Spring Breaks DUMBEST In Florida | Arrested Twice in 5 Minutes 

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This could be the dumbest Florida man in history



Thanks for all the love & support!

KUURO feat. Tylor Maurer - Bad Habits

Floridas DUMBEST | Arrested Twice in 5 Minutes

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Mar 26, 2021




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Kaden Lane
Kaden Lane 10 days ago
i miss the florida man series. Now that I live here in Florida, I get to witness the f**ked craziness that is Florida, but my commentary is not as good as somebody who has witnessed all of this for 20+ years..
Ryan Auxier
Ryan Auxier 20 days ago
Tracey Ellerman Kiessling Stano
Florida is my first destination pick when choosing a vacation. I’m all about the ocean and animals. I lived in Boca for a short period of time and cried when coming back to Indiana.
illa illa
illa illa Month ago
I used to live in Florida and never bothered even going to Miami
Frank Reberto
Frank Reberto Month ago
And now that simple drinking or misdemeanor drug arrest got bumped up to a fleeing and eluding and that’s a 3rd degree felony in the state of Florida punishable up to 5 years in prison and or a $5000 dollar fine/ 5 year probation
Jon Watkins
Jon Watkins Month ago
i go to florida bc i live in NJ enough said
Eldonn Parks
Eldonn Parks 2 months ago
There's a few places in Florida worse than Miami. They be West Palm Beach, Gainesville, Orlando, Jacksonville, Hypoluxo Island, Homestead and Coral Gables just to name a few.
Chris Dunnigan
Chris Dunnigan 2 months ago
I was just in palmetto FL for vacation was awesome people were so nice
SPQR - 2 months ago
Seems to be a common element here. Almost like wherever they go they can’t behave like normal people
shayna moore
shayna moore 2 months ago
i miss ur cliff jumps jack:(
Luna 2 months ago
Florida is great for crazy ass stories
The Dark Knight Who Holds BTC 3rd Layer
I’m from Florida and this place deserves to be its own country
Ava 8D
Ava 8D 2 months ago
I’ve never been to Florida. oxo
Shop Rag Racing
Shop Rag Racing 2 months ago
Florida is immune to corona
Kayleen Logue
Kayleen Logue 2 months ago
I was only in Florida once ever and it was to fortlauderdale to the get on a cruise ship 🚢
Oaks Productions
Oaks Productions 3 months ago
As someone from Fort Lauderdale/Miami area, I will say Miami is not the best representation of what Florida is about, but I will say it has so much beauty to appreciate, the culture, architecture, the history. And when south beach turns on, it is definitely one of the cooler breaks to score.
James EXP
James EXP 3 months ago
How you talk about miami is how I talk about California
Dark woodz
Dark woodz 3 months ago
I agree about Miami
Edp4455 3 months ago
What did miami do to this man lmao😂
Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper 3 months ago
1:48 is how I feel about Dallas
Zupoyo 3 months ago
Nat Geo: "Watch as the wild Floridians flock into the street to perform their mating dance."
Smashed Cannabis
Smashed Cannabis 3 months ago
I hated going to South beach from living in Broward county some dude tossed molly at me wouldn't go away then tried making me pay for it 😂. Deerfield beach and Boca Raton where the spots I love to go
Mikey 3 months ago
I go for rehab
Nick j
Nick j 3 months ago
I moved from Ohio to the Florida Keys I’m not complaining
Impulsive Sisters
Impulsive Sisters 3 months ago
Sebe Christian
Sebe Christian 3 months ago
I live in Key West Spring break is off the chain here
JustAnotherJohn 3 months ago
Love from ft lauderdale 🔥❤️
Michael Hembree
Michael Hembree 3 months ago
I been to Miami and the people there suck horribly.
Puffer TV
Puffer TV 3 months ago
Let’s see now... more twerking in the street...or hotties on the beach? Let me think for a moment...hahahahahahaha Megalodon shark teeth of course!!!
Isaac 3 months ago
i went to Florida tampa bay last week to go to the beach
Chill Will
Chill Will 3 months ago
The bitches
MaxkzZ 3 months ago
Miami is ass it’s a waste of money every time I went
Josiah Proffit
Josiah Proffit 3 months ago
do people from places like colorado watch this channel and get jealous af
Cranekai 3 months ago
shark prank like so it can reach the top
Thor The God Of Thunder
been to miami once or twice but yeah pretty shit place only went there due to UMF other than that was pretty horrible experience.
Jay NYCE 3 months ago
Miami is gross . I’ll stick to Orlando
Luke H
Luke H 3 months ago
I went to the Florida keys. Beaches were nice and so was the camping. Key west was also AWESOME 😎 ☀️
Kamren 3 months ago
If they wouldn't have started chasing him and recording he could have got away they could have helped them 🤣
AnnaKraF 3 months ago
I just went to the beach they live on and i didnt even realize im still in orlando
One Voter
One Voter 3 months ago
Phoenix radio DJ calls mask n vaxxers " Branch Covidians" religious cult who are true believers in their masks and vaxx , and shove it like a Jehovah Witness with a pamphlet
Toxic Plays
Toxic Plays 3 months ago
Yeah I live in Miami and it sucks I was supposed to move to Clearwater this year but unfortunately I couldn’t
Jeremy Zisman
Jeremy Zisman 2 months ago
my grandma moved out of miami to tarpon springs
Atlas Miller
Atlas Miller 3 months ago
well you see im Australian sooooooo
Peter Mathews
Peter Mathews 3 months ago
I am 18 and spent my entire life in Tampa i hate Miami and i hate all the tourists
BoogaDown 3 months ago
Meg pt2
Nathan Ibarra
Nathan Ibarra 3 months ago
Just so I can say I have seen a Florida man
Bob bob
Bob bob 3 months ago
well i like being there mostly because it where i live in Saint Petersburg
Detroit Hustles Harder
FLORIDA MAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YourMomxx 3 months ago
Jack should change his name to Florida man :D
Karlis Baumanis
Karlis Baumanis 3 months ago
St Pete beach treasure island is where it’s at tho.. fuck Miami
Jack 3 months ago
What’s in Florida’s water😂
lizard ,S, 777
lizard ,S, 777 3 months ago
The streets of miami make peoples ass jiggle, need to get them roads fixed.
Jn1nj4 3 months ago
Y’all werent even be wearing masks in December lmao
Jn1nj4 3 months ago
I moved to FL in December, I’m more south from you but WEST SIDE!!!!
Adam Ramsey
Adam Ramsey 3 months ago
I was born in Florida and I love it here 🖤
2inch Productions
2inch Productions 3 months ago
Miami is just a big ass gta server
corey stanfill
corey stanfill 3 months ago
At 320 you can almost smell that street corner through the headphones. 💩
Chris Szucs
Chris Szucs 3 months ago
Pranks my G pranks
dallas cowboysSB2020
Florida is the best ❤️❤️❤️
XaVi.Gaming 3 months ago
I have vacationed in IRB since the first time I have gone to Florida and compared to any other city in Florida IRB is the most underrated
Brayden Service
Brayden Service 3 months ago
I love destin Florida 😊 my home town
•-• Like Bruh
•-• Like Bruh 3 months ago
I’m watch this on the way to Florida lol
•-• Like Bruh
•-• Like Bruh 3 months ago
I’m waiting this on the way to Florida
Hideous Sails
Hideous Sails 3 months ago
what about the toxic water flowing into Tampa?
Scotty Morales
Scotty Morales 3 months ago
Bro this guy spittin facts much love came from watch turner years ago & saw that he basically had a twin lol but much love to your family man
Kk 3 months ago
I go to Florida for my family cause they all live there so I get some fun 2 weeks in my summer. Also the oceans are so nice and warm and clear unlike California beaches
Athan Thanos
Athan Thanos 3 months ago
Go to the Miami Beaches and go in the water and parented you are a shark or something
Deven thompson
Deven thompson 3 months ago
Deven thompson
Deven thompson 3 months ago
I only go to Florida for fishing
Patrick Freeman
Patrick Freeman 3 months ago
I go to Florida to feel better about myself.
General Patton
General Patton 3 months ago
Don't forget Broward County
Illuminatifatman 3 months ago
i love ur content so much man
John 3 months ago
Agreed. Florida is so much more and so much better than Miami. I don’t go past Central Florida if I can help it these days.
Why'd the officer pull his gun on a handcuffed kid? Make this make sense.
Outdoors With Dylan
Outdoors With Dylan 3 months ago
I’m in clear water right now man
Florida Fly Fishing
Florida Fly Fishing 3 months ago
0:04 David Pakman One of the smartest people doing commentary on the state of our country/world on the internet.
Jordon Saylor
Jordon Saylor 4 months ago
Thanks jack for speaking the Floridian truth Miami has got to go
MegaPlicker 4 months ago
Did someone shit on your shirt ?
mrFitro 4 months ago
I can agree I live in Miami and it sucks
Carson 4 months ago
Come to Florida in the winter to play golf and chill
0100100011 4 months ago
Who is the model with nipple piercings!
Holly Jordan
Holly Jordan 4 months ago
My dad just bought a place there, so I’ll be visiting a lot! ☀️👙💃
Nif 4 months ago
Are you down to shoot a music video with me?
Christian Sanchez
Christian Sanchez 4 months ago
I'm from Miami and I completely agree with your views😂
Jeremy Austin
Jeremy Austin 4 months ago
Jack: The reason you go to Florida. Me: I don't, I live in Hawaii.
ghost plane gaming
ghost plane gaming 4 months ago
Do a fan meet up at Clearwater Beach and iam from Clearwater
Amy Rathbun
Amy Rathbun 4 months ago
Because of Disney
ak1 R1ots
ak1 R1ots 4 months ago
i likes going to florida for the beach and skim boarding bc i live where the great lakes are so skim boarding is fun but i like the beach and fishing
Canyon Keller
Canyon Keller 4 months ago
Do the shark prank my gf there
Maxx Garcia
Maxx Garcia 4 months ago
Being from Miami he is not wrong ppl r fucked up over here but it’s a lot of fun at the same time
JustinK8394 4 months ago
I.....would love to see you pulled behind a jetski on a skim/surf board out of haulover inlet and send some crazy jumps off waves
Blaze_The_Blade 4 months ago
I like going to Florida cause i like to see my real parents cause I’m a foster kid cause they both were arested but they got out finally
Joe’s Wild Survival
Ah yes Florida men
AJPerson 4 months ago
im goin to florida april 17th, please tell me spring breakers are gonna be gone by then
SG Lightning Gaming
SG Lightning Gaming 4 months ago
Florida is awesome the teams are great and the beaches are perfect FOR FUCKING SKIMBOARDING baby except for Miami that place was so bad when I went there, the second we got into the airport people yelled at us for being slow off the plane
Charlie Wye
Charlie Wye 4 months ago
no one: absolutely no one: the media: a fLOriDa MaN
slednck3 4 months ago
La is way better then Miami. Miami is only nice to look at but not somewhere to stay people get to wild there
Owen Gilkerson
Owen Gilkerson 4 months ago
all the people who disliked are from Miami
Jam Mal
Jam Mal 4 months ago
I don’t go to Florida. I mean Florida ain’t bad but Florida is it’s own unique bread
Sawyer Dann
Sawyer Dann 4 months ago
"there were a ton of bystanders standing by"
Eric Switzer
Eric Switzer 4 months ago
Jack are those double wides with the side shields?
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