I Almost Went Blind While Surfing (The Truth About Red Tide) 

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This is one of the worst videos I will ever have to make about our beautiful home Florida.
This is sickening, and sad.
If you have any information about this incident.Please email us below.


Thanks for all the love & support!

JoogSquad PPJT

About JoogSquad PPJT:
My name is Jack Tenney, AKA "10E" I'm an Entertainer, Filmmaker, Director, Editor, & Producer. WELCOME TO MY CRAZY LIFE! Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them if they are legitimate! We have a lot more to come so stay tuned & keep checking back every week for more crazy stunts and pranks!

Thanks for all the love & support!

I Almost Went Blind While Surfing (The TruthAbout Red Tide)

JoogSquad PPJT

Email us info if you are an expert on whats happening.

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Jul 11, 2021




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ReCoil Gamers
ReCoil Gamers 2 hours ago
Fight the good fight, bro. Keep up the informative videos about wrong doing in FL. (All the way from Australia here)
Dyl Yat
Dyl Yat 4 hours ago
I have jigged Cobia and Tarpon before under bridges near that area and they’re some of the funnest fish to drag in and it’s so sad seeing all those captains who help people do that go out of business because of these uncaring people. 😕
Stefano Chiodi
Stefano Chiodi 5 hours ago
i get flashbacks of when i almost drowned on the jersey shore wakeboarding. wakeboarding isnt smart for me because i cant swim
Dougiee Fresh
Dougiee Fresh 7 hours ago
Imagine if the title to this video was “it’s a vase” next to THAT thumbnail. All the OG Squad knows what I’m talking about 😂
javymont tijo
javymont tijo 8 hours ago
I remember your first videos you would harass homeless people
VEX ArcTic
VEX ArcTic 9 hours ago
I’m becoming a congressmen not in Florida but I’m moving out there temporarily if I start my political career in Florida I will advocate for this major issue
Beh Kettler
Beh Kettler 13 hours ago
This is just fucking sickening. As someone who use to live on Longboat Key in Florida... This makes me so fucking angry and sad at the same time. I now live in Northern Maine and they're wanting to cut down a massive 145 mile long line threw Maine's woodland. This forest is the largest temperate forest in all of North America. Cutting a massive path threw the entire forest into Canada will destroy a lot of the wildlife and completely scar the forest forever. No one in Maine wants this done or cares that it will bring "cheaper" power to the state. Probably just a lie anyways. Hope this never happens. Humans are destroying wildlife everywhere on this planet and it's just sad.
Root Beer
Root Beer 20 hours ago
Went to Florida for a wedding. It was sooo windy when I got there. Walked to the beach and my eyes were stinging like mad. I thought it was just the saltwater spray getting in my eyes.... Nope. There were dead fish everywhere. It wasn't enjoyable at all. 10 minutes on the beach was all I could take at a time. 10 minutes of beach time followed by 45 minutes of recovery for my eyes. That crap isn't nice. I couldn't believe how badly it burned. Just an Indiana boy experiencing red tide firsthand. It was next to impossible to fish on the beach. I still caught a few, but boy that stinging sucked. I was there for a week and had to deal with it the whole time.
Zombie Knuckles
Zombie Knuckles 23 hours ago
dude you should totally come to the east coast beaches until this red tide goes away.
Zapple Day ago
This makes me lose faith to humanity
Candyman Day ago
Not the snook
lol_ yeet
lol_ yeet Day ago
Jordie Day ago
florida is already too far gone...
Rollin Raver
Rollin Raver Day ago
Mate, that crap in the water ain't right, if I visited where you live I'd be like, "what's that crap in the water ?", It looks gross even from the drone footage. Get people to sign an online petition & send it to the president.
Matthew Condes
thanks for fighting my dude... we need people like you lets make this world a better place brother.
Capt.Reefer Day ago
Dan 2 days ago
That kinda messed up The water is so amazing here in florida!
Ronzert 2 days ago
I'm south of Tampa
Ronzert 2 days ago
people don't even care beaches still packed lol
smoke up
smoke up 3 days ago
Hope you are okay bro! Thats so sad i hope the animals are okay aswell 😤
H20 3 days ago
"you can go swimming if you want a three eyes"
Jbird 3 days ago
This makes my blood boil
Dawson Spindler
Dawson Spindler 3 days ago
This red tied is not natural and I will argue about this tell the day I die and it’s good u are spreading the Word keep spreading it we’ll get through it
PUREST 3 days ago
6:54 the poor bearings :'(
PoppySky 4 days ago
These people need to stop polluting!!!
ruffypoo 4 days ago
Get names of the CEO of that company! Also get phone numbers.
Banned Offline
Banned Offline 4 days ago
radioactive waste go into the water, joogsquad ppjt go into the water. Joog come back out of water with burning red eyes. Joog no go back into the water
Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson 4 days ago
I salute you brother and will educate myself ! Thank you for your service. God bless you and the Uyghurs, and all who suffer from all the greed.
christian 4 days ago
Who allowed piney point to open
Trazzie 4 days ago
9:10 GTA??
Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns 5 days ago
What a back seat driver you are jack .
scott bauer
scott bauer 5 days ago
I have nothing good to say about this video
keenan coston
keenan coston 5 days ago
#fuck piny point
Shhnee 5 days ago
If you want more info, yoursaltwaterguide on Instagram has a long video about it. Everyone who fishes knows that it wasn’t a red tide and he explains it better than I ever could.
Chaser Play's
Chaser Play's 5 days ago
I live in Florida and I’m extremely mad that in school we did a practice writing test that said that red tide is a natural acuring so now I’m in rage!!
Chaser Play's
Chaser Play's 5 days ago
I take care of animals so this to me is terrible
Spike 6 days ago
I am not from Florida but I love fishing and that just bad I hope they get it fixed and clean
JM Marshall
JM Marshall 6 days ago
Please stop them. Most of us have no idea how to.
Marcie Fiedler
Marcie Fiedler 6 days ago
What beach were y’all surfing at?! Please don’t stop talking about this!!! It’s heartbreaking to see how many animals this has affected....
INK SCARS 6 days ago
Thanks for raising awareness brother!
Terminated Account
Big pharmaceutical companies!
The Real B.L.K
The Real B.L.K 7 days ago
Bro me and my family are going on a vacation in Florida in a week😭 three grand down the drain
Ben Willits
Ben Willits 7 days ago
Joogsquad about to end up dead
Mr. Paintball
Mr. Paintball 7 days ago
14:43 Pov you just took a dab
Peter Very
Peter Very 7 days ago
Even as a republican I care this can't go on anymore
Intertwined 7 days ago
Great video JOOGSQUAD the Realest GME makes me a billionaire I vow to never become greedy and to do do as much good in as many ways for this world as humanly possible. Cuz damn does this world need people like us. How are billions not enough for so many of the rich fucks in this world
DomTheBomb 7 days ago
I found a joogsquaud sticker on a sign by the pier
Austin Cagan
Austin Cagan 8 days ago
I had No idea Dued I ain’t Going in the water Now hahaha
jetbtkng 8 days ago
well thats what u get when u have republicans running your state, either vote them out or suffer, stupid is as stupid does........
Brooke Belcher
Brooke Belcher 8 days ago
Billionaires with more greed than anything. These people will fight and destroy the environment until there's nothing left to steal from eachother or the environment.
Captain Shitacular
Im suprised Gov. Desantis isnt all over this like a spider monkey on crack. Hope youre all okay. I live in illinois and dont make it out to florida too often, but an un natural red tide is some bs. Shit is flippin dangerous
Dan O'Rama
Dan O'Rama 9 days ago
Roberto Campano
Roberto Campano 9 days ago
BRAVO for Keeping up the fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Christopher King
Christopher King 9 days ago
Yes those greedy fucks. Thanks for making this video homie. Much love from Cali
Banjo Bear
Banjo Bear 9 days ago
Nobody needs sugar anyway. It's like tobacco. Get em
LabelMe Mobile account
The news dont talk about it coz there isnt a solution
LabelMe Mobile account
Red tide been a thing in florida since 1947, made the ocean several different colours. It isnt all just polluted like people say now a days- how many cars was ther back in 1947 compared to know? Not many at all, there is something we are not being told, isnt all pollution like they say. It is said to be involved with population increases and there is no way we can stop that, the famous saying there is one born every minute
Lucas Lambert
Lucas Lambert 10 days ago
I’m at st Pete rn there is so many fish and it is so bad there is not anybody even in water my brother went under water and got sick we should help this beach
Jordan Manley
Jordan Manley 10 days ago
This is a positive comment for the algorithm!
WafflesGaming 10 days ago
bro you could sue for so much
Clay Chapman
Clay Chapman 10 days ago
youtube seriously demonitized this video
Fin&Feather 10 days ago
People are idiots im surprised nothing has been done to actually do something about this
Dylan Toney
Dylan Toney 10 days ago
Bro if you google this shit it’s talking about algae that’s such bull shit just goes to show hoes tellin the truth and who’s not we gotta stop fucking with the ocean or we definitely won’t be here
gunner lazan
gunner lazan 10 days ago
Those waves were tiny compared to so cal waves
James Buskirk
James Buskirk 11 days ago
I just got back from Tampa and my eyes where burning and mouth and I was sick for a week after I got out the water
Jayjoj PP
Jayjoj PP 11 days ago
10:45 “Send your pump gas to the grapevine”
CheckLoT8 11 days ago
The video when my mom walks in: 3:47 🙄
The Renaissance man
Wow, bro .. Wow
Score_More 11 days ago
When I went fishing in Tampa I couldn’t catch anything… how is that possible when the entire ocean is floating with fish literally
Davey Jones
Davey Jones 11 days ago
My eyes were watering while watching this.. yeesh, glad ur ok man
Griffin Outdoors
Griffin Outdoors 11 days ago
we’re you recently in st augustine on july 12, 13 14 or 15?
RyRy Wood
RyRy Wood 11 days ago
They make it our business all the time, then since its our business they assume us to fix it. Fucking CORPORATIONs
Louis Kostelaz
Louis Kostelaz 11 days ago
Hey I have a quick question what happened to funnymenow it’s been so long I forgot his name does anyone know by any chance I miss this dude
Amanda Quintal
Amanda Quintal 12 days ago
what is that red dot in the water at 10:07 ???
Jace Bluse
Jace Bluse 12 days ago
bro cobia is going to end up being endangered they taste so good\
Karlski 12 days ago
Respect for looking out for da fishies
Sophie Surnoskie
Sophie Surnoskie 12 days ago
they’re practically killing the world around us
Damightysoup 8 days ago
No, they are literally killing the world around us
SafeMoonJunior 12 days ago
just looking at his eyes made my eyes water
The People don’t stand up for anything.
Do it Brah’s! We are also fish in a pond of demonic sharks...
Oki 12 days ago
start a petition brother!
Tanner Stull
Tanner Stull 12 days ago
great vid
Jon S.
Jon S. 12 days ago
Liking and commenting to boost algorithm
Colton Scarmardo
Colton Scarmardo 12 days ago
Serious note, you should create a nonprofit. Would happily kick some donations from the midwest. You clearly care more that most people, and you experience a lot of it first hand.
Masons Morphs
Masons Morphs 12 days ago
I heard the red tide was actually caused by a large number of Karen’s swimming at one time.
Millennium Environmental
this is disgusting! how could this be allowed to happen.....
Korey Sudol
Korey Sudol 12 days ago
You don’t accidentally spill 2 million gallons, smd that’s cap
kelly price
kelly price 12 days ago
Absolutely speechless
Ev Bruuuh
Ev Bruuuh 12 days ago
Hope those companies shut down that shits sad
NinjaRex731 12 days ago
trash bags??? Yo, you gotta be using a beach umbrella, that's what I do with my longboard during hurricanes on the east coast of the best state in the U.S.
Armin Põder
Armin Põder 12 days ago
Joogsquad teaching us more then school does.
Isaiah 12 days ago
Bradley Morton
Bradley Morton 13 days ago
keep making them
GodZilla Gamez
GodZilla Gamez 13 days ago
I've learned more off of jooqsquad than school lol
Cyx FN
Cyx FN 13 days ago
Heather 13 days ago
i hope something happens to those corporations.. this is so heartbreaking and makes me so f**king mad at the same time. thank you for making this video 💜🌎💙
Chase Satallante
Chase Satallante 13 days ago
so sad man. p[lease do something n dont stop. for all of us floridians man.
sito504 13 days ago
thats freaking insanse. crazy how this type of shit does not even phase or surprise people anymore.
Anthony Rainero
Anthony Rainero 13 days ago
I will never understand why they didn’t just pump that toxic water into a supertanker… too much work?
Sins 13 days ago
I was planning on going to flordia next week :(
Satan 13 days ago
I'll take care of them Factory's. Them bastard's out there destroy the sea and Fucking up people. That's a No No , that's my Job.... To the owners of them Factories #IllSeeYouSoon 👿6😈👿6😈👿6😈
telling you the truth.