The Closest I've Ever Been To Getting Struck By Lightning (Caught On Camera) 

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This is hands down the closest I've ever been to getting struck by lightning.
Filmed in Slow motion for your enjoyment. Some insane weather patters, sunset time lapses, lighting, flooding & more!


Thanks for all the love & support!

JoogSquad PPJT

About JoogSquad PPJT:
My name is Jack Tenney, AKA "10E" I'm an Entertainer, Filmmaker, Director, Editor, & Producer. WELCOME TO MY CRAZY LIFE! Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them if they are legitimate! We have a lot more to come so stay tuned & keep checking back every week for more crazy stunts and pranks!

Thanks for all the love & support!

The Closest I've Ever Been To Getting Stuck By Lightning

JoogSquad PPJT




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TheTypicalBat 20 hours ago
I forgot about this dope channel. How could I?
Mikayla Finley
Mikayla Finley 2 days ago
I cannot believe I have been subscribed since 2008…
HappyQuails 5 days ago
Loving the slow motion lightning!!!!
CwC Spy Ninja
CwC Spy Ninja 5 days ago
The craziest weather related story I have experienced was when I was at the EcoTarium in Worcester Massachusetts it started thundering when me and a few of my family members were outside now it was severe they told us to get under the tent which is dumb and stay there before it was over but we broke the rules and drove back to the family member who I was staying at their house which is for a few days and it was thundering there too I just sat on the couch ate some apple slices and watched the storm
CrazyT-DOG 3
CrazyT-DOG 3 6 days ago
1:20 caught in 4K
pennylane36 6 days ago
Miss being young and foolish lol I remember when we had a huge storm as a kid and our local baseball field flooded with 2-3 feet of water We all went swimming in the dark in the storm Long Beach washington
Uncle Antimatter
Uncle Antimatter 8 days ago
They can't give up the phosphate mining because that's where all the Sodium Fluoride comes from that they poison us with via tapwater.. This will be one hell of a fight. This whole shitshow was started by the nazis.
Westie 9 days ago
My craziest weather story: My iPhone said that in 30 minutes there was storm watch. I looked at the sky, out a window, and it was partly cloudy. So, I said, “You gotta be kidding me.” 30 minutes later, the weather, instantaneously, changes to wind and snow blowing all over the place. Roughly 5 minutes later, it all stops. A not as crazy one is Tropical Storm Isaias came to me as wind only. It caused almost 100 roads to be closed it my hometown. It also lifted-up a branch as big as a tree trunk, and landed it on the side of my house. The wind managed to lift-up that branch again and put it in the backyard. There was a power outage that lasted a good few days. Some houses around my area lost power for about a week. The next craziest storm was an ice storm at the first college I attended. There was a whole rain storm. Then, because it can be so cold in New England, the trees froze over. All the trees on campus were tilted. The shorter birch trees were bent over in an upside down U shape. When I walked out in the morning, I heard a creaking noise in the woods. I couldn’t see it as very clearly, but I saw something big fall. Later on, that day, I hear another creaking noise. I looked, and in the distance, I see some big branches fall right of a tall tree. There was a power outage at the college, but it didn’t last too that long.
Colton Alberts
Colton Alberts 9 days ago
I use to live in Texas. One day an EF-1 tornado was coming right for my house. It hit the trees on one side of the house but jumped our house so we had no damage to the actual house.
Kathleen McCrohan
My friends mom was driving out from the gym when two girls right in front her were like 5 feet away from being struck
Lakin Ferris
Lakin Ferris 10 days ago
Slippy On wii
Slippy On wii 10 days ago
When I was really young I was at my grandmas house but my sisters and brothers experienced it. There’s lightning strike was right next to my house on the road to this day you can see where it was and i see it Every time riding my bike it’s kind of cool They also tell me that the house is completely shocked like crazy
Grey man
Grey man 11 days ago
Can't anyone tell me why the vast majority of the comments have zero comments or likes and a great deal have been deleted ?
Andrea Witter
Andrea Witter 11 days ago
Oh no!! All of those fish 😢 that's extremely heartbreaking. That company needs to be held accountable for their neglect.
T Benton
T Benton 11 days ago
Thor and Zeus banded together because they were mad about the phosphate pollution.
KOOPER FLOYD 11 days ago
The same thing happened to my neighbor it stuck their house and blew all the fuses
StrawHat Erose
StrawHat Erose 11 days ago
Whats up with you recycling your content? Easy money right.
Blake 12 days ago
That’s Nikita Kucherov with your bro, not Steven Stamkos.
Grayson Costa
Grayson Costa 12 days ago
Like 2 weeks ago me and my two friends were walking up a hill in my one friends neighborhood and it started to storm. So we started walking faster and out of nowhere my friend yelled “STRIKE ME ZEUS” like not even 3 seconds later it was like a flashbang went off everything went blue and black and i heard the loudest noise of my life. It turns out lightning struck like 120 feet from us. After it struck tho we started running back to the house and our hair started to rise and it smelt like burning rubber it was so scary
meheredoingstuff 12 days ago
Best weather captures video!!!
Darci W
Darci W 12 days ago
Don’t buy merch from him you will never receive it and will never get a refund
Gary Thomas
Gary Thomas 12 days ago
This video was sweet, I love filming storms, sunrises, sunsets and nature as well. Take care of where you live and where you vacation, so it can be enjoyed by others while your here and when your gone!!
Robert Falconer
Robert Falconer 12 days ago
I am fan for 3 years
Shay Feltman
Shay Feltman 12 days ago
Make a weather channel I’d live for that
Matt The Storm Chaser
That was awesome bro I love these videos. My entire channel is based on storms lol i was in South Carolina for 2020 and it was much like Florida almost everyday around 2-6PM
Ian Mcnabb
Ian Mcnabb 12 days ago
I live in Pinellas county and this lighting storm was way crazier then the hurricane we had for sure it was short but so unexpected. I was leaving work from madiera and it was sunny but In 5 minutes the whole sky was dark and there was a lightning bolt that hit the water that was only 30 feet from my car It was the loudest boom of thunder I’ve ever heard and this was definitely one of the craziest storms we’ve had in a while.. couldn’t believe how close I was to the bolt it freaked me out
Carson Marquis
Carson Marquis 12 days ago
Was that really your brother?! I couldn’t understand a fucking word he said! 🤣
Bradan 12 days ago
Wrong player I’m sorry that’s kucherov
liam carberry
liam carberry 12 days ago
okay time for most rememberable weather thingy, so on a wednesday night my neighbor took a deer that was prancing in the grass into his backyard that deer was screaming so loud. one day later there was a incredible thunder storm i'm talking like hale lightning was striking 2 kms away from my house and the poor deer was still in my neighbors shortly my mom called somebody to come get the deer because the was going to die. after the people took the deer away me and my family got some mcdanolds to calm ourselfs
LHAWK2288 13 days ago
One time I was sitting by the door watching the rain and my house got struck by lightning. It didn’t catch on fire but everything plugged into the wall got fried.
WAT 13 days ago
When I was 7 there was this day where it was nonstop raining and storming so I went outside to see, my mom got home, she was frantic, and screaming “get inside” I look up and there is a big tornado, my grandmothers dog ran out after the screaming and stuff to the street but we couldn’t get him because the tornado was right next to the house like a block away so we got in safety, when it was over we went back out and we were the only house that didn’t he hit, the dog lived.
dominitory 13 days ago
Just this last weekend a 17 yr old here on Marco Island was struck by lightning. Florida storms are nothing to mess with and I wish tourists respected weather a little more down here.
Clay B
Clay B 13 days ago
Seeing lightning while skydiving was pretty gnar one time
Keystone Card Breaks
Lightning is not to be messed with. I had lightning strike 4-5 feet away from me a few years back. Was like a bomb went off. Got shell shock from it. Was one of the scariest moments of my life. Love the content, keep making dope shit!
Zach Fn
Zach Fn 13 days ago
there was one a small cloud that was prodicing a ef2 tornado but there was no rain and it caused 100,000$ in repairs from it but the cloud took up 1/20th of the sky This was in micigan
Connor Surtees
Connor Surtees 13 days ago
One time we were watching tv and it wad a thunder storm and i looked out the window and lightning hit a huge tree about 8 meters from us (we were in a double story house) my dad wanted to see how far it was so he measured it himself because it was so close. i was only 9 i think
Reckless Riley
Reckless Riley 14 days ago
Back in 2011 when the tornado hit Massachusetts, the tornado picked up my swing next to my house when I was outside. “I’m not a hundred percent sure it was 2011 because I was only 7 at the time”
Ashton Zibert
Ashton Zibert 14 days ago
I want to start by saying this isn`t my story but my friends we live 2 blocks down from each other and there was a dust storm by are houses and there was lots of lightning my friend is in his room when he hares a ear shuddering boom and goes out to his living room and sees a tree on fire on a tree 2 meters away from his yard it engulfs 2 trees and then burns the corner of his house some electronics in the house were fried and he was about 10 meters from s lighting strike
TTG_ Happy
TTG_ Happy 14 days ago
One time I was driving in a storm and my wind shield wipers flew off and it was on my way home from an hour and a half trip and I just had left and I drive a 2002 mustang low to the ground it started flooding and the water was literally taking the car to the side of the road almost in a ditch craziest experience of my life
King David
King David 14 days ago
Hey, do you guys have your own skimboard brand? I found a skimboard in a store with your logo on it. I had no idea.
r g
r g 14 days ago
I have had lighting hit a tree that was 20 feet in front of me...
ItsYaBoiJOSIAH 14 days ago
as im whatching this im drinking a mnt dew voltage
Banshee Baby
Banshee Baby 14 days ago
im in the dallas area and we had a storm last week at like 2am. i walked on my back porch and not even 60 seconds of being outside i seen what is in my eyes a world record. one bolt branched off into 7 different directions and it covered what seemed like my entire city. it went from pure blackness to 2pm clear day time sunny weather. and right back to being black again. scared mesmerized and in total disbelief to what i just seen. it always seems like you can never capture the craziest things on camera. either way it'll be a moment i'll remember for the rest of my life
Banshee Baby
Banshee Baby 14 days ago
it also lasted 5 seconds which was why i was so caught off guard
KitKatCat 44
KitKatCat 44 14 days ago
I was looking out my window during a T-storm and I got blinded by the brightest lightning strike ever! It hit the antennae of my neighbors house and it was instant deafening thunder too! Sounded like a cannon going off right next to me! That antennae was also completely destroyed.
DeadPulse 14 days ago
I sweat that piano music off key lol
Kate S
Kate S 14 days ago
I had just moved to Minnesota and summer rolled around. (I'm from the Mojave desert in California so wtf is even weather besides hot? Hotter? And windy?) My two teenagers and I were enjoying a beautiful lightening storm, (the kind that never stops dancing in the sky) an we hear thunder, VERY LOUD thunder that it made our chests hurt. (If we had ANY IDEA what was about to happen right in front of us. We would've never complained about this "chest pain".) Not 2 seconds later, less than 50 yards from us lightening smacks the street. Throwing tons of waves of heat, hot a$$ rocks, every nerve in all of our bodies felt lit on fire, and all three of us smelt like burnt hair. (Thank God we were inside because it would've been worse!) The rocks that shot off the ground broke all of our windows out in my home and all my neighbors car windows. (Our cars were in the garage). That is something I will never forget and can't because it actually gave all three of us, " night blindness", and thankfully only myself I am partly deaf in my right ear from it. It was gorgeous.. But the power of weather when you truly don't understand it, (I do now, haha) is something that is so dang scary! Glad to hear you're okay. Be careful! Last week was a scary video too, sir. PROUD OF Y'ALL for not letting up on these terrible money hungry companies! Love to you all! ❤️💚
Garrett S.
Garrett S. 14 days ago
I live in California and I’m 14 I really want to be a meteorologist and storm chaser.So one day I was not expecting any thing to happen then we get a red flag warning that day saying dry thunderstorms can start fires but I didn’t think of it much until I went to bed.I was in a dream when my dad started telling me in my sleep “THUNDER” I was still in my dream and I was dreaming about thunder.Then I wake up my dad tell me one more time there a thunderstorm.Then my lighten up and run as fast as I can to the window there was lightning strikes every where.Note: California rarely get thunderstorms.Then on my phone I stayed we have a Sever thunderstorm warning ⚠️.We haven’t had a severe thunderstorm warning in 20 YEARS!!!Later that day I was super smoky because of the fires.This was last year and I have USlift channel and have videos of it.
MysteriousCoco VODS
the lightning was caught in 4k :o
Ethan_6666 14 days ago
only ogs remember the old thumbnail
Philipp Nierlich
Philipp Nierlich 14 days ago
STAZ 14 days ago
Gorgeous sunset...awesome video as usually...i live in new jersey and we had straight line winds before and that is something i NEVER what to experience again...you can keep your tornadoes mid west! Keep educating people on the red tides🤙🎣
Paradox_Oak 15 days ago
one time in march it was 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the next day it snowed. #OhioBipolarWeather
Typical Walt
Typical Walt 15 days ago
I want to thank you because you are what got me into sunset photography and CAN WE PLEASE HAVE A CHANNEL DEDICATED TO WEATHER AND SUNSTS !!!
tech support
tech support 15 days ago
hey joogsquad do more pranks !! :D
Henry Kotarek
Henry Kotarek 15 days ago
One I was in my cottage and and a tornado whent right next to us
Jerry 15 days ago
Lightning struck a palm tree about 20 feet from my window and it caught fire for a minute. Loudest thing I've ever heard.
C.A.R 15 days ago
I was in a freak lightning storm in Arizona.. I was hit and the energy changed me.. I am now known as the superhero Rolling Thunder.
Kookydude 123
Kookydude 123 15 days ago
Noah Alvarez
Noah Alvarez 15 days ago
Didn’t you once nearly get struck in Hawaii tpo
Into the Unkown
Into the Unkown 15 days ago
You geek out on storms just like me. Love to see a fellow enthusiast enjoying all types of weather!
christian kämpe
christian kämpe 15 days ago
daam so nice lightings u have captures
Tommy James
Tommy James 15 days ago
My craziest experience was in Bulgaria. First day I got there, the sky was purple for 2hrs then at 9:30pm we came back to the hotel because we saw a huge white flash across the sky and then 30 mins later we saw loads of lightning bolts shooting across the sky it was crazy. Little did we know the storm was approaching us and I’ve never heard thunder like this in my life, it was so loud it damaged one of my ears to this day 😂. The street flooded so quickly and the storm went on for 6hrs. I used to be scared of storms but after that experience I was glad I didn’t live in Florida knowing it could be worse 😂😂
Matty Wake
Matty Wake 15 days ago
Our industrial farming practices are crazy... My grandfather use to say the only thing he bought for his farm was gas for the tractors! Now we dump phosphates and pesticides into our farms.
Chase Stinson
Chase Stinson 15 days ago
My dad got struck by lightning and was lucky enough to survive and me and my mom rushed to help him
Jonathan MTB
Jonathan MTB 15 days ago
That is insane
Patrick van kessel
Patrick van kessel 15 days ago
We have floodings here in the Netherlands now , Gemany and Belgium too. Many people drowned the last few days...In Germany 1300 people are still missing( H.A.A.R.P? ) peace
Blue Ladder
Blue Ladder 15 days ago
I was on vacation in Cancun and we went for a walk on the beach in the morning. We walked down the strip of hotels, but on our war back a crazy storm started. There was constant thunder, and the sand was pelting us like bullets. The waves went up to ten feet (as opposed to the normal 2 or 3 feet). When we got back I had scratches and even a few bruises from all of the sand hitting me. Definitely an experience I will remember.
HeyImSatlan 15 days ago
Think about chilling inside the home while there is a storm like that
Margaret Rose
Margaret Rose 16 days ago
The thunder was HELLA loud. Scared the shit out of my dog I felt so bad 😫
Ok so a week ago I was in Anna Maria island south of Clearwater and there was this one day when we where walking back up so me and my friends could do man hunt at our condo and right as we got off the beach lighting hit on the beach where we just where it’s was pretty crazy if you ask me
Moofy 16 days ago
Brilliant, absolutely Amazing 😃
RaisedByWolves 16 days ago
Jill Colleen
Jill Colleen 16 days ago
Love our beautiful state 🤘🏼🌞
JETJOOBOY 16 days ago
I have messaged "down below" to help you fight this blatant plan.
JETJOOBOY 16 days ago
Also, what is UP with YT not allowing Audio only uploads.. I have some hypnotic sound blends and Thunder Strike thunder ⚡ flashes in static but it is just like I am a criminal... Boring
JETJOOBOY 16 days ago
I am pretty blessed to face the Peaks of England.. there is Nothing between my balcony and the shit.. Every day, my CCTV catches some of the best Sunrises and sets in England...and no end of epic cloud rolls over the distant hills.. Lighting and SUDDEN Snow storms... All day. I should really capture more..it is crap because the easiest way is to run the CCTV back in time lapse then film the monitor with my Mobile Phone.. It is just so much easier .maybe if I uploaded morez I could afford a better CCTV system.. If USlift stop moving the goal posts...pulling the rug and then throwing me under the Bus.. Still, the bits I struggle to edit (badly) are done from love.. They just keep changing the apps to where they stop working too.
Shea Murphy
Shea Murphy 16 days ago
That was so creamyyyyy
D.C.H. 16 days ago
I can’t wait for the day I meet you
JETJOOBOY 16 days ago
Another good one was when I was a Retail Dick in a TV shop. We had BANKS of TVs all stacked along the walls 3 high and about 7 along.. The shop roof (again a BIG BOOSTED power aerial on top of a shopping Mall) got hit. And there was a large circular mark across like 12 -18 of the TVs where all the colour was degaussed from the screen (back in the day CRT TVs..) The magnetic Pulse I imagine did this ended about 3-4 feet from my FACE where I was stood... Glad I wasn't an old guy with a Pace Maker or something... It took about 10 minutes of switching them off and on again to remove the weird circular mark from them all... Scary
JETJOOBOY 16 days ago
When I was Taxi Driving..during a pretty hardcore Storm for the UK... I pulled in at base to talk shot with my gf etc.. the MASSIVE Aerial that used to run the Radios was attached to the back end of an old taxi wedged into the roof of the office... It was ... Quite reasonably a very tempting target for a lightning strike.. I have NEVER been that close to a strike before..it was IMMEDIATE..we were probably about 16 ft from the aerial... And that was mostly from the height of it..
Big J
Big J 16 days ago
Video was sick. I can't believe there is twice as much lightning going up as you see coming down.
JETJOOBOY 16 days ago
Is there an Android APP that films constant loops until it gets triggered by a sudden flash ... IE lightning strike and then records and marks the event with a few seconds either side? If NOT why NOT!
yeah 16 days ago
My mom and I had to find our beach stuff during a lightning storm and we were less than a kilometre away from a thickass bolt. We honestly thought it was cooler than scary
Ghosty Frost
Ghosty Frost 16 days ago
I drove through a really bad snow storm to get to my buddies place to get drunk with a bunch of friends. He lived on top of a big ass hill so I had to drive through the snow uphill to get there. We had to get out and push at one point but we somehow managed to get there. Ended up getting way too drunk that night
Jasper Hutchinson
Jasper Hutchinson 16 days ago
My craziest storm was called a freak storm where there was around 430 strikes a minute
Maxton Laman
Maxton Laman 16 days ago
Weather story: This is kinda funny Bc it was just yesterday but we were on a boat fishing and we saw a storm coming so we put the boat under a bridge and waited for the storm to clear. But the storm was so bad that it was raining side ways water all in the boat we are soaked but 4 lighting strikes were so close. One hit the bridge on top of us, we saw one hit beside us, and we heard 2 more.
Brian Willard
Brian Willard 16 days ago
i was about 30 feet away from my brother, who was struck by lightning it was probably the craziest noise ive ever heard in my life (my brother is okay!)
UrDadYT 16 days ago
This same thing happened in New York like 2 or 3 days ago
Smokey 16 days ago
Lightning hit my house one night. Blew all the electronics up lol. Still the loudest boom ive ever heard
Sidewayz Shotz
Sidewayz Shotz 16 days ago
Hey Jack, I know you know what you are doing and you are very experienced, but for yourself, others and all your fans, please be careful. We love you Jack. ❤
Taj Lewis
Taj Lewis 16 days ago
Expose those bastards to what they are doing to our home
Carl M
Carl M 16 days ago
Jock Yves Cousteau Quotes. "The Sea
Carl M
Carl M 16 days ago
I can't agree with you more on the unexscuseable destruction of our Oceans. Get people involved. Take petition's to local Business's, Beaches, Neighborhoods, etc. Mention the businesses that participate. Send all signatures to Congress addressed to Florida's Congressman, including our Mayor. Hopefully things will finally get better.🙏 Thank you for taking a serious interest.
Neo. A.T.P.
Neo. A.T.P. 16 days ago
Also the endings crazy about the mining, I hope things get better down there in Florida
Neo. A.T.P.
Neo. A.T.P. 16 days ago
I like how you find beauty in all weather. Obviously the sunsets are beautiful but I think all of it is 🙏
AU Prospector
AU Prospector 16 days ago
Keep on tempting fate, you already made two vids. It's comming after you! Stay inside 🤣
Xavier Ayres
Xavier Ayres 16 days ago
The closet encounter with lightning I had was when it struck in my neighbors back yard btw we live in Australia and I'm watching this thru a storm
Dynasty AGP
Dynasty AGP 16 days ago
that one spot that kept getting hit by lightning must’ve gotten fucked up
Jaxon Hammond
Jaxon Hammond 16 days ago
One time my brother was playing at a baseball game and above it was a funnel cloud forming a tornado and we had to get out of there
Fishing Oxford County
One time me and my friend were Metal detecting in a storm, and a lightning strike hit a tree and TIMBERRR The tree fell down right in front of us.
Outlaw Customs
Outlaw Customs 16 days ago
We just got hit with the remainder of that hurricane up here in Canada
Catfish #shorts
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