I Got Girls Wet 

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Today we strike off to the beach in Florida, its spring break, summers approaching, clearwater beach has been going crazy, the ladies mothers, girls in bikinis, and women have been flocking, Miami is off the handle, it should be an interesting year.



Thanks for all the love & support!

KUURO feat. Tylor Maurer - Bad Habits

I Got Girls Wet

JoogSquad PPJT

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Mar 31, 2021




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Comments 783   
Amber Dyal
Amber Dyal 3 hours ago
My phone went down 20% watching this vid
TikTok ceo
TikTok ceo 22 hours ago
The title tho._.
daddy billy
daddy billy 4 days ago
What's the first song called at the very start?
fausto valencia
fausto valencia 11 days ago
the title is kinda SUS
Gary Thomas
Gary Thomas 12 days ago
pit viper's were tight on that wipe!
Noah Johns Outdoors
Why are they running from the water you throw at em? They’re already in the water, it’s like people panicking about swimming in the rain. It’s ok as long as there isn’t thunder.
Daddy Ethan
Daddy Ethan 17 days ago
Where do you get the pit vipers stickers
1122storm 18
1122storm 18 20 days ago
It's sad that you channel is dying honestly your such a great man
Kindfei 21 day ago
the name tho😳
sea bazz _
sea bazz _ 24 days ago
This title would make you wonder if ur on the right website
Tripon Ice
Tripon Ice 27 days ago
Didn’t even see the bong 😂
Tripon Ice
Tripon Ice 27 days ago
I skim and you should arch bar them
Pranjali Shukla
Pranjali Shukla Month ago
Tear 🚵🏼‍♀️🏊 Pittura polished ones Won grandslams rather than
Ajit Mishra
Ajit Mishra Month ago
Bful chicks
Egg Head Sam Of The North Kingdom
I thought you didn't smoke, that's a wacky vase you got
Satisfying Whirlpools
Poor guard :(
Nikhil Miller
Nikhil Miller Month ago
Tell me im not the only one who got the wrong idea from the title.
Zane Month ago
Bro what’s with this beach like I’m seeing no waves when he’s on the jet ski like how it looks like he’s pretty far in shore so how are there like no waves destroying him what
Ronnie Fernandez
Can you cross the border in El Paso Texas to Mexico
Josph Jadusingh
Josph Jadusingh Month ago
Why does joog always have the hottest babes I swear
Larry Riggsby
Larry Riggsby Month ago
Can I have a board?
Izzyrodthegod Month ago
Assassin IIII
Assassin IIII Month ago
Title was kinda leading
Eskit Beams
Eskit Beams Month ago
Girls @?
h8r Raider
h8r Raider Month ago
woah dude! knarly boards just smokin a blunt admiring the babes and ocean fun!
SaltyAuxz Month ago
I would love a skimboard
Party McFly
Party McFly Month ago
Have you ever broken an ankle skimming, like your foot gets stuck in the sand but your body keeps going
Daniel Month ago
Yoooo that one girl is packing... Damn... @? Asking for a friend lmao
Ausiah Month ago
Stopped watching );
grant palmer
grant palmer Month ago
You should go to st George and skimboard the virgin river
Cole Adams
Cole Adams Month ago
Oh my goodness its calm
Isaac Rigby
Isaac Rigby Month ago
Heading seemes sus
Raymond Letts
Raymond Letts Month ago
I'm just here for da babes
Bot Bot
Bot Bot Month ago
Mad props to that guy that told the girl to pull up her bra. Most people would just stare.
Pat M.
Pat M. Month ago
Keep Vlogs Alive Joog
MFDuffJr Month ago
I’ve let my pads dry for multiple days before using it, and they still come off within 2 seasons
Flawda Jit
Flawda Jit Month ago
He has the best job in the world!! 🐐
Ryan Clemente
Ryan Clemente 2 months ago
Dude you have so many skate boards
Crypto LIVE
Crypto LIVE 2 months ago
thats mans on breast watch. its a hard job but some ones got to do it
They don't leave much to the imagination.
Oliver Horwood
Oliver Horwood 2 months ago
The title has been used before by joogsquad
Mtume 505
Mtume 505 2 months ago
Oh god this is so oargh... Plz beware...
Jonathon Cook
Jonathon Cook 2 months ago
Hook me up with a fiberglass board! I’m tired of the old woodies!
InDaTubeSurfer 2 months ago
If this is how all skimboard goes sign me up lol
Salty ark326
Salty ark326 2 months ago
The boards were not the only beautiful things on the beach
Lynskyrd1999 live
Lynskyrd1999 live 2 months ago
This is my wave baby Don't cut me off Dropping down left Eat the rocks.....Surf Punks
ILLUMINATHAN79 2 months ago
The title of this video should be herpes.
Reid Mcinnes
Reid Mcinnes 2 months ago
What camera youguys use to film?
Jarred Stahlhut
Jarred Stahlhut 2 months ago
OSRSBeatz 🙌
Caiden Kindle
Caiden Kindle 2 months ago
One of the guys in the back said I’m fried 💨💨💨🍃🍃🍃haha in 4 k📸📸📸📸📸📸 the time was from 9:55 through 10:02
prodexit 2 months ago
What am I looking at, how did I end up here, why do I like it
Charlie Dobson
Charlie Dobson 2 months ago
a,zombie apocalypse
Ash Pro
Ash Pro 2 months ago
You guys are fucking living the life man Love how awesome everybody always is on the channel 😎🔥
Kenneth Bungarz
Kenneth Bungarz 2 months ago
I love how you guys handle those secriterty gaurds.
Marco Martins
Marco Martins 2 months ago
Never seen this channel before, but I pretty much like it so congratulations you guy's just won another sub!! 🤘
carwashgaming 2 months ago
My eyes were focused on something else
Corbin Mangum
Corbin Mangum 2 months ago
BAGO 2 months ago
is nobody gonna talk about the sunlight shinning thro the clouds making it look like heaven or a somewhat superior dimension 14:20
Aric Herweck
Aric Herweck 2 months ago
“What are they doing?” “Idk but it looks really fucking weird” 😂 for real though. I wish I lived in Florida. Babes everywhere
Colin Moore
Colin Moore 2 months ago
the first time i went skim boarding aka the last time i fell on my back and got the wind knocked out of me and i never tried it again.
Snozco Cram
Snozco Cram 2 months ago
It’s impressive how long girls can hold there breath to keep the tummies looken’ tight.
jack rademaker
jack rademaker 2 months ago
The clockbate...10/10
Spirit Alabovitz
Spirit Alabovitz 2 months ago
Yo bro u should start getting into the heady game dawg trust me a nice piece will hit soo much better than those import Chinese pieces, my mom has owned a glass shop for 20 years and my pops is a blower if you see this and want a piece I could probably talk him into it
Exp0_Marker 3 months ago
Dude how much money have you spent on boards bro
Nerd 404
Nerd 404 3 months ago
My brain is dirty
Billy Smith
Billy Smith 3 months ago
How did you manage to keep your pits in that first hard fall lol
Fusion Paintball
Fusion Paintball 3 months ago
Never disappoints with the biddies🔥🤰🏽
Crush 3 months ago
This title can easily be taken out of context lmao
Oaks Productions
Oaks Productions 3 months ago
John Webber is pure magic on a skim
Rory O'Neill
Rory O'Neill 3 months ago
sh3rix 3 months ago
I had to rewatch it, to see some skimming
Isaac Waddington
Isaac Waddington 3 months ago
"Remember kids when you guys grow up you won't have a girlfriend, because all of the girls will be mine 😅
Bjorn Foss
Bjorn Foss 3 months ago
Paramotor @ 9:56
Bobby Yadiz
Bobby Yadiz 3 months ago
Your the reason corona is getting worse. Nah Jk all love. great vid
Koby 1100
Koby 1100 3 months ago
This title is sus
beth 3 months ago
You got girls what? 😀
goocichase 3 months ago
Do a signed skimboard give away!!
Logan Smith
Logan Smith 3 months ago
I have of dream of doing the stuff u do and being like u man ur awesome😁😁😁💪✌
helixisGARB 3 months ago
Did this title give you add revenue or no?
Hamster DDC
Hamster DDC 3 months ago
Shawty got the fatty 4:50
Robbie Bragan
Robbie Bragan 3 months ago
You should start a only fans with content from the ladys
YNXxSilence 3 months ago
7:44 “that’s a decent amount” lmao
DJ Smith
DJ Smith 3 months ago
if u look closely u can see the girl was on a skim board
Bhawk Hockey
Bhawk Hockey 3 months ago
bring back a wake skimming vid
Itzcyber 3 months ago
The amount of people that clicked on the vid cause of the title
Skivixx 3 months ago
Give me one of those skateboards bro!! 😂😂
Life of Jake Ryan
Life of Jake Ryan 3 months ago
10/10 just because the pit vipers stayed on after that fall.
sAvE_ kilian
sAvE_ kilian 3 months ago
Whow these girls are chooo 😂
Jake Fields
Jake Fields 3 months ago
If u don’t like those Victoria’s you can always give me one I could use a new one haha
just a pancake
just a pancake 3 months ago
That title kinda sys
Trevor Valenzuela
Trevor Valenzuela 3 months ago
I haven’t watched joogsquad in like 3 years at least until this vid was on my recommended
Gavinator.82 Says hi
Yo wtf is the name of the vid💀💀💀
Mattu Gaming
Mattu Gaming 3 months ago
where are the snowboards
john nguyen
john nguyen 3 months ago
Haven’t seen a video in a minute but this was so nice nice girls and sick tricks
Matt Media
Matt Media 3 months ago
8:23 so mad
Martin Medero
Martin Medero 3 months ago
Whats the best way to rent jet skis in Florida? planning to be out there for about three months around the beginning of winter this year. I have relatives out there that say all the rentals are gonna rip you off and I'm wondering if thats avoidable, thank you!
Elizabeth West
Elizabeth West 3 months ago
8:34 my dude looked like a rock skidding on that water
Lawrence smith
Lawrence smith 3 months ago
Come to djs clam shack on Indian Shores for some great food I'll hook the whole squad up!
Lawrence smith
Lawrence smith 3 months ago
Living my whole life on IRB and never been down there to see your crazy videos is insane.
Beet lol
Beet lol 3 months ago
Yo jack you tryna send me a skim board i tried it our for the first time the other day and i loved it, some guy asked me if i wanted to use it. But i dont really have the money for it so i would greatly appreciate it if you could send me one!!