I Made A Scary Mistake In Mexico 

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WOW... Biggest waves I have ever seen & the BIGGEST Swell of the year for Mexico!
Part 1 : Rescued A Family : uslift.info/one/rJSnm9hjuWapm34/video.html
Part 2 : I Made A Scary Mistake : uslift.info/one/mYGotL5mlnSq2oY/video.html
Part 3 : Biggest Waves EVER : uslift.info/one/e32ptcmrs3yXzII/video.html
Part 4 : Ladies Almost Die : uslift.info/one/f62ez8erupl6vpI/video.html
Part 5 : Don't Do This : uslift.info/one/f62ez8erupl6vpI/video.html
Part 6 : Mutant Slab : uslift.info/one/aZyvntOdxZWXyoI/video.html


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JoogSquad PPJT

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My name is Jack Tenney, AKA "10E" I'm an Entertainer, Filmmaker, Director, Editor, & Producer. WELCOME TO MY CRAZY LIFE! Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them if they are legitimate! We have a lot more to come so stay tuned & keep checking back every week for more crazy stunts and pranks!

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KUURO feat. Tylor Maurer - Bad Habits

I Made A Scary Mistake In Mexico

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Overstoked 2 months ago
Fulllly OVERSTOKED!! Bro! Such a banger edit! Those waves were insane that day!!!!
Halcyon Month ago
it's that 'oh shit' moment ....
Cattermole Adventures
@jquest43 bot n bot n bot! you’re cool dude👍
jquest43 Month ago
@Cattermole Adventures wow,the waves look like they would bot you like a blender bot!
Cattermole Adventures
Wow! The waves look like they would blend you, like a blender bottle
Charlie Juarez
Charlie Juarez Month ago
Yewwwwww OVERSTOKED!!!!
The Trip
The Trip Hour ago
Amadeo Quilici
Amadeo Quilici 4 hours ago
Dam! I thought you were gonna dank your dillion!
The Tactical Banana
Bro if I see waves a foot above my head, and I’m like 5 foot.(im short haha) IM OUT IF THERE LOL
Matt OD
Matt OD 22 hours ago
Some of my best surf trips have been to Cabo. Top destination for me for sure. So much to choose from
skratman 23 hours ago
Well done on giving a good lesson on the dangers of being caught outside. Glad you got back in ok.
Jack Bartram-Carter
2:33 nah bro, thats not a wave, that’s a tsunami😂
kavunsever Day ago
im so glad that i discovered your channel
Météo Camargue
Météo Camargue 2 days ago
Cabo San Lucas, one of the best climate in the world.
Salvador Rodriguez
I almost died at 13 when we went to Cabo because I was swimming under those huge waves and one caught my leg, disorienting me. As I swam for what felt like way too long I had a feeling I wasn’t going in the right direction, I looked around and could spot some light so I just swam with all I had to that light. In agony I was close to just accepting my fate, somehow I got to the surface and never went back to that beach again 😂
Tom M
Tom M 4 days ago
Kick ass shore break. Great video. 👍👍👍
Damightysoup 4 days ago
JOOGSQUAD PPJT: goes anywhere The waves: so you have chosen death
THE_Carnellious 4 days ago
I remember finding your channel as a young kid when you were still making long board vids, I’m 20 now
dji zzah
dji zzah 4 days ago
Next find a point break instead of worthless closeouts
BOOSTED NZ 5 days ago
Your videos are not the greatest lately Hook up with nelk, boostedboiz,cleetus and do some different stuff
Daniel Marsh
Daniel Marsh 5 days ago
come to pipe line beach in hawaii
FRT Loppi
FRT Loppi 5 days ago
YaBoiJayy Yt
YaBoiJayy Yt 5 days ago
I was just there and there is on side of cabo that the waves are just too dangerous for people to swim in so I tried it lol it was fun!!
Burger King  coupon code
When I was 10’ish I was on a holiday to Tenerife, a Spanish island near the coast of Morocco, and I got slammed by a 2 or 3 metre wave, just got up and just started going back into the water, I learnt how to swim that day
John Scatcherd
John Scatcherd 6 days ago
Thank god you remained kool - that could have gotten ugly and fast and not one of those guys could have helped. Nuts even to go in to that with out fins. Lucky that board was with you gave you some kind of bouence. Hurricane Eva on Moloki was the last time i saw ugly shorebreak like that.
ch0ka 6 days ago
go to nazaré
Derek Baird
Derek Baird 7 days ago
Yeah joog squad killing it
BigMama Jama
BigMama Jama 7 days ago
God this brings back memories, Solmar, last hotel on that beach toward the arch, when they had the two story bungalows on the sand, not the towers they built after tearing them all out. Used to go every year there for about 15 years in a row, there was a storm once that was kicking in 30 foot waves. Down at the cliffs towards Todos Santos they were 40 plus. It was the most incredibly thing I've ever seen, since I've never been to Hawaii or any place where big waves are common. I'll never forget it.
Anthony Jennaway
Anthony Jennaway 7 days ago
I’m generally not the “Back in our day” bloke, but the crazy stuff we did growing up on the Northern Beaches had me thinking how cute they are skimming into a shore break and immediately falling down.
Anthony Jennaway
Anthony Jennaway 2 days ago
Fritz Norman It’s okay if you have the mentality of a child and a hard-on for that stuff.
Fritz Norman
Fritz Norman 2 days ago
Bro stfu
Росен 8 days ago
Are there such as waves in cabo everyday?
Kari 9 days ago
Avox 10 days ago
He had the power of mojo jojo with him. That being said, can I get one of those boards, or was it a custom for you?
No Now
No Now 11 days ago
So wait ..you don't surf?
Andres Costa
Andres Costa 11 days ago
This is big shore breaking & many times U better swim out....but if waves dont stop coming in......then U are in shit & almost death. And getting dark.........
CaptainSherman 12 days ago
Redic Swell. Was this in Jan? I was in north Baja. Wow bro you def Charge, well done. Just Subscribed. Love the positive vides.
Cody Hutchison
Cody Hutchison 12 days ago
Bro u gotta Colab with Poopies 💩
Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns 13 days ago
What a thong
Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns 13 days ago
The Sole Dweller
The Sole Dweller 15 days ago
I cannot think of a video less interesting and emptier (shallower) than this one. What a waste of time.
morgan macdonald
morgan macdonald 15 days ago
What hotel is that?
Rasta Nate
Rasta Nate 15 days ago
These waves are insane
Rasta Nate
Rasta Nate 15 days ago
Puerto Escondido also has some good waves at zicatela beach
Kingston 16 days ago
Keep calm and do epic sh*t
Greggzilla 16 days ago
That is nasty stuff. Body surfing that is dangerous, even for the experienced.
vaskylark 16 days ago
Those don't look like fun waves and that doesn't look like a good stretch of beach for doing anything in the water. Be careful, damn! Giving me bad memories of getting stuck in impact zone at Waimea.
Killypso 16 days ago
idk much about the ocean so this was like crazy to me but you should do vids explaining how the ocean works I’d def watch that
moreintel 16 days ago
5:31 mannn y’all see that cool sand looks so nice man
Marmalade 17 days ago
Peep the Mojo Jojo surf board
it is dangerous caramba 😬
Killa C
Killa C 18 days ago
Just if you had a go pro!!!
Clint Cleavers
Clint Cleavers 18 days ago
The pacific side @ Cabo is no joke. But my favorite part has to be 5:34
Fantomas646 18 days ago
Those waves are big enough to make a rainbow FFS
Khaled Sid
Khaled Sid 19 days ago
i almost lost my life doing that once .. well i dont fuk with waves anymore
Matt T
Matt T 19 days ago
Do they let people in the water at the resorts by Divorce Beach? I have a place down the beach past Pedragal (Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach) and they dont even let you near the water. Surf is usually firing out front and I wanna grab some closeouts!!!
Lil Sync
Lil Sync 19 days ago
15:22 "haha he almost died out there"
MTB_Kai 20 days ago
U just run up to them and then run away are u ever going to skimboard or something like u used to
Dr Theen Grumb
Dr Theen Grumb 20 days ago
Whats the furthest from land you've been on a surf board?
MrLeeson660 20 days ago
That was such a gnarly situation man fair play
Not a Shoto simp
Not a Shoto simp 25 days ago
Now… get out there and get barreled
jackie fitzpatrick
jackie fitzpatrick 26 days ago
Those beach hotels and condos are going to be swallowed by the sea .
David Connelly
David Connelly 26 days ago
Looks amazing 😎
jimmyalee 26 days ago
Hows the wave at 7:15 exploded itself into nothing. so heavy
Welcome to bike life
My friend broke his neck skim boarding in Mexico
Abdel Bennani smires
Brad Crank
Brad Crank 29 days ago
I think your crazy bro ,but I cant stop watching your next crazy thi g your going to do ,living the dream man
Halcyon Month ago
Jack, do some online papers in oceanography if you have not already done so; it is fascinating ; waves, how beaches form and basically all the patterns you see...or just find a some good texts. It is fascinating.
peter vangeli
peter vangeli Month ago
Big bumpy gnarley horrible crap..next.
Christopher King
Danger will Robinson
Pranjali Shukla
Pranjali Shukla Month ago
Ever seen this wave it becomes so hike all pressure it comes upon takes becomes so high💫🏊
Pranjali Shukla
Pranjali Shukla Month ago
All it takes to make sand dunes .....
Zé Oxente
Zé Oxente Month ago
Muito massa, fantástica essa praia. Não é pra qualquer um. Sou do Brasil.
Common Sense
Common Sense Month ago
It is so ANNOYING to hear those immature men laugh.
Ajit Mishra
Ajit Mishra Month ago
Is this calld Rip current where people get trap once they fall in?
Chen Yuan
Chen Yuan Month ago
wave is ur friend not ur enemy
Just a Girl
Just a Girl Month ago
Now you can see how water cut the Grand Canyon out in a very short period of time, just as the scientist say the canyon on Mars was a washed out spillway. NOT MILLIONS of years, that's a Fairy Tale for dummies.
AtomicThunder 27
Keep up the Dream Shots 🎥 Chill content
Eddie Vanlingen
Eddie Vanlingen Month ago
Cool you have your own personal skimboard retriever dude
Canopy Breezes Outdoors
As bad as that wasn’t could have been, it’s a huge learning lesson for those of us watching. 🤟🏼
bruno gingras
bruno gingras Month ago
witch hotel are you going
Tony M.
Tony M. Month ago
I've seen waves, of course, but these look terrifying!
Damodara O'malley
Don't see the point in fucking with that shit. You can't even get a ride on them
Ka Pow
Ka Pow Month ago
How many random likes can we get for stickbug just because we love him? ♥️
I need a Modded terrobyte
Undertow is much stronger there.
Richard Grant
Richard Grant Month ago
The wedge will teach you that have to calmly slip sideways out of rips and relax, dive deep and grab sand. When you surface , facing the truth that swimming outside is the only way you will be able to wait for a window and make it back to shore….if you try to get in to early , you’ll just fatigue yourself and take bomb after bomb on the head until you drown or you get rescued. Duck diving shallow impact zone can be deadly if you aren’t having fun and able to just chill and make the best of it 😂😂😂
Zero Alpha
Zero Alpha Month ago
Why you scared of the tiny waves on the walkway 🤣🤣🤣
Zero Alpha
Zero Alpha Month ago
Those are small waves . Easyyt
Zero Alpha
Zero Alpha Month ago
Those are easy waves bro. Cmon bro
Anthony Caballero - Los Angeles REALTOR
Travis Guide
Travis Guide Month ago
Very good lesson here thanks for sharing your experience ive seen a friend stuck outside for a while too. mentioning the dark setting in thing is true and very much worth mentioning! the mountains or desert can be just the same way. I climbed up a steep mountain one day with a friend not far from the truck trail and then it got dark super fast and we were stuck on higher grounds trying to find a tiny path a half mile away on the side of a cliff and felt stupid.
Hebrews 13:2
Hebrews 13:2 Month ago
it kinda reminds me of Keiki beach on the north shore of Oahu…they broke like that when I lived there in the late 70s…I imagine they still do.
Fake Sonny
Fake Sonny Month ago
Its funny how people keep talking. Just saying to u all never thought this will happen. just know i joke around a lot did not mean it, so stop coming at me bc i did not know people will get this mad about it. This is the first i see people mad about me joking. I always joke around on live streams and Comments. And no I was not desperately asking for this. So Thank u and bye.
michael the entatainer
That's what she said 0.03
Edward G.
Edward G. Month ago
Pedregal is so heavy 😯
Jasmin Adkisson
Jasmin Adkisson Month ago
I'm going for 4th of July
polonaise20 Month ago
A most interesting video - non-stop action with superb HD photography of these spectacular waves ! ❤❤✔✔
pruna blue pepper
This is erosion.
TheRealPopol Month ago
All that fabulons Energy unused
Bob alloo
Bob alloo Month ago
That is definitely the heaviest shorebreak I've ever seen.
Jeffery Scott
Jeffery Scott Month ago
Man, I have been in some Heavy cht in my day! Like going off the rocks in a place I couldn't paddle out in... Fn Stupid! Took the paddle of shame, away from the Guys who could out there, and it was Hours later I finally got to the beach safely! I am a Pieces, and have never been beat swimming! I grew at the Beach, and I am not afraid of anything! But Big Waves, and shore Pound, can Fk You Up! Dare the Devil, but be Realistic!
Nathalie G.
Nathalie G. Month ago
J'aurais tellement aimé être là ! 👍
Dimitri Daylight
Tells tourists not to be kooks on his vlog. Goes out and films himself being a kooky tourist. Murica!
soamyem1 Month ago
I spent my 20th and my 40th birthdays staying at that beach / diving the Sea of Cortez. It’s so gorgeous, but that shorebreak is like an avalanche. The windows and doors of the hotels there pulse and shake from all that force, even without line of sight.
Halcyon Month ago
John Steinbeck The Sea of Cortez. A great read.
Batistazmp Month ago
That feeling when you get in bed to sleep and you still feel the waves ahah
Jules S
Jules S 3 days ago
TheEmbeddedCargoBoss_ 110
Damn true
Evandro Costa
Evandro Costa Month ago
Very dangerous! Crazy! You are the man.