The Scariest Rescue I've Ever Seen Caught On Camera 

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The scariest rescue I have ever seen captured by a GoPro was with Kai Lenny At Nazare in Portugal.

Full Video Of Kai : www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj18P...


Thanks for all the love & support!

KUURO feat. Tylor Maurer - Bad Habits

The Scariest Thing Ever Ever Seen Caught On Camera

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Apr 19, 2021




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Aveeeeeee 14 hours ago
His GoPro does no justice at all on the violence he endured. I bet he felt like King Kong was slinging him around.
Robert Fitzhugh
Pucker factor 10/10
Brenden Lenoir
Brenden Lenoir 10 days ago
Huge waves
craig plant
craig plant 12 days ago
The jet ski drivers have a pretty large set also !!!!!
seedling345 13 days ago
Shit, you couldn’t pay me to get out in those waters.
omar cernaspulido
omar cernaspulido 15 days ago
Im from mainland i got that waves before breakfats.
It'sme Josh
It'sme Josh 17 days ago
it's amazing how small those waves look on the GoPro compared to the other camera angle. Insane.
Hartcore 18 days ago
Does he just lose the surfboard?
Angela Burger
Angela Burger 18 days ago
That is more scary than loosing a limb
Benny90 20 days ago
Does nobody see the potential shark fin @3:25 ?
Kimberly Blackmon
He is totally out of breath. Poor guy
peter vangeli
peter vangeli 22 days ago
Dont worry mate YooToobe are wankers bcz they wank...go hard son!
Manuel Corte-Real de Albuquerque
France?! Nazaré is in Portugal...
Marcus P
Marcus P Month ago
I thought that was snow
Thomas Yeary
Thomas Yeary Month ago
Definitely a shark around the 3 minute mark left side of the screen!
Ajit Mishra
Ajit Mishra Month ago
Ya this guy usually face such huge waves...n do surfing at jaws puv
Pauly P
Pauly P Month ago
Great stuff
illa illa
illa illa Month ago
Damn it’s one after another beating him down. Where is this?
trainingday Month ago
Gnarly as fuck
Joey Hogenkamp
Joey Hogenkamp Month ago
It’s crazy how he was so close to deat
Sol_invictus Month ago
never seen kai lenny pay the price this hard wow!! Modern day gladiator is truly what this guys are.!
luis marques
luis marques Month ago
This is Portugal!
El Nay Gul
El Nay Gul Month ago
Wholly balls!...
Welcome to bike life
My dad surfed that place my dad surfed a 80 foot wave
Kanakz Badeesh
Kanakz Badeesh Month ago
John Quigley
John Quigley Month ago
How do the skis not have 100 % cavitation in that air bubble foam
cmcravo Month ago
Things you should know, Nazaré is in Portugal not France, biggest wave ever surfed there is 80 ft, it’s a product of two swells - one coming from the canyon and one from the shallower continental shelf - converging and resulting in constructive interference. Essentially, the waves are so big because they are two waves stacked atop one another. It happens 3 4 times a year, the skiers are also surfers as they wouldnt trust anyone else or find anyone with the balls tbh. Its dangerous not only for the size of the waves but for the not so low chance of getting pushed left/ south againts the rocks where rescuing you would be suicide. Tons of people go there to see this big waves, the small town called nazare lives around surf and fishing and its gorgeous. recommend anyone who get the chance to visit, be carefull tho, even when the waves are small, its a really strong sea. great if you know your way around a wave.
Camrahnbay Camrahnbay
This scared the hell out of me.
Dake Bavenport
Dake Bavenport Month ago
There was also a shark in the water if you look around 3:25
I likes sk8
I likes sk8 Month ago
I met kai lenny
Daniel Cesman
Daniel Cesman Month ago
3:25 look closely there is a shark
FaZe El macho
FaZe El macho Month ago
And I thought 9 foot waves were scary
Trevor Adam
Trevor Adam Month ago
You make it sound worse then what it is... He has a Life jacket so for him he knows up and down better then a surfer. Not saying it's bad but you make it sound worse then if a surfer got caught in that. The fact he had a Life jacket so he didn't have to fight to stay a float. He just floated to the top because of it.
Mark Banner
Mark Banner Month ago
He's no doubt super fit and he seems exhausted after that crazy shit. Not many would have survived that.
XD Flying
XD Flying Month ago
Derek Greene
Derek Greene Month ago
Bonged out.
tobzen 439
tobzen 439 Month ago
whats that outro song called?
jesus rodriguez
jesus rodriguez Month ago
Fucking gnarly bro
MJ TOO GOOD Month ago
Hope he is ok
Jon Schaffer
Jon Schaffer Month ago
Wow!!! I can’t even fathom that that’s crazy I decided to go boogie boarded back in the day during a hurricane was coming in and I thought I was gonna die!!
Sarah Pearce
Sarah Pearce Month ago
Omfg 😳 offtap
Poseidon Month ago
Dope hat homie. Keep paddling and avoid those 3 and 4 wave hold-unders. Also, go change the battery in your smoke alarm, it's beeping.
BTS 123
BTS 123 Month ago
When you are the 600th comment you rule the world
Rannerz Month ago
Yeah but if you consider that despite have the worlds biggest waves (hands down, cant even argue) at Nazare and NO ONE has ever died there (shockingly), you can assume he was pretty safe all things considered
Mark Banner
Mark Banner Month ago
Probably because surely even the dumbest of average tourists would decide to keep out those waters. Less people try. Less likely anyone going to die in there.
Kiwihere18 Month ago
Don't forget Teamwork makes the dream work , those guys on the skis are fucking legends 🙌 👏 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙
Laura Inglez
Laura Inglez Month ago
The first time I surfed was in Nazaré ahaha, I’m Portuguese, it was insane
jack Spallow
jack Spallow Month ago
Nazaré is un Portugal not un France bro
DL Vox
DL Vox Month ago
Yeah and pulling your vest makes it worse.
Fly Month ago
it's crazy because we portuguese people aren't that afraid of those waves
Francisco Ramos
Francisco Ramos Month ago
It’s in Portugal not France
Danielle Dager
Danielle Dager Month ago
I seen a shark fin
Garrett L
Garrett L Month ago
3:28 change your smoke detector batteries xD
Big J
Big J Month ago
When is that guy guna surf a real wave?? He should drop in my 18ft Intex pool in the backyard and see what's up.....!....😁
Salis Eduardo
Salis Eduardo Month ago
Gabriel Medina today he is the best in the world 🇧🇷💪🏻 By the way great job!
Here now
Here now Month ago
Change your smoke alarms battery dudem
Here now
Here now Month ago
Dont be silly buggers carry a small o2 bottle.
Gabe Glas
Gabe Glas Month ago
Gabe Glas
Gabe Glas Month ago
@ savage
Luke Sahlin
Luke Sahlin Month ago
The scariest thing to me is that sooo many people don't understand the real power of waves, because they haven't tasted the power for themselves.
John Lane
John Lane Month ago
I'm pretty sure the video drama does not match the verbal drama - maybe concerned but definitely not panicked.
Whiffler Month ago
The definition of cameraman. How the hell does he hold onto the camera...
Whiffler Month ago
@Zyle69 Yeah but it would still be a feat to keep that there
Zyle69 Month ago
Maybe a strap on his arm?
Joseph Funicello
i grew up surfing in So Cal and thought it was the most dangerous sport. But , since I moved to Utah 16 years ago and ski as much as I can I now believe that skiing is by far the most dangerous sport. On the average, 40 people a year die of skiing just in the US. And that is only in the parks, Not back country where many are killed by avalanches or other issues and not counted in the total. Sneaker sets scared me more but skiing has way more injuries.
jquest43 Month ago
True,6 diednin 1 avalanche at ogden
Redd Mendoza
Redd Mendoza Month ago
Are you trying to be Spicoli?
Beast mode kai with the high pitch scream insane
Qwistro Month ago
Nazaré is in Portugal! Not france😡😡
John S
John S Month ago
Thats Kai Lenny, a legend, an everyday thing for him
Maldavar Films
Maldavar Films Month ago
Small detail: Portugal not France :-)
Blessed_don_yt Month ago
Yo the first part there was shark
Mike Ockslong
Mike Ockslong Month ago
Is it just me or is that a dorsal fin at 3:25
Kiko Mac
Kiko Mac Month ago
Bro, surfing is not “one of the most dangerous sports on the planet” by a long shot!!
Bones 12 days ago
Naw I think freestyle motocross is the most dangerous of them all
Trevor Month ago
@ZuPeR ZoNiKo waves big enough can drown people and in shallow waters I’ve broken bones from hitting the ground. Pretty much every water sport can be dangerous because if your not being supervised and there is an incident where you can’t tread water any longer then you’ll die. Getting sucked out is a problem too.
ZuPeR ZoNiKo
ZuPeR ZoNiKo Month ago
@Trevor Waves will NEVER hurt a living thing they know humans are the Apex Predator of the world! Infact when I go surfing they spread open wide to me! They know Royalty when they see it my boy! 👍
Trevor Month ago
@ZuPeR ZoNiKo not all waves are tiny
ZuPeR ZoNiKo
ZuPeR ZoNiKo Month ago
@Trevor What harm can a tiny wave do to ya? Just hold your breath for 5 seconds and you're back in business mate! Stop being such a wimp, throw your board away and surf the waves ontop of a Bull Shark like a REAL man duuude!! 👍
Roan R
Roan R 2 months ago
Kai Lenny 🤙🏼🤙🏼
Jesus Ben
Jesus Ben 2 months ago
Fukin bad ass dude...THIS MAN SEEN DEATH AND SAID... FUK U.... LET'S GO CHAMP🍻🍺🍻 # SECOND LIFE🙌⬇#1
bajaman52 2 months ago
Where is his board during this whole time, is it on a leash attached to him? Scary...
Ivo Alfaro
Ivo Alfaro 2 months ago
Portuguese🇵🇹 subs leave your like!
Baldur Vizla
Baldur Vizla 2 months ago
Dominic Young
Dominic Young 2 months ago
Na - Zar. Not naz-a -re
Verda Taj Morus
Verda Taj Morus 2 months ago
All for a selfie
Michael Hickson
Michael Hickson 2 months ago
Kai tow surfing at Jaws is insane. He and his team really have that place wired.
sambaman 2 months ago
This one of Antonio Silva rescued by Rodrigo Koxa, is the scariest in my opinion.. uslift.info/one/hYPLu5t5wZqd1bA/video.html
Kirk Dunn
Kirk Dunn 2 months ago
Seen originally footage....insane a human can survive this, surfed last 40 yrs....go pro doesn't do any justice whatsoever for not just height of wave but magnitude and violence .... fathom a 10 story building collapsing on you.....the sound alone just being out there is deafening...you feel it in your bones like NHRA top fuel race....that place is scary af....especially cuz direction of the cross swells on inside....
Youtube Worm Hole
Youtube Worm Hole 2 months ago
Is your hair real?
Lossedシ 2 months ago
fiendbastards 2 months ago
This poves that surfers are puff boiis... He even screams like a puff 3:07 U dive under the wave and u'r alright jeez, nothing scary at all puffers.
Matheus Noguerol
Matheus Noguerol 2 months ago
what music is this ?:
Guilherme Costa
Guilherme Costa 2 months ago
love your videos ps: Nazaré is in Portugal
y h
y h 2 months ago
I don't know much about surfing, but is Kai Lenny wearing a life jacket? Or is it a simple Aqualung? Is it an oxygen cylinder?
NHJ J 2 months ago
Insane !
Canal de Cortes
Canal de Cortes 2 months ago
Where's Scooby?
James Scott
James Scott 2 months ago
Thought it was an avalanche rescue.
Albert Robinson
Albert Robinson 2 months ago
Yeah man thats some scary shit! Those guys are studs!
Joe Paolucci
Joe Paolucci 2 months ago
ben gravey..your balls dropped.
Micah Cloclo
Micah Cloclo 2 months ago
Over reaction
Nathan Haller
Nathan Haller 2 months ago
@ 3:25 there's a shark or dolphin
Forest Crump
Forest Crump 2 months ago
You are totally correct Kai Lenny is the most balls to the wall surfer out there right now but he screams for location like a little bitch...Oh hell no don't go away, I like your style and I like your delivery and you like the same Vloggers I do
Sausage Wallet
Sausage Wallet 2 months ago
I'd be screaming like a girl too
Diogo Valorant
Diogo Valorant 2 months ago
Ruben BXD
Ruben BXD 2 months ago
No Name whorehey
No Name whorehey 2 months ago
Man!!!!! He got SMOKED SON!!!!!
Chris USMCVET 2 months ago
I’m pretty sure you don’t harness the force of the ocean.. you are simple on it for the ride. And the record is held, not hold. Maybe instead of screaming he should use a fox 40 whistle. .
Bob Dillion
Bob Dillion 2 months ago
Kai just practically did 24 hours inside
End for now
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End for now
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