**Emotional** FOUND The Lost GoPro That Filmed An Alligator Attack 

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This is one of the craziest survival stories I've ever heard in my life.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO | Alligator Attack Survivor Watches Footage For The First Time (Emotional)

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jason felan
jason felan 17 hours ago
Ladies and gentlemen that is how a Legend is born.
Clique Kirito
It was hard to see the water just fade red 😔
the george
the george 2 days ago
Dude dramatic
the george
the george 2 days ago
Too much talking. Show the damn video. Damn
Yur Camjgvf
Yur Camjgvf 2 days ago
Why is it so hard for him
Zzombeeki113r _
Zzombeeki113r _ 3 days ago
Thats crazy
Aallalalalallal Alakakakaka
Only 6ft? Wow imagine if it was 8 or more feet which a lot of them are. He’s lucky he ran into a smaller one.
Shawn George
Shawn George 3 days ago
Moto Head
Moto Head 4 days ago
Happy to hear he is ok! Not many people can say they got bit in the head by gator and survived
Odin 5 days ago
what the hell
Melissa J Palmer
Melissa J Palmer 5 days ago
The bad part is seeing the blood in the water. You have a great purpose. Your turn on the Wheel is not over.
Tim S ts
Tim S ts 5 days ago
The only reason you got it from the tv people is because it's not showing shit
Deanna Bogossian
Deanna Bogossian 6 days ago
How do shark teeth end up in a river? Assuming it was freshwater. I thought gators only swam in freshwater
David Welp
David Welp 6 days ago
Ok fast forward to 12:12 mark and see a bunch of bubbles from the attack. Nothing awesome.
thefrenchiestfrie 81
Blow this up
Courtney Stearns
Courtney Stearns 7 days ago
Did anyone else catch the warning viewer description is advised?
Kyle McW
Kyle McW 7 days ago
I can’t imagine how hard that must have been to rewatch... but DUDE, this guy is sitting there (Alive) watching his very own alligator attack! That’s CRAZY!
poizen - ivy
poizen - ivy 7 days ago
Wearing fluorescent or brightly coloured wetsuits will help to stop misidentifying you as a seal or other tasty meal that sharks and crocs usually eat. They prefer fat and meat and minimal bones, not like humans.
Qlaspi 8 days ago
Jack Huber
Jack Huber 9 days ago
I feel so bad for that man.. the traumatic experiences he went through and still see’s. It’s a miracle he’s alive. This is amazing!
KaiGuy [GD]
KaiGuy [GD] 9 days ago
Derek Holcomb
Derek Holcomb 9 days ago
zak blobaum
zak blobaum 9 days ago
12 foot gator: "so i heard that you were fucking with a dude" dont like this comment, like the vid so this man can pay his bills
Backyard Scientist Shorts
That part about not selling your exclusive rights is so true. and maybe try to find property on an old phosphate mine, ive found so many sharks teeth and fossils in the tailings. Ive also had good luck along the banks of the myakka river. no megalodon teeth yet though!
Carl Carlson
Carl Carlson 7 days ago
Mr backyard
Big B
Big B 9 days ago
Outstanding job helping him not selling HIS video and helping with viewing the video.
Lukiepukie08 99
Lukiepukie08 99 9 days ago
Hope he’s felling better
Taz powers
Taz powers 10 days ago
Prayers for a speedy recovery❤❤ so happy he is ok
David Whitley
David Whitley 10 days ago
wow what a trooper!! glad he is still with us!
judderz m
judderz m 10 days ago
Really glad he's OK
HZRD Khaos
HZRD Khaos 11 days ago
Wow. Just Wow.
Mike ivey
Mike ivey 11 days ago
I'm glad he's ok but all you see is the riverbed
Major Bacon
Major Bacon 11 days ago
You can hear the chomps
Critter Whisperer
Critter Whisperer 11 days ago
The fact that it went for the head means the gator isn’t stupid
One Of The People
One Of The People 12 days ago
Liked and subscribed just to support. 👍
Lp14 12 days ago
I don’t mind swimming where sharks live but there’s no way in hell I’m swimming with gators.
Casually Unusual
Casually Unusual 12 days ago
God bless much love
marktimmer2212 12 days ago
Pretty solid skull your brother has there,
Tobias Hoem
Tobias Hoem 12 days ago
For the algorithm
cassie clifford
cassie clifford 13 days ago
Someone just take him to find some teeth!!
Lil Nikki
Lil Nikki 13 days ago
Damn that thing hit hard too.
Sera - Marie
Sera - Marie 13 days ago
Man that 'Gater was silent when it went to work. I always thought it would be a noisy affair. Glad Jeff survived. Would love to hear the rest of the story though...
I didnt see shit that coulda been a turtle or sum shit Lmaooo jk
K Bux
K Bux 14 days ago
Found this video after watching another video with a bunch of comments about how docile gators are.
Z Cole
Z Cole 14 days ago
well that was anticlimactic
Nicko Goated
Nicko Goated 14 days ago
We can’t see anything
michellecuellar00 15 days ago
Did they find the gator
TK Kielion
TK Kielion 16 days ago
"Viewer description is advised" Anybody else notice that haha
420Mrbubbles 16 days ago
Get this man a Xanax or Valium
Cody Vargas
Cody Vargas 16 days ago
Calvin Crawford
Calvin Crawford 16 days ago
Joogsquad is the better logan paul
Justin McMillan
Justin McMillan 16 days ago
Man I’m glad your ok I hope you find some sick gator teeth and I hope your ok keep doing what you love and don’t let something keep that away from you
Jessie Baker
Jessie Baker 17 days ago
I’m so happy your ok bro!!
tim Smith
tim Smith 17 days ago
(Viewer description advised) lol description jack 😂
MonsterRacing 38
MonsterRacing 38 17 days ago
Isn't his name Jeffrey Heim??? Where it showed the warning on the screen, it said Andrew Heim.
Josh Proctor
Josh Proctor 17 days ago
I'm so thankful that the man survived the attack. But listen on that other flip side of the coin it could have all been avoided the situation could have completely been avoided if the guy wouldn't have been in the water in the first place. He put himself In Harm's Way going into that mercury lake knowing the were alligators in the water. The moment he entered that water he was in their territory. Something he has no control over. That's why it is suggested that you stay out of places and situations such as this so incidents like this do not happen. You have to use your brain. you have to be smart about things. this was not a very smart move on anyone's part to enter a murky Lake feeled with gators.
Emer Conghaile
Emer Conghaile 17 days ago
Wow this is nuts… Dude has a lot of strength to carry on with such confidence so quickly. Respect, my guy
Typical craig
Typical craig 18 days ago
Rocco Acuna
Rocco Acuna 18 days ago
Is tht blood in the water at the end
EnemyTec 18 days ago
bro he was definitely trying to be dramatic for the video while watching the footage 😂
Tstormer 18 days ago
That is insane !! God bless
Jose Moreno
Jose Moreno 19 days ago
You hear it literally storming to attack him.
The Texas Tickler
The Texas Tickler 19 days ago
Good story but the footage wasn't shit
155 lb Lifter
155 lb Lifter 19 days ago
Gotta comment for the algorithm
Debra Denslow
Debra Denslow 19 days ago
OMG, That video is so traumatic, no kids allowed. 18 or over.
J 19 days ago
Glad that YOU were able to upload it and make revenue
TilDeath1776 US
TilDeath1776 US 19 days ago
Well CNBC should’ve dropped it back in the water
Fade Lion
Fade Lion 20 days ago
KttyWavesBck _
KttyWavesBck _ 20 days ago
The scariest part is the thrashing the silence then the wave of blood flailing the area
BabaTV 20 days ago
Crazy! Gators are amazing but scary Apex predators. It’s their land though, gotta Respect their territory!
Get_Miata_Here 20 days ago
I mean. It doesn't show anything lol
Big Shaq
Big Shaq 20 days ago
I’m cyote Peterson and this is an alligator
stewie 20 days ago
Bruh I've been attacked by a small dog that did more damage than that. 🤣
stewie 20 days ago
Skip to 12:05 to actually watch the attack.
seedling345 20 days ago
Holy shit
IlIlIlIlIlIl IlIlIlIlIlIlllI
How big was the gator
ace spades
ace spades 21 day ago
glad hes okay
Catch Me In The Creek
Shared, what a reality check, amazing to see him survive, props for the add revenue help- you guys are cool. AND Thanks for the heads up on news channels / viral video hunters.
sporty-scum 21 day ago
Pretty dramatic
Little Limas
Little Limas 22 days ago
The water became so red
LarsonMan 22 days ago
I could only imagine the stress associated with this after. Hoping he doesn't suffer long
ExemulliGloe7 33
ExemulliGloe7 33 22 days ago
Hope he believes in Jesus after that.
DaddyDerick 15 days ago
@ExemulliGloe7 33 Which one?
ExemulliGloe7 33
ExemulliGloe7 33 16 days ago
@DaddyDerick only a fool will defy death and not believe in God
DaddyDerick 18 days ago
No reason too
J_Rx 22 days ago
idk why but i felt like the girl in blonde that said “that was quick” made me feel like tht b wanted to see him get f up for longer but didnt expect it to be quick
Austin de la Fuente
What a joke lol
YetiiBoii 22 days ago
Bro my man's said Viewer Description is Advised😅
Real Estate With Connor
Brody got mauled by a freaking alligator and still a dime😂
mike jones
mike jones 23 days ago
That sucks bro. I hope he has a speedy recovery.
| Ride.the.Flow |
| Ride.the.Flow | 23 days ago
Isnt putting it on youtube giving youtube full exclusive rights?
Mrbiggle 23 days ago
I love it when people are so dramatic Lolololl
Sarah Fugate
Sarah Fugate 24 days ago
That's just crazy glad ur ok and I'm glad u got people in ur corner that makes all the difference
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 24 days ago
Scary as spooky gets
Pope Of Dope
Pope Of Dope 24 days ago
commenting for algorithm
JJAK Family
JJAK Family 24 days ago
Go algo go !!!
grant terry
grant terry 24 days ago
After the suspense of keeping me waiting 15 mins to watch a video which shows absolutely feck all, I really hope the alligator is ok, best footage ever
DaddyDerick 18 days ago
The gator got eaten by a bigger one the same day
Punkster 23
Punkster 23 24 days ago
The alligator more then likely saw your flashlight as a fish and he swam directly into the gator could have cornered it cause they usually run if they can
Hail_Odin 24 days ago
Don't even see anything
so scary omg
Tracey Ellerman Kiessling Stano
Wow, thank goodness he is alive to talk about it.
Cameron Glass
Cameron Glass 24 days ago
Shout out to you for keeping him away from news scams 🙌🏼
Timothy Yarborough
Timothy Yarborough 24 days ago
sorry that happened but your here amen for that
Couth 24 days ago
Everybody has his footage just searched it up