Rescued A Family From Deadly Waves In Mexico 

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After 8 years of making Vlogs, we witnessed one of the biggest swells to hit Mexico in a long time!
We have quite the string of videos for you guys coming soon!
Part 1 : Rescued A Family : uslift.info/one/rJSnm9hjuWapm34/video.html
Part 2 : I Made A Scary Mistake : uslift.info/one/mYGotL5mlnSq2oY/video.html
Part 3 : Biggest Waves EVER : uslift.info/one/e32ptcmrs3yXzII/video.html
Part 4 : Ladies Almost Die : uslift.info/one/f62ez8erupl6vpI/video.html
Part 5 : Don't Do This : uslift.info/one/f62ez8erupl6vpI/video.html
Part 6 : Mutant Slab : uslift.info/one/aZyvntOdxZWXyoI/video.html


Thanks for all the love & support!

JoogSquad PPJT

About JoogSquad PPJT:
My name is Jack Tenney, AKA "10E" I'm an Entertainer, Filmmaker, Director, Editor, & Producer. WELCOME TO MY CRAZY LIFE! Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them if they are legitimate! We have a lot more to come so stay tuned & keep checking back every week for more crazy stunts and pranks!

Thanks for all the love & support!

KUURO feat. Tylor Maurer - Bad Habits

Rescued A Family From Deadly Waves In Mexico

JoogSquad PPJT




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Eddie Patrick
Eddie Patrick Month ago
People think having a huge house and nice car is rich. this is rich a life filled with memories
Dalil Delacou
Dalil Delacou 4 days ago
The guy with long hair looks like Samy in Scoubydoo
Nonzim_on_¥t 5 days ago
So true
Eddie Patrick
Eddie Patrick Month ago
@Carlos Gutiérrez your absolutely right 💯
Carlos Gutiérrez
Rich is having health and God in your heart ❤️
sblekmdr Month ago
All good until you get dementia
Ninqa TGT
Ninqa TGT 13 hours ago
7:06 is that a shipwreck under that water?
Vanessa Ives
Vanessa Ives Day ago
can’t you just surf? Lmao
Justin C
Justin C Day ago
oh my god youre such an amazing person you shoudl definitely tell more people about how amazing you are what an american hero
EMMA GAMING 2 days ago
Where is it please
DEK 2 days ago
12:59 "we all ran down to help" *slide in on skimboards*
kavunsever 2 days ago
i would be so damn scared against those waves
Connor McLaughlin
Glad you helped those ladies out 💜
Maclina Rodriguez
Si es muy bueno y soy fanática del mar
Maclina Rodriguez
Si fantasty, biutifool
Iixtrl 4 days ago
Dalil Delacou
Dalil Delacou 4 days ago
The guy with long hair looks like Samy in Scoubydoo
WafflesWSS 4 days ago
I love how he says "I almost died last vlog, anyways" like, he is so chill.
jojo 4444
jojo 4444 5 days ago
2:05 it was at this moment that he knew, he f***ed up
Adopt me pro
Adopt me pro 6 days ago
Have you ever got hit by your bord
Xylo Sweat
Xylo Sweat 8 days ago
13:00 is where they save them
tyler hogg
tyler hogg 10 days ago
First time I seen "real" waves was when I moved to Hawaii. I totally underestimated what I was getting into. Oahu's Northshore, waves were at least 20 feet or so but I still tried to body board and almost died. Dove through the first couple and then got wrecked, I got to the surface and almost instantly got hit again. Everytime I tried to get ashore I'd get sucked back. The beach was super steep this day, ended up getting hit 4 times. I honest to God thought I would die. I tried yelling for help but had so much water and sand in my mouth I couldnt. I finally was able to crawl up the beach enough to get out. I was so tired I couldnt walk at all. I was throwing up water, I could barely see anything, seeing dots, i had the worst headache, bleeding all over from being swept into the rocks and sand. My board was literally in pieces... it scared the fuck out of me to say the least. I now have the upmost respect for the power of water. I dont think I would have made it out if I was hit by another wave... respect mother nature folks
مبارك القميح
Max Ludlow
Max Ludlow 12 days ago
11.37 mmmmmmm
Max Ludlow
Max Ludlow 12 days ago
These guys are fuckin legendary. They must know the water and their own parameters sooo well to take this shit on. Fair play to you nutters. Mental love your stuff. 😜☝🏻
potachel 12 days ago
You have so many videos of saving people in these places of Mexico so do they not have lifeguards there?? Like you would think they would at places that can be (and have been) so deadly, right?
Faith Saenz
Faith Saenz 13 days ago
There life is gonna be full of memories
jonny appleseed
jonny appleseed 13 days ago
Shia screaming in my ears out of no where is pretty annoying
DZAG 14 days ago
Glad to see Salim on here.
Mauka 2 Makai
Mauka 2 Makai 15 days ago
Some of our lifeguards here in Hawaii are funny. I remember one calling out a tourist "you, in the orange shorts!! you are not Micheal Phelps!!" Stay out of the water!!" lol. The water was ruff and there was big sets that day.
Chris R
Chris R 15 days ago
I love skimboarding, even though I’m not an expert, I still love trying to do it.
Furious EJC
Furious EJC 15 days ago
I want you t go to nazare
yqytracy 16 days ago
Where is it in mexico?
Rob Redgate
Rob Redgate 16 days ago
Priorities !! Good job people !!
eGender 16 days ago
sean and adreas... sean andreas
polar dzn
polar dzn 17 days ago
i remember playing in the waves before hurricane earl hit the outer banks the next day.... them shits taught me the way of the ocean
your baka ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
I was at los Cabos but broo these waves were huge it sounded like thunder even time the waves crashed.
Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns 19 days ago
Thong suit
Stephen Burns
Stephen Burns 19 days ago
What ever happened to all the squad
Matt T
Matt T 19 days ago
Those chicks look like they're fun in the sack!
Frederic Duane
Frederic Duane 20 days ago
Coast guard always crushing the groove man 😔
Polar Shrimp
Polar Shrimp 20 days ago
Aqua_escape_ 20 days ago
All I’m thinking about is how I could never skim board… the permanent anxiety of have by not having a leash on my board would cripple me lmao
Ava and Katie
Ava and Katie 21 day ago
cabo waves are insane but i love it there
Coen Watt
Coen Watt 23 days ago
I got mad respect for you Jack, Sean and Andreas and all the others but you always put yourself before others and because of your extensive experience of the beach and waves and your skills in the water you have been able to save quite a few people, man you are a huge inspiration, I really think that you should start either doing maybe a podcast or even some lessons on beach and water safety to teach people how to react in situations like these and even do a seried or tour around doing these lessons because you could seriously help hundreds no thousands of people to who are otherwise completely unaware of the dangers of waves and the beach in general and help to prevent countless drownings and other water related casualties, please keep this in consideration because I personally think that you would be a great teacher/instructor for this type of stuff, keep doing what your doing bro and stay safe, peace brother. Like this comment and comment on it so Jack might see it please, if we can spread this beach and ocean safety awarness then we can save lives.
WL 24 days ago
Truly a master of his craft. I been to cabo many many times and holy crap to endure that ocean you gotta be superman. PROPS
Bryan Griffin
Bryan Griffin 24 days ago
But did you save the fish that washed up? #Priorities
Zachary Muenzner
Zachary Muenzner 26 days ago
Would you consider your hair dreads?
Cindi Weber
Cindi Weber 27 days ago
Love it!!
Josh Brown
Josh Brown 27 days ago
You guys look like you have so much fun 🤙
Tyler Demers
Tyler Demers 29 days ago
First rule “don’t panic” Women: “and I took that personally”
Rick Metz
Rick Metz Month ago
I love how you guys look out for others on the beach, even if they clueless.
C F Month ago
Does anyone know what resort they’re staying at?
ObamfSPIKE Month ago
Bro, I was off the coast of Rasta Point Cozumel and swam out past the break to get caught in the rip tide. I made it back onto the beach several miles down shore. The waves pummeling me into the urchins and volcanic rock where I hugged them tighter and tighter as I realized I had survived. Damn beer will make you think you can do anything. Well I did it alright.
Purple  cherry 1
Purple cherry 1 Month ago
I would not even get close (i would just die then)hehehehehehehehe 👣👣👣👣👣👣
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis Month ago
Fuckin right dawgy
a2r4 Month ago
That family was lucky you guys were there! Every time I am in Cabo i keep my kids on a short leash and my eyes out to sea!
Terry Tang
Terry Tang Month ago
Heres my like for saving that woman 👍
Ana Mirage
Ana Mirage Month ago
when i was younger i loved getting DESTROYED by the waves in Acapulco, but man these waves are soo explosive. the ocean is so scary
trainingday Month ago
This is living going around the world doing what you love this right here is the definition of happiness.
Lorenzo Signorini
Is this like reverse surfing?
BajaMedic Month ago
I'm here now, no one gets how bad the under tow is on these beaches until people die.
David Warren
David Warren Month ago
I was in Cabo visiting my brother in law who was selling timeshares. One day we walked to Lover's Beach instead of taking a boat. Big mistake. Damn it was hot.
Gerard Janssen
Gerard Janssen Month ago
Ofcourse this looks fun and that's the most important thing. But I don't understand this way of surfing. You just crash into a wave, turn around and fall?
beaconeyed LSD
beaconeyed LSD Month ago
'I LIYK THIS CONTENT,'' 2VIDEOs In AND Hooked yoolo. havent cum across a youchooser in A long time that ive LIKED
R Month ago
Nice for helping those women. Shame the woman's partner didn't recognise your kindness
N W Month ago
I am a strong swimmer in a pool, but the ocean is a different animal. I almost drowned at a local beach in Maui. My friend swam out deeper but I was scared to follow her. I was in less than knee-high water and all of a sudden the water sucked back and these huge waves appeared and they slammed me. I was held under on my knees and I'd catch my breath, stand, turn and another one hit me. That happened three times. No one tried to help. Maybe they didn't realize I was in trouble. The last time, it untied my one-piece bathing suit, so I hope I didn't scare any kiddies. I didn't realize it at first because I was exhausted and then luckily, I was able to crawl out, tie up my bathing suit, and collapse onto my towel. I didn't go back in. She came out later and was like what happened to you? I said, I almost drowned in shallow water. Understanding rips and waves is way different than a pool. I wasn't swimming. I was standing and then I wasn't. The ocean is beautiful, power, and sometimes scary. I learned a hard lesson.
Jukka Kanniainen
lol this is just bragging, all peoples can swim
Felix D
Felix D Month ago
Some pple rly dont know how dangerours it can be, dont mess with big waves when ur not prepared although it seems so easy
Jake Vote
Jake Vote Month ago
You’re not a professional because you live on the beach bud
paige Month ago
He is actually if you watch other videos maybe not the behest but no the worst
X WollyX
X WollyX Month ago
I have been in Morocco where the waves were the hugest i’ve ever seen before. The sea is dangerous as well as beautiful…
Adrian Campbell
Adrian Campbell Month ago
saving lives baby....that's what we do! Good Job!
Adrian Campbell
Adrian Campbell Month ago
saving lives baby....that's what we do! Good Job!
Grab the Glock
Grab the Glock Month ago
What part of Mexico?
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia Month ago
too many commercials
chimyshark Month ago
have you guys seen Bondi rescue?? there are tons of people who almost drown, and only get saved because of how many life guards there are. This beach doesn't seem very guarded, not surprised if there are a lot of drowners here...
Arch Month ago
Remember when I was a kid in Mexico visiting and those fucking waves took me deep
Victor Hardin
Victor Hardin Month ago
Joshua Espinoza
Joshua Espinoza Month ago
What a dick! Husband goes back out for a swim after his wife almost died. Fukn ey.
Lupe Month ago
I still remember first time I went to Mexico I got dragged by the waves but know Ik how to handle the waves with just that how ur not born and raised in Mexico you don’t really know how to handle the waves
Richy005 Month ago
How do u not lose your board?
SenorDonut486 Eiland
Next time go to soritos beach just 30 min north of cabo
Steve Fallarcuna
Ako lang ba pilipino dito?🇵🇭
Steve Fallarcuna
Ako lang ba pilipino dito?🇵🇭
Tommy M
Tommy M Month ago
Where's the part when you "rescued a family" ? Grabbing some chicks tits and then running from her man doesn't seem like much of a rescue 🤣
God Month ago
Lady: Why are you touching me?
James Lance
James Lance Month ago
if you like skimming, why not surf. its so much more fun the skimming
James Lance
James Lance Month ago
as a surfer all ill say is skim boarders are weird as fuck. no judgement, if your in the water having fun cool. but your weird af
paige Month ago
Why say rude things just say your opinion without being rude maybe they just like it better than surfing
BamaMom02 Month ago
A family from a local church went to FL on vacay….as usual. The little boy drifted too far out and began to panic. Dad went in to get him in closer….Tide was coming in and they were near a pier if I’m not mistaken. Anyway. I remember they said the dad got the little boy close enough to shore to get back but that he was so exhausted and he swam and swam but didn’t get any closer….he was going further out. He was a good swimmer….and this didn’t take long at all. By the time help arrived, no one could find him. He drowned. It can happen so fast. Please pay attention at the beach. These guys live in this water and know what they are talking about.
Jay 2x
Jay 2x Month ago
16:10 cameraman goated
Zack T.D
Zack T.D Month ago
Who doesn’t want Bigfoot to come. I would like but no can do 💀
10K Devil
10K Devil Month ago
I thought it would kind of have to be common knowledge to know that stuff about the waves 😹
supreme oreo
supreme oreo Month ago
14:36 bum crack
Isma Linkin
Isma Linkin Month ago
11:14 is there something familiar to you @Dominguero ? haha
L G Month ago
Hi liberals
paige Month ago
What’s up
Jesse Salazar
Jesse Salazar Month ago
off that stoke at 2:13
critic2000 Month ago
I really appreciate your buddy trying to teach the older woman to go under the wave, if she hadn't been panicking she might have been able to get out by herself.
Purple Blood
Purple Blood Month ago
Met this guy the other day and his dreads smelt like death
Lolboii Month ago
Im getting Larry from spongebob vibes
Mason Francoeur
Mason Francoeur Month ago
Your music choice is terrible
beth matthews
beth matthews Month ago
you can see how tired she is. she definitely would’ve been pulled back out of you guys hadn’t done what you did. and then y’all just walked away and went abt your day like y’all didn’t save her life 😂 so humble 🤝👏
Semmy Month ago
I remember going to Mexico and I would get wiped by waves but then somehow start flipping and then get a stance and stop flipping it was like I was in the matrix
Cream -_-
Cream -_- Month ago
wiz cat
wiz cat Month ago
I’m here at 666k
End for now
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