The Most Dangerous Place In Florida | 2 Lives Claimed At Red-Neck Yacht Club 

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This could be the most dangerous place in Florida.



Thanks for all the love & support!

KUURO feat. Tylor Maurer - Bad Habits
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The Most Dangerous Place In Florida | 2 Lives Claimed At Red-Neck Yacht Club

JoogSquad PPJT

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Mar 24, 2021




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Comments 1 675   
Dogals 19 days ago
I have an rzr in Wisconsin and events like this are 100% different Come to Wisconsin some time
The Truth
The Truth 20 days ago
Da fuck is this pearl chain shit. Jez
c north
c north 22 days ago
Skin cancer
ijn75rv 23 days ago
The best summary of Florida is chaos
Isaac Lauderbaugh
Isaac Lauderbaugh 23 days ago
this video simulates everything that i want in my life LMAO
Huston Singletary
Huston Singletary 27 days ago
Disney land? Great FL overview. I'm from Melbourne Beach but hey, things change, lol
ASH & BURN Month ago
florda place for read neck dumb asses like my self but i live in TN buttt i am in florda rn if you wana colab i am a smallllll youtuber
Kathy Anderson
Kathy Anderson Month ago
I had no idea
beth matthews
beth matthews Month ago
you can’t even see his eyes but when the kid almost runs into the fence…🤣 you can feel the worry as we looked at the camera
Mythical Chimera
At 0:46 lol I thought he was describing Milton lol
Jake LeBlanc
Jake LeBlanc Month ago
That looks like FLORIDA burning man
port vert
port vert Month ago
That’s in my town and I already seen 6 people I’m close with in this vid 😂😂 it’s a fun place
Gus Watts
Gus Watts Month ago
i have been to 30 or 40 of these events over the yrs.never seen anything but folks having fun.
Walker jeffcoat
Walker jeffcoat Month ago
2:59 that tahoe tooted
Tom smith
Tom smith Month ago
kook title and description here. looks like fun, and they are more happy than you probably
Erik Markos
Erik Markos Month ago
13:46 everyone is gone was that a couple of days? or was that the next morning?
Lewis Giles
Lewis Giles Month ago
You forgot... America's wang! 😂
Dan Hentes
Dan Hentes Month ago
looks like mud max
Austin Stabler
Austin Stabler Month ago
rancho is probably worse ngl
KAMARONE Month ago
God damn.
Chase Portlock
Chase Portlock Month ago
9:49 biddies😮
Caleb Eckelberry
joog thinks he can hide stuff between frames , im scarred
Not gonna lie looks like Hecking fun :D
Chad Tellevik
Chad Tellevik Month ago
Crypto LIVE
Crypto LIVE Month ago
what is the sound track buddy cheers
Samuel H.
Samuel H. Month ago
If American stereotypes was a video...
Will Edgar
Will Edgar Month ago
Lmao the little kid driving😂 id be scared for my life
Fuze otter
Fuze otter Month ago
Jack use your imagination my brain 😈😽👅🕴🏼⛓
Cooper Metcalf
Cooper Metcalf Month ago
I remember coming home and making macaroni cups and watching your vids
Gleeful Ant
Gleeful Ant Month ago
Shii u ain’t in the trenches in Florida then😂
Albert Pons Esplugas
No covid there?
Danny Paul Ross
Danny Paul Ross Month ago
2:58 hey there's Garza and Drew in the old military truck. 👋
Michael Month ago
“Do you have a moment to talk about global warming sir?”
Felicia Ogilby
Felicia Ogilby Month ago
😂🤣 I Went To This Shit Show A Few Years Ago.
Seth Borneman
Seth Borneman Month ago
Swampassholes. One word. Perfect description.
Ello Hoffman
Ello Hoffman Month ago
Florida description: A place with some shit people, but the rest is fine. Unless.
Teeranii •
Teeranii • Month ago
Florida man
Bright Space
Bright Space Month ago
Some parts like the driving with a quadbike in the mud seem fun but some parts are... well not for me. I don't like the flag.
wxmyjnsn Month ago
What a shocker the masses of uneducated support the former buffoon in chief.
Redbone Unincorporated
@4:41, close up of a fktrd!
Eric Bradley
Eric Bradley 2 months ago
Florida=something else
Wyatt Otto
Wyatt Otto 2 months ago
Y’all this ain’t a thing for them to go to if they don’t know what they doing but still cool video
Offroad _ Mudding
Offroad _ Mudding 2 months ago
14:59. LOL man is a badass for sending it
Wilsooonnn C
Wilsooonnn C 2 months ago
No ones dying lol just some ppl that get run over or lose a limb
Fiji Gang
Fiji Gang 2 months ago
Ok can u send me the address. That looks so fun
Shizu Nazika
Shizu Nazika 2 months ago
most of it couldn't be filmed bc of tittie lane so im glad he got as much content as he did
Gavin Tan
Gavin Tan 2 months ago
I would go there *If for the fact this wasn't in Florida*
Guy Uberti
Guy Uberti 2 months ago
Gahhh, I need to leave my lady and come play with these women, at least they know how to handle fun.
Jordan Bruschke
Jordan Bruschke 2 months ago
Florida is Oregon on Sunshine
WIGGITY WhiteFox 2 months ago
Glad Biden won 2020 he supports this shit more
Fishstix Tv
Fishstix Tv 2 months ago
annnnnndddddddddd moving to Florida
Jim Jones
Jim Jones 2 months ago
Southseven customs
Southseven customs 2 months ago
Pretty much heaven when i die Canada has nothing even close to this fun
Cody Upton
Cody Upton 2 months ago
Most dangerous place in Florida? Only for you bud
Josh Benton
Josh Benton 2 months ago
Dude that looked like a good time
Jamie Etienne
Jamie Etienne 2 months ago
Florida is like you’re favorite uncle
Mowtivated Mechanic
Mowtivated Mechanic 2 months ago
Yo welcome to Florida bro. Hope you had a great time. Awesome video by the way.
peanutbutterpaul 2 months ago
All that Meth in the air
Kenneth Atteberry
Kenneth Atteberry 2 months ago
Land of the Floridiots
Dakotaworksontrucks 2 months ago
Did anyone else notice Cleetus’ mud truck lmao
Benjamin Lees
Benjamin Lees 2 months ago
Danny Dunc should've gone with his phat wheeled Tesla
wswsparks 2 months ago
Do this again
Mark Go Buffalo
Mark Go Buffalo 2 months ago
I’m sorry but hanging out of an off-roading jeep while trying to drink.... uhhhmmmmm. Nah
Ernest Vaillancourt
Ernest Vaillancourt 2 months ago
Why the fuck would you not go! Wtf.
Magnus Von Tripplehorn III
Shia LaBeouf nice touch 😜😜😜
EmBEARased Bear
EmBEARased Bear 2 months ago
Pit Vipers are ugly as fuck. They look like the glasses that one dude from back to the future 2 had
The mullet deer Cash
The kid rocking the pities 😂👌
Colin T
Colin T 2 months ago
13:40 this dudes got his pants down ready to pump :|
Fi - D
Fi - D 2 months ago
That’s looks so fun
Taylen Caudillo
Taylen Caudillo 2 months ago
Why the bann shit around where I live cause there always an idiot that acts stupid and kills himself of someone else.
Kelsey Friend
Kelsey Friend 2 months ago
RYC is alottt of fun but it really is dangerous. i quite literally watched a buggy flip with 6 people in it and they were stuck under the buggy
steve anus
steve anus 2 months ago
Before you enter Florida this is the promo video they show you of Florida before you entered
Andy Lane
Andy Lane 2 months ago
Not invited to mid community bc you didnt pull anyone's out lol
Diogo Bombaça
Diogo Bombaça 2 months ago
"And the flag lives on" KILLED ME
Beautiful Pollution
Beautiful Pollution 2 months ago
DirtyRadar 2 months ago
Screw Pit Vipers, waited a month to get Glasses i didnt even order because someone cant read and order sheet. They then refuse to send me the ones i paid for without me sending the others back to china. They then offered me a 30% refund and I said id take it. They've ignored my 6 emails since then and have given me no refund. So unless you want a product you didnt order and to work with SHIT customer service. Please buy some Pit Vipers
Fuck YouTube
Fuck YouTube 2 months ago
Was that Kfrog @ 4:20 ?
octavion mooers
octavion mooers 2 months ago
its the trash can of the south
itsJT 2 months ago
14:45 that’s why kids don’t need big four wheelers like that with there daddys money
Rickie Londberg
Rickie Londberg 3 months ago
P.I.E guys reppin the squad.. I work at Plant it Earth ...your vids rock keep rollin
Clinton Neilsen
Clinton Neilsen 3 months ago
Anthony Ferretti
Anthony Ferretti 3 months ago
F Biden!!!
hollow 3 months ago
You look like penguinz01 if he did drugs and had depression
Butch Cassidy
Butch Cassidy 3 months ago
Land of sunshine and Yankees.
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 3 months ago
JH Diesel spotted
Heleena Walden
Heleena Walden 3 months ago
SHINX 3 months ago
Bro someone should've been washing cars at the entrance/ exit. They would've made bank
mikestand714 3 months ago
looks like a good time to me
Life With Ice
Life With Ice 3 months ago
I live in Wisconsin now but use to live in Bradenton Florida and man do i miss it down there.
Dave Howard
Dave Howard 3 months ago
Florida racist? Are you pandering, ignorant, or paid to say that? Guess everyone has to push this BS
Dan C
Dan C 3 months ago
Almost like maximum power park in poland NY
Mark SAC
Mark SAC 3 months ago
Jason Kinsey
Jason Kinsey 3 months ago
Serious question, are people of all colors welcome there?
scottsinfl 3 months ago
Josef Wakeling
Josef Wakeling 3 months ago
so many confederate flags lmao
Adam Garon
Adam Garon 3 months ago
Ezekiel D
Ezekiel D 3 months ago
This looked amazing, flags, beer, mud, and freedom unchained.
Chezer 3 months ago
The correct summery would be... FLORDA MAN and crazy surfers
Luuk Schouten
Luuk Schouten 3 months ago
Florida: brainles madlads
joey wallace
joey wallace 3 months ago
Badasss video bud looks like a great fuckin time