When Karens ATTACK (Fishing Edition) 

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IF you're having fun you better stop, because karens will attack. This is "When Karens Attack" Fishing Edition


Thanks for all the love & support!

KUURO feat. Tylor Maurer - Bad Habits

When Karens ATTACK (Fishing Edition)

JoogSquad PPJT

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Apr 24, 2021




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Comments 1 063   
Eddie Day ago
Find somewhere else to fish
Little League Wiffleball LLW
The second lady at the start she was being nice
Pauline Wood
Pauline Wood Day ago
lmbo we love your karen video can you do kevins we no there out there
Surf n' Ski
Surf n' Ski Day ago
5:35 I could c how they might not want them to be near the boat but still a karen
So What
So What 2 days ago
thats not karen thats skank
Robert Luby
Robert Luby 2 days ago
Saw one of your stickers in St. Pete!
Clinton Hull
Clinton Hull 2 days ago
is it me or does this guy look like hes been doing meth
Charles Pierce
Charles Pierce 2 days ago
Sinking a nice sharp treble hook into a Karen, is very effective, changes their whole demeanor ! Just one hook ! I was fishing your honor and she jumped in on top of my lure, I hooked a whale !
pot4you 3 days ago
Fishing karens😂
highkeyJORD 3 days ago
3:30 *her husband on his boat just trying to blend in*
Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson 3 days ago
Is that authentic desert camo ?
OzSeattle 4 days ago
You of all people shouldnt be calling people names, You look like you just rolled out of a crack house, just saying =)
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 5 days ago
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr 5 days ago
Ragdoll 6 days ago
The first one... I think the guys fishing/revenging are behaving just exactly the same as that Karen 😜
Lucy - Aka Olivia
Sadly there is no cure for stupid!!!
Sean Hall
Sean Hall 7 days ago
Older woman sometimes lose their shit, been seeing a lot of it lately.
Dom !
Dom ! 7 days ago
3:47 Ouch that's rough. Man could you imagine almost all of your customers because your wife yelled at a guy who was fishing
Andrew Chedzey
Andrew Chedzey 8 days ago
The fishing version of Karen’s are the worst
A.k 8 days ago
kill me
Michael-John L. Mushill
What? You reported on the “Dock Karen’s/Fishing Gear Incident” and didn’t mention the garden gnome looking friend she had? Every other channel has had a different take on what that being might actually be. Me, I’m sticking with the garden gnome theory. Lol.
owen finke3
owen finke3 8 days ago
i mean some of us fishermen get absolutely no respect but honestly its pretty funny to get attacked by some eve tho we just having fun. me and my friend go to this one pond that is private and we know someone and we were carp fishing and a Karen comes out right after we doubled up on carp and asked do you know anyone here and we said yes and she asked if were 18 and if were not they are worried ab people suing them because we fell into the water.
Travis Bruce
Travis Bruce 9 days ago
We havnt hit anything & if we do stuff happens😂😂
Scotthe Dick
Scotthe Dick 10 days ago
If you think fishing draws the Karen's out . should see what scrap metal collecting does .they own all of everything .they don't want what they have tossed out but they get furious if someone picks it up .
Critter Whisperer
Critter Whisperer 11 days ago
The last Karen is legit trying to sound like a cool kid but is failing miserably lol
Tailss1 11 days ago
11:11 You have been surfing/skating for how many years and you still don't believe people like that exist?🤣🤣🤣
drewphy 12 days ago
One of the best "STUPID" Karen faces that is out there....LOL WAY to go slug....keep on being an idiot!!!! \
AceFurley 14 days ago
It's nice to know that after all these years Jeff Spicolli is still exactly the same! Apparently, copious amounts of weed is an exellent preservative. (I wouldn't be suprised if he's still wearing those checkered vans!!!)
Joe Brown
Joe Brown 14 days ago
@10:15 That's the same face Derek Chauvin made when he found out he was guilty .
Jeff Wiggs
Jeff Wiggs 14 days ago
Basement dweller? Harry Potter hat, sophisticated. Well groomed?
Jackelss 15 days ago
she does realize you can't own water its why you can legally walk on somones dock as its not on there property
Cosmo Baller
Cosmo Baller 15 days ago
Tie on a 2 liter coke and a slice of pepperoni pizza next time you fish that dock, trust me
Goldilocks still lives with his parents in the basement.
turtletruck16 15 days ago
that was awesome thank you for great video!!!
Humble 16 days ago
the 2nd person was acctualy pretty nice about it in the begining
Cheryll Malacara
Cheryll Malacara 16 days ago
So I was in Roblox on this game Brookhaven and a girl came up to me and I was dressed up like Spider-Man please it was Halloween and she just started roasting me because of my outfit so I said why don't you go away you stinky Karen but no that's not the end of the story she kept roasting me over and over until she finally left the game
Ted Rudzinski
Ted Rudzinski 16 days ago
Lmao I’ve fished Joyce’s dock(the first Karen) on many occasions we had a tournament out there like 2 weeks after that incident 😂
J. Allen
J. Allen 17 days ago
Karen number 3 has clearly mixed up her doses of Xanax
J. Allen
J. Allen 17 days ago
I think that Karen (Joyce) needs to start taking her menopause meds.
CampingDad3 17 days ago
That woman was probably from up north then retired and moved to Florida. Typical yankee
Jimmy Dgaf
Jimmy Dgaf 18 days ago
I heard the first Karen waters the ocean every day. Her husband told her that’s how the tides work so she would just get out the house. Second Karen trying to suppress her inner ghetto, It doesn’t work with a smoke in ya hand your trash.
Ryan Sanico
Ryan Sanico 19 days ago
Hey thank you for this video contest.
bos200409 19 days ago
"No more fish"....just a whale
1122storm 18
1122storm 18 20 days ago
Bruhh we were fishing and catching not little pythons and a karen litterely said would you wanna be caught by giants, 🤣🤣
Eggify 20 days ago
The new aniime: Attack on karens
Tom Beck
Tom Beck 21 day ago
It is actually illegal to harass a fisherman while fishing or a hunter while hunting in the state of Florida if this was Facebook I would post a picture and a screenshot of the law look up the Florida statute
Just jimbo
Just jimbo 21 day ago
That has happened to me before
IlIlIlIlIlIl IlIlIlIlIlIlllI
Wow 2nd Karen is actually wild.
Bryant Hutchinson
Yo a Karen touches my DC setup ur getting dropped😂
Josh McElroy
Josh McElroy 21 day ago
I’d have called the cops myself and pushed the issue about her being arrested and prosecuted to the max
Vox Populi
Vox Populi 22 days ago
She really thought that game warden would come defend her destroying peoples property and acting like a dumb bitch to people and then she thinks she’s gonna stand behind the cop and harass these ppl too? And he’s gonna defend her? Wow some of these democraps are just deranged
Kirinketsu 23 days ago
Best comeback I have ever heard over a Karen yelling at someone for fishing near their dock is, why would I want to hit your 30k pontoon boat with my 100k bass boat. I understand asking someone fishing to not throw their line near a boat in fear of scratching the paint, but freaking out that someone is going to hit your boat with their boat, when most of these Karens are crying about 5k to 15k boats.
Private Label
Private Label 24 days ago
I can’t believe your still on YT after the Hollyboob sign
Roller Coaster Hunt kids.
Karin I’m trying to catch my pb
RWorld Adventures
RWorld Adventures 24 days ago
i found a Karen in the middle of a lake
Get the dog 2.8 meterys
The second Karen wasn’t that bad she was just worried they would hit the boat and she was nice it’s as simple as that
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 25 days ago
Free Willy! uslift.info/one/pnuo3JeMrmh31no/video.html At least I bet that was how she was picturing her jump would go...
Chance Whybark
Chance Whybark 25 days ago
I remember seeing you in my lime stone mine in Ocala. End of the road over the downed fence into the pit beautiful waters.
Tristan Barnes
Tristan Barnes 25 days ago
I love to see the look on a "entitled" person's face when it all back fires on them, I hope she had to cover court costs and the cost of the pole
Hodgeheg 25 days ago
Dark Ops
Dark Ops 25 days ago
This was so funny
Todd Mummert
Todd Mummert 25 days ago
Hose is assult...!!
Finn Meisner
Finn Meisner 25 days ago
9:17 boy is scared of karen
Ben Stack
Ben Stack 27 days ago
Maniac Rider
Maniac Rider 27 days ago
Karen#1 = DB Karen#2= DB
tubetwo100 28 days ago
She's not all their.
Ry -_- Ry
Ry -_- Ry 28 days ago
9:34 i wish a karen would walk up on me like this idc equal rights equal lefts
CJ 28 days ago
Too much filler
Cindy McCarthy
Cindy McCarthy 28 days ago
some Karens try to kill people
Aleaha Frigon
Aleaha Frigon 29 days ago
In clip 2 I know she was being annoying but not at all like a Karen she’s just worried about her boat also how will she sink there boat the one thing she did bad was jump in the water
joe beasley
joe beasley 29 days ago
preference by loreal because my hair is worth it
Shannon Lycan
Shannon Lycan 29 days ago
1:59 I am just waiting for a bull shark to just leap out of the water and take this waste of human space Karen
No 29 days ago
Shoulda thrown her phone in the water
Anonymous Month ago
Yes this is crazy I don’t know if they come from. Anyway
Dyi O
Dyi O Month ago
My mom is a karin what do i do
Creative Experience
lol my last name is depew ahahahaha
Tuckers Trails
Tuckers Trails Month ago
Fish after seeing the blue whale. "I thought they lived somewhere else".
kalcur Month ago
this guy looks like logan paul if he went homeless after losing to his brother.
Addy Needs
Addy Needs Month ago
“It’s sad Karen’s like that even exist”. Me: it’s sad just that Karen’s exist in general! 😂
eliman2006 Month ago
She got famous
Tayter beats
Tayter beats Month ago
How much you want to bet that all the dislikes are Karen supporters and Karens
Ram st4rr
Ram st4rr Month ago
karen #3 really looked like she was named karen :D
Grayson Alldredge
My guy needs to be hired as a news anchor
Antoine Royer
Antoine Royer Month ago
Karen megalodon !!!!
DWFL Month ago
No the Karen's are evolving....stay away from the beaches
Tony M.
Tony M. Month ago
That lady with the Venice shirt is terrifying.
illa illa
illa illa Month ago
I feel bad some of these people are just worried about their boats
Unlucky Month ago
Alex Macri
Alex Macri Month ago
Stupid Karen actually jumped in the water
Leon Langmis
Leon Langmis Month ago
Bored woman or sexually neglected.
HellionTV Month ago
Who let that 2 legged manatee in the water?
Blunt Bros TV
Blunt Bros TV Month ago
"You're Rich and Miserable" rip Karen
I love these Vids :)
Ian Brown
Ian Brown Month ago
I have never seen her before in my hole new life I am going to watch this video 📹 I am in north Carolina and I am going to go to Florida to see Karen light skin karen I am going to take her with me I am going to be at pebby karen I love pebby karen angry karen I have seen that video before I have watched it just now I love this video a lot I love it thank goodness and I also like her arassin me I love big foot I am afishtionlently going to be hiding from the karen
Goatqueen Month ago
I like how in the one with the girl who threw the pole in the water, they use comas, but they can’t use the proper “you’re”
Maverick 8
Maverick 8 Month ago
It’s his fault she was rich
Troy Smith
Troy Smith Month ago
I want saw a Karen who put down a crutch Applebee’s after she saw my mom
Rydirp7 Month ago
If the water wasn't too deep off of that dock I would have swam down and grabbed the pole for the guy.
thekingtroll2 Month ago
Guys with magnets on a rope are going around getting really valuable rods and reels and knives and stuff out of boat docks like that. That's a good side income too. That bitch threw that old man's $200 reel in the water like it was nothing. I hope she was charged and had to pay him for that stuff. Fishing is a great sport. She was out on the boat in the sun and you could tell from her dried up fish face.
Brenbobert Month ago
Fishings like one of the most innocent things idk why people get mad ab it😂
We Got Mobbed...
We Got Mobbed...