I Found $100,000 In Megalodon Shark Teeth In Florida (My Collection) 

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Megalodon Shark Tooth hunting continues in Florida!! After 2 years of hunting and searching for Megalodon Shark teeth we figured it was time to show you our full collection of Sharks teeth from Florida. From Venice to Bone Valley, we have some pretty awesome stuff to share with you guys.



Thanks for all the love & support!

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Apr 7, 2021




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Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns 8 hours ago
Be cool to do a full mouth
EBK CJ 2 days ago
ive been watchin dis guy nd found out like last year he related to tfue 😭😭
sharon johnson
sharon johnson 7 days ago
Now you need a geiger counter.
Mech D
Mech D 8 days ago
bruh im jelly
Tyler Maschger
Tyler Maschger 9 days ago
Just moved to St Pete, can I come join sometime? I’ll throw in on the cost of the trip!
Kris K
Kris K 10 days ago
Can I buy one?
Eduards Zariņš
Eduards Zariņš 10 days ago
Do any of you guys know if it's possible to find some of those in Europe?
King Croc
King Croc 10 days ago
bunch of hippys moaning about teeth in the ground
King Croc
King Croc 10 days ago
lmfao these fuxking hippys are weird down in florida man
King Croc
King Croc 10 days ago
a 50ft creature with 3" teeth ya i dont think so. they were easily 6+
Caleb jerdan
Caleb jerdan 15 days ago
I love sharks teeth but I do no have any meg teeth
Deus Darrell
Deus Darrell 17 days ago
I would love to find just 1 !! Never been lucky enough to be able to go hunting for Megalodon teeth..
Rocco Acuna
Rocco Acuna 18 days ago
How did u find those lil ass teach in the rivers u use like a drainer thing?
Not Tristan
Not Tristan 20 days ago
I have a megoldaon tooth
turtle 12354
turtle 12354 21 day ago
where do they find these teeth bone valley or other places? can someone tell me
patriotic ford
patriotic ford 22 days ago
That's a hell of a collection and such a beautiful amount of teeth that you have found that's a I would kill to have a collection of teeth like that from a shark
Beefy’s brunch benders
Wow you can imagine the size of the mouth😳
Christine GERARD
Thank you for this exciting video !
Wave-Boy Month ago
I genuinely love your channel so much, when I ever need inspiration this is the place to be and this is where I am most of my free time. Keep it up man. Also I think you should challenge everyone that watches to invent a surf/skate/snow/or skim boarding trick called whatever, and sent it to you for a Joogsquad vid
Chris J
Chris J Month ago
The first 2 teeth looked like baby Meg's teeth
Dew Rey
Dew Rey Month ago
Damn I wish you could sell me some.
fawaz abdulla
fawaz abdulla Month ago
now that i look at my teeth and the sharks teeth i say my teeth are not that dirty
Dalton Edwards
Dalton Edwards Month ago
When I was 8 I tried to chase a shark that everyone was running away from I just wanted to see one in real life 😂 I’ve loved sharks since the day I first ever hear of what it was and been obsessed ever since you live the dream for real family stay blessed I love these videos I only just subscribe last week but I plan on watching all of what yoy have done so far 💯
Dalton Edwards
Dalton Edwards Month ago
“My entire house turn into a sharks tooth museum” 💯😂😂🙏🏽💚
Joshy’s Adventures
I have my YT channel for fun
jhaze918 Month ago
I wanna try this. Looks like lots of fun
zizi 33girlpanini
AY FLORIDA??? Where? I really really wanna find some teeth but idk how or where to start
D D Month ago
♨️DJ #bisdakincanada🥢
So pretty.. i can't believe how much it worth.. nice collection.. #bisdakincanada
Mitzu Petro
Mitzu Petro Month ago
My brother knows you from pokimon go
Mitzu Petro
Mitzu Petro Month ago
His name is jaben
Totally dream
Totally dream Month ago
If you find one that is I think 8 inches it is worth a million $$
Trey Hack
Trey Hack Month ago
What song/beat does he use for the time lapse
iNKA FIGHTER Month ago
Timmy Wood
Timmy Wood Month ago
I found a great white shark tooth in Ecuador fully complete
JustDrew P
JustDrew P Month ago
Dude! That’s such an awesome hobby, makes me wish I lived near the ocean!
Nicolas Le Roy
Nicolas Le Roy Month ago
trop bien la video
Eric Woody
Eric Woody Month ago
Buy a Book so you know the difference between a Great White tooth and a Megalodon tooth.
Eric Woody
Eric Woody Month ago
there not Great Whites they are Megalodon teeth the Ancestor of the Modern Great White.
Eric Woody
Eric Woody Month ago
its not a Great White its a Megalodon tooth.
Eric Woody
Eric Woody Month ago
awesome finds for only two years collecting
ΞLΞVΛTΞ Month ago
So that’s what shark teeth are being called now... “ Megalodon shark teeth”
Beachcombing Beauty
I ask around but most people are not willing to share info unfortunately. I am in St. Pete. Would love to connect with someone that will share with me. Im an adventurous person.. Chill to be around.
Alysson FF
Alysson FF Month ago
Alguém do Brasil?😂
Essential Listening
I still look for teeth at every beach I go to
Essential Listening
Seeing one of those small teeth in the sand looks huge, I can only imagine seeing one of those megalodons in the sand would feel bigger than the size of your hand!!!
Essential Listening
Seeing one of those small teeth in the sand looks huge, I can only imagine seeing one of those megalodons in the sand would feel bigger than the size of your hand!!!
Happy Dirt
Happy Dirt Month ago
how many teeth have you broken in your past career?
vupjeo Month ago
You should do a SHARK TOOTH give away
ftl.imge Month ago
ya boys got the long pinky nail for the speed bumps
Tail End Customs
Damn those are huge! Nice collection bro
Jason Jacobs
Jason Jacobs Month ago
Bruh I’m in Sarasota, take me with you! Lol
F-ing Houdini's road
That's freaking awesome! Making me want to move to Florida! I live in the Bay area but florida is definitely next on my list
xopxe Month ago
He fell off
warmachine1770 Month ago
Wonder ehat the sharks attached to that tooth look like.
Sharko Channel
Sharko Channel Month ago
Guaranteed not 100k in teeth
Rob X
Rob X Month ago
Omg 😎😎
PaT G.
PaT G. Month ago
your living the best life EVER!!! I plan on changing my life and living more like you!!! the last 2 years have sucked so much i need to do something different
hamlone hamlett
hamlone hamlett 2 months ago
Actually if megalodeeon was alive the teeth would be 12" long and 8" in width. It's fun to imagine. True is the world's submarines would be gone the megalodeeon would swallow. Keep your hopes up!
Steve 82
Steve 82 2 months ago
Last time people pulled this much money out of the ground was during the gold rush (oil is pumped out of the ground).
Michael Howe
Michael Howe 2 months ago
Think about the Prehistoric animals those teeth have ripped apart
Tanner Horohoe
Tanner Horohoe 2 months ago
I hope to one day find a megalodon tooth (As so many others) But I've just recently found a place that has a lot of teeth. Well....a lot to me considering I've searched every beach trip since a child and found nothing. But apparently there are megalodon teeth as well here. I cried for a few moments the first tooth I found even though it was so small. But it was a dream come true. This video is inspiration for me!
Tanner Horohoe
Tanner Horohoe 2 months ago
This is just amazing seeing so many of these teeth.
elemenohpeespngr4205 Cortese
I was just in venive for 2 weeks! Found a bunch of small teeth at nokomis beach. I want to go back so bad, very beautiful down there.
Valentin Drouillet
Valentin Drouillet 2 months ago
have you ever seen a megalodon jaw?
Rhaenys Games
Rhaenys Games 2 months ago
6:34 and a mop
13hubi13 2 months ago
For me they all look the same but it's funny to hear them freak out every time they find a new one 😅
Anthony Ricks
Anthony Ricks 2 months ago
This is one of my favorite videos from you guys. Keep up the killer work 🤘🏼
Daniel JW
Daniel JW 2 months ago
Would you ever sell a shark tooth?
Matt Tilby
Matt Tilby 2 months ago
You always have cool& interesting content.but this was off the amazing ⚡
Isaac Harradine
Isaac Harradine 2 months ago
JACK: READ THIS, see if any of these teeth came from the same shark
Ron Swanson
Ron Swanson 2 months ago
This is the most bro shit i have ever seen. Dudes just straight bonding over shark teeth.
Crazy Eagle
Crazy Eagle 2 months ago
Omg bro save more for the rest of us 🤣🤣. Jk keep doing what you doing man 👍 🙌
J&G Reptiles
J&G Reptiles 2 months ago
holy shit bro that's bad ass
Crystals of Arkansas
Epic collection brother! 🤯😍
baltazar garcia
baltazar garcia 2 months ago
That’s why he’s single
2D 林子順 12
2D 林子順 12 2 months ago
2D 林子順 12
2D 林子順 12 2 months ago
Tyler Moe
Tyler Moe 2 months ago
How do u know there megalondon
Louis Rivera
Louis Rivera 2 months ago
Nice collection. One question would you take people for a tour to hunt for the Meg teeth
Shane Stager
Shane Stager 2 months ago
Connor Witha K
Connor Witha K 2 months ago
If you enjoy looking for rocks/fossils as well michigan is another place for it. All the great lakes have crazy water esc corals/ water life that existed.
̣ 2 months ago
I dont even give a shit about shark teeth I just like watching for the nostalgia of being a kid and going looking for stuff with my friends lol.
The Weird Kid Show
The Weird Kid Show 2 months ago
I have a bunch of cool fossils I have found here in Florida but I will be damned if I have ever found one of those big MEG teeth. All I want is 1 nice one damnit! haha, maybe I will find one before I croak.
The Weird Kid Show
The Weird Kid Show 2 months ago
I live close to Venice FL which is suppose to be the Sharks tooth capitol of the world but finding those big ones is almost impossible now.
Strangely Familiar
Strangely Familiar 2 months ago
If I lived down there I would be addicted guaranteed! Not that its all about the money, and I realize there are many variables, but in general what's the avg' Megalodon tooth worth? Thanks.
Jax World
Jax World 2 months ago
OMG dude that is an amazing collection!
broncoscards7 2 months ago
So happy to see you got into the hobby
Luke Burny
Luke Burny 3 months ago
Why are the teeth so concentrated in that area? We're they hunted maby?
Charley Joergensen
Charley Joergensen 3 months ago
If you all combined your collections, how big would it be? Top 10 in the world maybe?
Opie Badazz
Opie Badazz 3 months ago
That sunset on day 2 was awesome
Opie Badazz
Opie Badazz 3 months ago
Man you need someone to build you a big glass top display table for them
Opie Badazz
Opie Badazz 3 months ago
I live on a creek in central louisiana and i found a whale tooth that millions of yrs old. Its crazy to think about how it was ocean where i live...cool video bro
A_Chained_Angel 3 months ago
Wow thats awesome
D’Ablaing 3 months ago
Hey Savage I have a question why do you only hunt at night and not in the day
prdamico 2 months ago
so less people see where they go....stealth hunting
Diamond Head
Diamond Head 3 months ago
17:00 those nails are long fam..... Prehistoric like those shark teeth 😂😂
Diamond Head
Diamond Head Month ago
@jesse h he’s got nails for days I watched one of his recent ones, he still ain’t cut them
jesse h
jesse h Month ago
Diego Mar
Diego Mar 3 months ago
The guy llikes teeth
Palmetto Fossil Excursions
Yoooo Hit us up, we'd love to take ya out on a dig!
Gavin Edward
Gavin Edward 3 months ago
Did you have a pump going to drain the pond?
Colorado's Western Slope
Pretty cool
W Monro
W Monro 3 months ago
Love you guys brother.........Toronto Can.........I cant't wait for the meg vids got my god son one and he is hooked ...went nuts when i told him who your brother is ...SQUAD JOOG..bigfoot and your mu ther took my car...............
Patrick 3 months ago
Thats the kind of shark tooth collection I would love to have
Catfish #shorts
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