Pixies Are Real... Heres The Man With The Proof 

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Well according to new information provided by the USlift channel "Erwin Saunders" Pixies are real.
How real? Were gonna find out.


Thanks for all the love & support!

Footage Courtesy of Edwin Saunders

JoogSquad PPJT

About JoogSquad PPJT:
My name is Jack Tenney, AKA "10E" I'm an Entertainer, Filmmaker, Director, Editor, & Producer. WELCOME TO MY CRAZY LIFE! Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them if they are legitimate! We have a lot more to come so stay tuned & keep checking back every week for more crazy stunts and pranks!

Thanks for all the love & support!

Pixies Are Real... Heres The Man With The Proof

JoogSquad PPJT




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Comments 559   
Char B
Char B Day ago
If any of you morons believe the video is real theirs news articles explaining its marketing for the guys business
Reagull 8 days ago
Generic X
Generic X 9 days ago
Hey Jack I'm concerned you're getting a beer gut
amy king
amy king 10 days ago
Awwwwwww Isn't he amazing!!!! I found your channel through Erwin!! Thank you so much for giving him much respect!!! He is bringing some much needed magic back into this world, and deserves all the praise we can give him!! Check out his art if ya get a chance, it's absolutely brilliant!!! Thank you for sharing Erwin with your subscribers, he's a absolute joy to watch!!! Have a great day!!!!😊
wallace wallaces
wallace wallaces 13 days ago
already been proven that he uses an Alias name and actually does CGI for movies
Bloop Bloop
Bloop Bloop 14 days ago
Wow, that is insane. Thought that pixies were myths but holy did proove me wrong
M Wing
M Wing 14 days ago
Dude ! What you are not thinking about is ....what if someone starts making a video of you making a video of fairy dude ? HUH?! Yeah. Didn't think of that ...DID YA ?! :O)
Ädöbë FläshPläyër
damn bro feel bad channel is dying only 5.7k likes rn ):
Tasso LP
Tasso LP 14 days ago
Joog Squad Songs >> uslift.info/one/q6rNts-KlqdxzqA/video.html
Côme Roullet
Côme Roullet 14 days ago
look at erwin man, so inspirational
Zog 1991
Zog 1991 15 days ago
Idiot for thinking its not CGI
Ayden Garvin
Ayden Garvin 15 days ago
hes the grandpa from fablehaven
RGMG 15 days ago
LOL....made me laugh. 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️
Nozza 16 days ago
Pixies are hot
Theodosius The Great
we still looking for big foot right?
Kyle Wood
Kyle Wood 18 days ago
Do more! I love it
Jacob Hunt
Jacob Hunt 18 days ago
I need more videos like this in my life
sergio mayorga
sergio mayorga 18 days ago
Fairies wear boots -ozzy
Jacob Halstead
Jacob Halstead 19 days ago
Bro your eyes are such a dope color
Monk_OI 19 days ago
Plz more I love this
Zero Faux
Zero Faux 19 days ago
Zero Faux
Zero Faux 19 days ago
lol I just ran into his channel few days ago....lol I got stuck on it.. I feel much better I'm not alone
Landen Kee
Landen Kee 20 days ago
Erwin seem so nice
Ryan McDonnell
Ryan McDonnell 20 days ago
Owen sanders just hit it big with u doing this awsome dude he does have a friend young man help him now with editing an cam work
Ryan McDonnell
Ryan McDonnell 20 days ago
Yes dude seen all his vids it's fun to watch an I hope they real 👍👍👍👍👍👋🤘
Ronnie Amos
Ronnie Amos 20 days ago
Just blowin up the old mans channel. Bet he’s wondering what in the pixie shit is happening. While In the woods Oprah rich from USlift.
Grass Apple
Grass Apple 20 days ago
Tinker bell really was *fine*
SUPERBOLT65 20 days ago
This man is the dad from “Epic”
Jonah Tanner
Jonah Tanner 21 day ago
Yesssssssssssss I want to know moreeeeeeeeee
Skagor 117
Skagor 117 21 day ago
It’s a vase
Flacco Jones
Flacco Jones 21 day ago
Def. Down for more crazy pixie guy videos for sure
Mick 22 days ago
this dude ate too much mushrooms lol
Tommy Stone
Tommy Stone 23 days ago
What's he been smoking...
Rex Rupert.
Rex Rupert. 23 days ago
Do you surf? You look like a surfer
Noah Johns Outdoors
“Yo tinker belle was fine” -joogsquad, a fellow man of culture
Cody Hutchison
Cody Hutchison 24 days ago
Don’t pixies fuckin fly bro?!? Tf they need a hook tool for? Sus
Bailey Mansi
Bailey Mansi 24 days ago
I come across this guy a couple months ago. His vids are pretty interesting tbf
Andrew Dolby
Andrew Dolby 24 days ago
Shame that his glasses are just plain glass or are they special pixie peepers
Cesar R.
Cesar R. 25 days ago
Yess make. Series bro you know it’s real
TheLuckyLeprechaun 25 days ago
I’ll watch it eathir make sires or live stream it
MAV Ripz
MAV Ripz 25 days ago
Do a series
lit britscet
lit britscet 26 days ago
Man gives off spiderwick vibes
3JsOfficial 26 days ago
Thanks for the plug. I’m smoking a blunt and then I’m gonna head down the Erwin wormhole, myself. My mind is blown. Good looks.
Keaton Monger
Keaton Monger 26 days ago
B1G N8
B1G N8 26 days ago
love these type of videos
Nicolas Harms
Nicolas Harms 26 days ago
Pretty sure id watch anything you commentate on
Levi Miller
Levi Miller 26 days ago
We should watch them all
ELUSIVE DREAMS 27 days ago
Definitely love Erwin.!! Keep it goin bro.!!
Tyler Granberry
Tyler Granberry 27 days ago
Please make more
That dude is a cgi guy. Just saying lmao.. that’s not even his real name. His name is Paul smith and he’s a professional cgi dude.
Luke.w. Peavey
Luke.w. Peavey 27 days ago
I wanna watch this dude
Dillon Taylor
Dillon Taylor 27 days ago
wolf ///
wolf /// 27 days ago
Yes pls!!!!!!!
DFlood 28 days ago
For the whole beginning I thought this dude was into psychedelics (many of which are said to enhance ability to see small beings/gnomes/pixies/faeries/etc.. amanitas among others are supposedly the inspiration for Mario as well) but when 6:28 hit I knew he was pulling a good ol' rouse. The camera can't trip bruh
tech support
tech support 28 days ago
make creepy pastas great again
chazemaster 28 days ago
Yes make more pixi vids
chazemaster 28 days ago
I’ve be been watching the pixi guy for like two years I think he’s legit
Drippie Redd
Drippie Redd 28 days ago
its CGI
Adam B
Adam B 28 days ago
Let's see what he finds!
floridian thrasher
floridian thrasher 29 days ago
Sounds like he's been eating too many wild mushrooms
BuckBuc 1999
BuckBuc 1999 29 days ago
He should come over to the good ol USA and locate these missing 411. It’s gotta be pixies. Seems like the most logical theory for all these people just vanishing in our national parks.
Leonardo Micarelli
Leonardo Micarelli 29 days ago
Go look for pixies with Erwin, so you can prove they're real and Erwin shall be labelled a legend if he isnt one already
Keigan Hall
Keigan Hall 29 days ago
Do it lmfaao I've watched most of his stuff it's Hella interesting
Cedric Garneau
Cedric Garneau 29 days ago
Do it
Shabba Shabba
Shabba Shabba 29 days ago
Connor Dudley
Connor Dudley 29 days ago
Tinker Bell is try to find this man, she wants a sugar daddy
Dark woodz
Dark woodz 29 days ago
There are many things...cryptids out in the world most people are not aware of. You want to freak out, go down the rabbit hole and research Dogman. Going out in the woods is never the same
Ivan DeLoe
Ivan DeLoe 29 days ago
Love erwins videos
He's a well knowm Pixies Digital Artist Editor
Epic roblox god 45
Epic roblox god 45 29 days ago
Joog how you feel that a storm p/hurricane is coming
DESIRED_ V1S10N 29 days ago
pixie sticks r real fr fam I knew it
Jewys420bikelife Joey ullian
Yes more lmao shi was funny
Daniel Westereng
We should watch all the videos together!
Jonathan S
Jonathan S Month ago
Think he’s drinking to much shine 🤣
Axel Pena
Axel Pena Month ago
Hey jack can you please report on the hurricanes so that we can get information please I live in Florida and I’m concerned
Connor Kraus
Connor Kraus Month ago
Don’t look if it’s CGI or not. Believe what you believe to keep yourself. I just ruined the whole thing for myself
Vance Duke
Vance Duke Month ago
This man is a NUT. And Erwin is out there too.
Nicholas Duckney
You have Bigfoot we have Pixies and Erwin Sauders
Noah Funn
Noah Funn Month ago
Does he really believe this or is he just joking? And i mean tfue‘s brother, if you wondering :)
Noah Funn
Noah Funn Month ago
Haha der nimmt alle hops 🤣🤣🤣
Michael Hamilton
His name is Owen not erwin
CT fishing
CT fishing Month ago
We need a collabe with Erwin
mick sklenar
mick sklenar Month ago
Trippy as fuck 🤣🤣
mick sklenar
mick sklenar Month ago
And he can draw like a champion
Julian Aguilar
Julian Aguilar Month ago
do it
JKizzy Month ago
This shit had me dying! 😂😂
Joe Houston
Joe Houston Month ago
Hell yea that was funny
Chaitya Singh
Chaitya Singh Month ago
Tyler Paddock
Tyler Paddock Month ago
do more of these please
ZakarooNetwork Month ago
Pixies are real. You can find them at dive bars and music festivals. They will bight you if you try to keep them to close. Give them there space to rom free. If your lucky you will get to see them again at the free birth control clinic.
CARNAGE Skateboarding
I love Erwin he’s literally a Disney character but real
Jaxen Hansen
Jaxen Hansen Month ago
Let’s see it
CARNAGE Skateboarding
I’m a believer
Declan booth
Declan booth Month ago
They are real i know told u
João Melo
João Melo Month ago
Now we need Merc with pixies !!!
Kmgiroux flips
Kmgiroux flips Month ago
Maybe he would collaborate. Go pixie hunting with him
Yvan Khan
Yvan Khan Month ago
No No No No No No No
jop SZN
jop SZN Month ago
hes in the uk to damn ima look for some pixies
orion lamar
orion lamar Month ago
I’m so confused is JOOGSQUAD using high key sarcasm or is he hyped for the old man😂
Nickle Month ago
Like the video or a pixie will kiss ya motha
phwanda Month ago
that proof of pixie clip seems legit to me. unless that man is just a god at photo shop. my jaw dropped low key