Ladies Almost Died & Wouldn't Let Us Help!! (Cabo Mexico) 

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This is exactly what NOT to do if you're ever in massive shorebreak waves. Unfortunately these ladies were in the wrong place at the wrong time, & needed to be rescued.
Part 1 : Rescued A Family : uslift.info/one/rJSnm9hjuWapm34/video.html
Part 2 : I Made A Scary Mistake : uslift.info/one/mYGotL5mlnSq2oY/video.html
Part 3 : Biggest Waves EVER : uslift.info/one/e32ptcmrs3yXzII/video.html
Part 4 : Ladies Almost Die : uslift.info/one/f62ez8erupl6vpI/video.html
Part 5 : Don't Do This : uslift.info/one/f62ez8erupl6vpI/video.html
Part 6 : Mutant Slab : uslift.info/one/aZyvntOdxZWXyoI/video.html


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KUURO feat. Tylor Maurer - Bad Habits

Tourists Make Fatal Mistake In Mexicos Big Waves

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Comments 1 004   
Harry Punani
Harry Punani Day ago
Put some clothes on dude, skin cancer's a bitch....
L G Day ago
Sick surfing too by the way
L G Day ago
I’m not gonna defend the girl in the green suit but I think she was embarrassed. She’s not the tiniest person in the world and here are three young hot surfer guy is coming to pick her up because she cannot control her own body. I think that was more of the reason for the indignant’s than anything. I do think that you guys are awesome for helping. Well done.
Karlo 2 days ago
some people don't have basic human skills to save themselves, like simply standing up!
WMC 2 days ago
People can get stupid at times
Ricardo Morales Garza
Great job guys!!!
Lisa Mccade
Lisa Mccade 5 days ago
WHAT happen to the comments
Lisa Mccade
Lisa Mccade 5 days ago
What happen to the comments
jojo 4444
jojo 4444 5 days ago
I hate when people do this.
Allan Radko
Allan Radko 5 days ago
Well this is a classic case of being uneducated about waves you can blame her for that. I feel like only Emanzipation of the ocean will help
JM Marshall
JM Marshall 7 days ago
Beautiful photography! Am hooked watching these!
Mz Phat Peachz
Mz Phat Peachz 8 days ago
p/s learning moment 1. observe ocean BEFORE getting near it which seems obvious but we get excited & sitting here i aint Realize how friggn big those waves were for them to surf it..amazing
Mz Phat Peachz
Mz Phat Peachz 8 days ago
shoutouts 2 sean for helpn da big mamaah since Jack aint really tryna help females Prone 2 twinkeez
Cy Bolton
Cy Bolton 9 days ago
This is known as Darwin Interference.
Nvla 11 days ago
I hope i can doing pro like this, the wave so scary, I don’t know what to do if im getting fall ☹️
Peace Panther
Peace Panther 11 days ago
I have five herniated discs in my neck and back and A wave last March in S FL (not even big) absolutely made all of my injuries way way worse than I could’ve imagined. I do not f around with waves anymore
Max Ludlow
Max Ludlow 12 days ago
10.51 mm mmm mmmmm
Angel Vazquez
Angel Vazquez 12 days ago
My mom went there not to long ago
Matthew Orth
Matthew Orth 13 days ago
She would have drowned, for sure. Nice job!
M Pasowski
M Pasowski 13 days ago
Drunk idiot. Let me give zero effort while 4 professional surfers try to get me out of a massive impact zone. "I'm fine guys, I enjoyed getting my big booty swept out to the middle of the ocean."
Brenda Tercero
Brenda Tercero 13 days ago
I love ur videos,i feel I’m there.thx man and all ur friends
Robert Falconer
Robert Falconer 14 days ago
Girl went oof
Lil Pebble
Lil Pebble 14 days ago
when does he save them
izzonDesign 14 days ago
Used to body surf in front of Hotel Del. Waves would launch you out, chest would bounce you off the surface in front of the wave. A lot different than the Jersey Shore. I'll be 60 in DEC. Good Stuff. US Navy Special Forces. (frog man). Mexico looks way more extreme.
Ai FG 14 days ago
Wtf is wrong with that stxpid lady bro she weird
Patrick Carr
Patrick Carr 14 days ago
Something else that most tourists don't realize is that there are huge deep holes (basically canyons) about 10 feet from the shore on all of the Cabo beaches. Once people get sucked out a few feet it can get real serious very quickly because you can't touch the bottom. Bye Felicia 👋
JoAnn Holmes
JoAnn Holmes 15 days ago
Full Moon: Big tides and waves.
Eva Luevanos
Eva Luevanos 15 days ago
Thank you so much por posting these videos, I enjoy them so much because I love the ocean as much as you do, so much that I moved to the Mexican Caribbean to live next to it. Pacific ocean is so powerful and I enjoy so much the landscape the way you film 😘
Barbara Ness
Barbara Ness 15 days ago
I’m sorry but some people are just plain stupid, and people like that can’t be helped.
Jersey Rose
Jersey Rose 15 days ago
Yay for sean!! The lady in green bathing suit should have been left to fix her hair … I mean, you can’t die and your hair look a mess, right? Ignorance is bliss for her!!
Liam gaming
Liam gaming 18 days ago
0:21 lol and I did and I subbed and btw u need to be life guards and USlift AT THE SAME TIME
Cheryl Stevancevic
Cheryl Stevancevic 19 days ago
Thankyou for being so kind God Bless keep safe all of you’s 🙏🇦🇺♥️
SSG Live
SSG Live 19 days ago
Hey bro that’s some socialist shit stfu with that. People doing stupid ish doesn’t mean you have to be stupid too. Their stupidity does not require your stupidity. If you decide to help a flailing ocean noob that’s on you, you accept the risks of PUTTING YOURSELF in that position zzzz don’t be communist 😐
Laura M
Laura M 22 days ago
I live in St Jones
Kimberly Blackmon
Kimberly Blackmon 23 days ago
The one lady appears to be drunk
e30kitty 23 days ago
You guys did a bad thing: You stopped Natural Selection from working.... xD
patricia colmenares
Good video and all but why she has half boobs sticking under the bikini? Is that on purpose? Like a new show of boobs trend?
Isidore22 25 days ago
Taylor the Maker
Taylor the Maker 27 days ago
Fuck dude That lady looked and acted sloshed af
Angel 28 days ago
I wanna see you do a full out christ air on one of those rips. Epic!
magma zeuhl
magma zeuhl 29 days ago
yes baba
Alejandra Miranda
Alejandra Miranda 29 days ago
She’s ignorant to the dangers u guy r pros out there. Great video . Heroes
Jesse Perez
Jesse Perez Month ago
0:25 10:50 nalgitas🥵🥴
Pucker Up
Pucker Up Month ago
Chicken headz
POYO2800 Month ago
As a former lifeguard myself, it's always annoying to see people not respect the ocean, or listen to reason 🙄
Troy Withrow
Troy Withrow Month ago
UUUMMM.... Yeah.... She didn't appear to be in any danger whatsoever to me & unless that beach golf ball size cobblestones or bigger, I really don't see a problem or that she was putting herself in any "Certain danger" as long as she is comfortable & relaxed getting pounded by the shore break?... It's definitely Not more dangerous than skimming into most of the monsters you guys are ripping up? That's not to say what you guys attempted to do wasn't admirable because it was & it probably would've been much more appreciated 95% of the time you did that... it just happened that those 2 ladies were comfortable playing rough in the surf & this particular time you may have just slightly overreacted, but better safe than sorry everytime!
Vera Harrison
Vera Harrison Month ago
God Bless ♥️🤗🦋♥️♥️♥️♥️🤗🤗
Troy Heise
Troy Heise Month ago
The closest time I was to drowning was at the wedge in Newport Beach, CA when I dropped my skimboard and my skimboard had to fly out 30 feet and then I swam out and it was like a 15 foot day and then a huge set began and I finally got a skimboard and I had to be 50 feet out in the water so I swam the hardest I ever had and then thankfully I got out of the water and by the time I got to my chair I was completely out of breath
Cam Z
Cam Z Month ago
Just let her get sucked out. You tried.
Max Nohr
Max Nohr Month ago
Try going to orange beach in Alabama and skim there the waves are crazy on two red flags
Pam Jacobson
Pam Jacobson Month ago
Obviously, she doesn’t know the dangers of swimming in Cabo.
Ray Doherty
Ray Doherty Month ago
That woman was fine idk why you tripping for
JP Month ago
8:34 nah she can’t take u serious she prolly wondering why 4 hippies ran up to her acting like they saving lives😂 dont try blame it on the mixed drink either lmao I woulda let the shit hit me too
Consuelo Patagonia
Those fat ladies have rolled in deeper waters than that
Mark Crisp
Mark Crisp Month ago
How has she lived so long?
Please, let the black seals alone.
Gee Pea
Gee Pea Month ago
I would have been so glad if they came to help me scary stuffx
T Rijs
T Rijs Month ago
Pigs never listen
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis Month ago
Into already amazing just like every one of em
Ajit Mishra
Ajit Mishra Month ago
What an idiotic lady she was...taking waves current so casually
Cockedandlocked Month ago
The funniest thing I ever saw was at a beach called Marine Street in La Jolla, Ca. was 2 black guys trying to body surf. Waves there break on the shore in shallow water. These guys got pounded good. I don't think they had any clue. Kind of like these women
John Scatcherd
John Scatcherd Month ago
Grew up skimming with Scott Manley at Sandy's first and only board was a Sandy Beach Skimboard made by another friend Johnny Alford. Best day was skimming Waimea with Chris Henderson :) Keep up the great vids.
Laertis Macedo
Laertis Macedo Month ago
Rick Sundberg
Rick Sundberg Month ago
Some people aren't smart enough to know they're in deep sh!t even when you tell them. Neither one of those giant women could deal with a significant hold down and neither could get up under their own power after a couple more wave tired them out. No bueno.
Jimmy B
Jimmy B Month ago
trainingday Month ago
What people need to realize is just because you see people getting in these waters and come out ok doesn’t mean that the same goes for you specially if you have never got any type of water sport training.
Tomas Martins
Tomas Martins Month ago
10:51 ahahahahah
Shop Class
Shop Class Month ago
Very interesting sport there Mr Joogsquad. I will try an perfect that technique someday too. The hot booty is taking most of my energy though....
Corbin Mangum
Corbin Mangum Month ago
Being a beach life guard sounds suck t👎
kale lairsen
kale lairsen Month ago
yesterday i got caught in a masive wave and it took me out and then i thought about your tips thank you so much
winseyered Month ago
Sergio Barajas
Sergio Barajas Month ago
I went to cabos back in college for spring break, and we took a small boat to see the arc, the boat guy told us no to go swimming as they had recovered two tourist that had drowned the day before. Anyways story short we got drunk, the waves were awesome so i thought just one. That one wave slammed into the ground and i found myself swimming for my life. Adrenaline kicked in and i did just about everything to get out, Luckily i did, but boy did i sober up and for the rest of the day i could stop thinking how i almost died in the most retarded way. Anyways i thought i shared my story, since then I've learned to respect the ocean!
Thomas Month ago
Hmm seems like some dudes just itchin to be hero's, specialy since camera rollin.
Srewux Month ago
I'm going here next month and I'm so hyped
A Jordan
A Jordan Month ago
I hope you foot is okay. Thank you all for caring and saving that crazy lady’s life. SMH….I shared this with friends.
Rocket Chicago
Rocket Chicago Month ago
Yea, that would be super frustrating. Regardless of her arrogant and ignorant behaviors, thank you for helping her. She was wasted more than likely.
kenttegneskog Month ago
Tase her
Mike M44
Mike M44 Month ago
that lady is like the folks that do not take the COVID vaccine..
Mike M44
Mike M44 Month ago
When someone is so stupid they do not accept help.. well.. you just have to let nature weed them out.. its the best for all sake..
Tony M.
Tony M. Month ago
I'm 100% sure that lady would have been pulled out to sea if it wasn't for you guys.
gbbrvern Month ago
Evan Garvey
Evan Garvey Month ago
They were probably drunk
Rick Woods
Rick Woods Month ago
You sink them we save them!
k. thom
k. thom Month ago
@ 5:31 I'd be like yes it hurts right here.... :) please help
Humberto Montalban
I will let lolita stay in the waves and screw her. You guys are too nice.
BeardOfPower Month ago
Lol they were fine. If y'all weren't there she would've probably just gotten up sooner, but people get more stubborn when others get involved. Y'all gave her an audience.
Lawrence Anderson
Me: You made it really hard to save you. Rescue-ee: You didn't save me, I was fine. Me: Riiiiiight. This happened to me *before* I became a certified lifeguard. There will always be someone beyond saving. Always.
Juarez Rosa da Silva
A lot of people manage to combine ignorance with pride and end up doing badly...
woody Vallallellalunga
5:02 Everybodys going surfing, surfing , oh no wait, no haha
The Dog Tutor
The Dog Tutor Month ago
VERY few go to this beach, infact there are signs that say DO NOT SWIM HERE
Chubby Ray Cactus
8:00 alcohol and the ocean.
sunreynyc Month ago
Great deed done regardless of the lady living in a different world.
Gary Vahl
Gary Vahl Month ago
Leave them. Nature has a way of ridding idiots.
Jason Smythe
Jason Smythe Month ago
Whats with the ladies crap. You mean women don,t you
ogrish76 Month ago
Love Cabo, but man that water gets crazy, seen people almost drown several times, drunk people riding the waves up and down until they get sucked out and cant easily make it back.
eigo bike
eigo bike Month ago
Christine GERARD
They are SO GOOD !
Manny Gonzalez-Reyna
Ahì en lo bajito la ola por muy chiquitita te pega una revolcada marca "lloraras" ya que las piedritas y el arena se haran cargo de hacerlo bastante memorable... suerte!
jamesa 9lpio patton
I bet she from Portland and don't like help from any white people even tho needs it
jamesa 9lpio patton
U picked here cuz was smaller
Carol Voetberg
Carol Voetberg Month ago
Great surf there
telling you the truth.