Pate Futch
Pate Futch 12 days ago
Should have called it the ankle shanker
Jack 12 days ago
“Friends of all time” 😌
Zach Sacks
Zach Sacks 14 days ago
I thought we did it for dreams but turns out it was for "FAMILY"
Eagan Woodward
Eagan Woodward 17 days ago
So he basically made a wide surfboard
curlyyheadjosh 18 days ago
just started skimming abt a week ago and i’m in love wit it i got 360 shovey and big spin are my biggest tricks rn
Kodas Quest
Kodas Quest 25 days ago
Doing epic shit!
kevin almeida
kevin almeida 25 days ago
need to use a jetski to pull lol maybe install a leash plug in nose and connect a break away road so 1 can run with it and riders chase??? go try to go drop in on a wave?????
matthefat 26 days ago
29:00 i feel bad tbh, paul definitely deserves more recognition
Myles London
Myles London 26 days ago
The first ever older woman at a beach that ain’t a Karen and like skim boards
Jack Truchsess
Jack Truchsess 27 days ago
that does not sound good... That was fucking awesome lol
Zenith Gaming
Zenith Gaming Month ago
Wait did u guys have Blair there with you?
Alta Van Koersveld
With the thumbnail they shold call megalaslong
Holden Pagona
Holden Pagona Month ago
use it with a wench
Tyler Arseneau
Tyler Arseneau Month ago
26:09 ur welcome
Mason Miller
Mason Miller Month ago
You gotta wake board with that
Scott Adams
Scott Adams Month ago
Best video yet👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Kai Month ago
Take it to the wedge
Cyress Shepard
Cyress Shepard Month ago
Excuse me what is on the bottom of the board
Jason Scott
Jason Scott Month ago
That’s Fucken mad
Thomas lewis Burridge
Get the winch out with this thing🤙🏼
Guy Turner
Guy Turner Month ago
get a buzz cut pleaseeeeeeeee
Joe Jon
Joe Jon Month ago
Dude Pull it With a quad ! Then You can have 4 on & ^ , Then the Tricks Can Happen Bro...🧨💥✌
Jeff Swope
Jeff Swope Month ago
Really cool to see the process and what really goes into making such cool art
Jeff Swope
Jeff Swope Month ago
That paint table is a modern art masterpiece. Cool behind the scenes look.
David Thompson
David Thompson Month ago
The heli gave me an idea,??? Get one to pull you like a jet sky across the shallows. World record ( hmmmmm )
Dan Fitz
Dan Fitz Month ago
dude, take it to log house, toe in drop in , dreem or not?
Luke Moore
Luke Moore Month ago
make it into a table
Cameron Thiemann
Damn enough ads? Felt like 50% ad
Ricardo Santana
Ricardo Santana Month ago
I love they Big skingboad.
Tr3v0r Month ago
This deserves so many more veiws
Lucas Varverud
Lucas Varverud Month ago
you should get a winch
Thugga Thuggin
Thugga Thuggin Month ago
tell ole girl in the yellow to hit my line 🤣
JustDrew P
JustDrew P Month ago
You better pay Paul double for that board to make it up to him! Lols
LIL_Simon08 Month ago
why did pepole dislike this lmao and the deserves way more
LIL_Simon08 Month ago
Colin Mettle
Colin Mettle Month ago
How i felt skim boarding as a kid
Jab Month ago
I only came here bc of the thumb nail "megaladong"
Max Carvalho
Max Carvalho Month ago
What grips did u use on the normal boards
Corky VanderHaven
The Meg: sequel will be twice as nice, no douBt
Corky VanderHaven
Fer a sec, forget the stunts, content, talents, vision n all that: The editing is done by the overlordz
Tara Yablonsky
Tara Yablonsky Month ago
Love you man. Not only do I watch your videos front to back, &like them- I also let the ads play through. That's how much you mean to me man- thanks again&keep it up!! 😍🤙
jeb_ Month ago
the guy they called looks like jonny sins with hair
Antoine Month ago
idk anything, but id wear a mask
wooex Month ago
Maybe the world smallest skim board next?
Lucas robertson
Lucas robertson Month ago
One of my non surfer friends asked me as he was watching this video with me, “why don’t they just put those grip things on the whole board?” 😑
Darin Rogers
Darin Rogers Month ago
Darin Rogers
Darin Rogers Month ago
Bears lives matter. And quad fins thrusters f****** liberals better wake the f****** Democrats. If you don't surf. don't start. Old school
Darin Rogers
Darin Rogers Month ago
You might call it racist. But white people don't wear dreadlocks period or Hawaiian tattoos. You're not black you need to save it. You get beat up on my Beach
Darin Rogers
Darin Rogers Month ago
Thumbs up
Darin Rogers
Darin Rogers Month ago
We know you're legit
Jesse Davis
Jesse Davis Month ago
I wouldn’t doubt Savage could skim on anything from a pop cycle stick to a sheet of plywood 🤙🏽
Marlie Bogdon
Marlie Bogdon Month ago
You need to buy a winch
Brady Strain
Brady Strain Month ago
Ayo Bubby
Ayo Bubby Month ago
Finally, a skimboard I could probably reach a wave on
Sam Conner
Sam Conner Month ago
18:00 to 18:37 is hilarious
michael Month ago
I swear the music you choose reminds me of runescape
ZAYZILLA 2 months ago
Who came up with the name FAZE TFUE? I think The name FAZE-DUDE suits u a lot better 😉
Bearty 2 months ago
that’s pretty amazing you built the biggest skimboard you should get a official so you can be in the books and be immortalized for life 👍 i skim board in san clemente california haven’t been to the beach lately though
Xnei391 2 months ago
Get a gas powered wench with 4 people on it. That would be badass
Savagepanda 704
Savagepanda 704 2 months ago
That thumbnail is gonna get him demonitized lol
Ben Gravy
Ben Gravy 2 months ago
Let’s just say no ones ever seen Blair and jack in the same room… conspiracy?
Music Playlist
Music Playlist Month ago
Blake Mason
Blake Mason 2 months ago
You need a tow like Jamie's
Kathy J Gouvas
Kathy J Gouvas 2 months ago
MR.Febreze 2 months ago
I O. O
Nathan Priechenfried
You guys need a winch to use with that thing
unfortunate cookie
unfortunate cookie 2 months ago
The only chick that can ride the megalodong! 🔥
Ethan_6666 2 months ago
florida man goes crazy.....
Shpee Beats
Shpee Beats 2 months ago
Dakoda Morgan
Dakoda Morgan 2 months ago
Watches video later “WTF jack!!!
Annie Brunel
Annie Brunel 2 months ago
you have to watch rasta rocket for been more précise😅😅😅
InDaTubeSurfer 2 months ago
I got to ask lol! Who is the girl waxing the board with them?? 🤩
dsrtflwr 2 months ago
34:00 Wow. I thought you were a nice guy.
Elston Kamaka
Elston Kamaka 2 months ago
Taylor miner
Taylor miner 2 months ago
Need to get towed in with jet skiin skim
Mikey M.
Mikey M. 2 months ago
It looks like you hurt your wrist in this video
ung427 2 months ago
What's this channel all about? Aperham Linkin on a skateboard, that's what it's all about.
Bob Da goat
Bob Da goat 2 months ago
Mexico this week ??????? TAKE IT
Mexican Tours
Mexican Tours 2 months ago
Ever go sailing a big catamaran down wind in some big waves!
Devin Fanning
Devin Fanning 2 months ago
34:27 trust me go there
El GordoClips
El GordoClips 2 months ago
Hey guys are y’all hiring I lost my job in December and not having my license cus of epilepsy fucks my applications man!
UncleBioticz 2 months ago
what's that blonies IG 🤤
ColdShin 2 months ago
I cant believe i just watched all that💀
vloev 2 months ago
Fordite, delicious :P
Krystle Dyson
Krystle Dyson 2 months ago
Where do you get skim boards in Western Australia normal size skim board
Luis Dias
Luis Dias 2 months ago
bro, honestly this has potential to be a whole new sport
Dan Dacosta
Dan Dacosta 2 months ago
You need the motor that pulls the rope so you can skim foreal and try it as a wake board next with 2 people
Asznee Is back
Asznee Is back 2 months ago
Use the winch with it
MoldyNugget 2 months ago
I think you should like get towed behind a boat with it or use that super fast winch thing to launch u into waves with that thing. You would probably fly away with that thing lol
Joe Seus
Joe Seus 2 months ago
Hey jack is it just me or these days is Tfue looking like the brother Logan Paul actually wants
Saelor Pinegar
Saelor Pinegar 2 months ago
Pause it on 25:10 😂
dxddybeach 2 months ago
How many ads u need damn
Logan Pulley
Logan Pulley 2 months ago
ok ok ok ok ok ok pllzzzzzzz get pulled by a hitch and get your friends on there
Will Nicholson
Will Nicholson 2 months ago
Tandem shove it was legit